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These are short stories I've wrote. Some are real, done are fake. Comment after each chapter whether you believe the story is Real or Nah... It's made up.

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Digging In

The craziest shit happened to me the other day... I saw my girlfriend's brother in law, getting fucked in our guest room.

I left work early that day because my girlfriend's family was in town and I was going to surprise her by coming home early and spending time with them but I ended up with the surprise. I pulled up to my apartment and saw my girl car was gone so I figured she and her sister had left. I walked up and opened the door expecting to see nobody there which is exactly what I saw, nobody. I went into my room to change out of my clothes, then I was going to call and see where she went. But as I took off my shirt, I started to hear moaning, I stood there quietly trying to see if I really heard it. I did, I did hear moaning, the first thing I did was look around my house. As I walked towards the guest room I heard a deep groan, too deep to be my girlfriend so I was kind of relieved but still confused as to what the fuck was going on.

I stepped lightly down the hall into the bathroom connecting to the guest room and cracked the door. "What the Fuck!" I whispered with a gasp. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, in my house! My girlfriends' brother in law, on the edge of the bed, if the guest bed getting fucked doggy style. My first instinct was to bust in the room and be like "WHAT THE FUCK!" But whoever dude was, he was gripping bro ass with both hands, long stroking him down hard as fuck, so much so that her brother in law literally was clawing at the sheets. Mike, her brother in law, looks like he was enjoying every moment of it. Up until that point I had never seen two guys having sex in front of me in person. The shit turned me on incredibly. I ended up taking my dick out and playing with it as I watched the dude going in and out of Mike slowly; looking down watching his dick be devoured. He was moaning loud; while smiling as it slips inside; he slapped Mike on the ass and told him to "act right on the dick." Mike straightened up his legs, arched his back deep, then began throwing his ass back, but I guess not to homeboys' liking because he slapped him even harder on the ass the time... "Get right!!" Mike went to hitting the base of his dick taking it all in, "Ahh damn...." he huff and puff. The other guy stood there smiling, standing straight up with his arms folded, enjoying it all. Out of nowhere, he pushed Mike down off his knee, onto his stomach, letting a considerable amount of dick slipped out Mike's guts. “Ahhh fuck!” Mike groaned.

The top dude climbed up the bed, laying on top of Mike sliding his meat back inside Mike forcefully. Using his feet to spread Mike's feet apart, leaving him wide open, and perched. He moved in and out of him casually, nothing too intense, speeding up gradually every couple strokes, until he was drilling him into the bed. I watched Mike's legs flying around recklessly, as dude slaughtered him locked against the bed. The guy wrapped his hand around Shawn's mouth to muffle the noise coming out, while he fed Mike slim ass the dick he seems to want. The look on Mike's face intensified when the guy fucking him reached down and lifts up his waist, still giving him the business, straight pounding that ass. Mike arched his back, tooting his ass up giving him access to go deeper. Ol' boy pulled Mike up to his knees, throwing his head into the mattress by his neck, then grabbed his waist, hitting him as hard as he could, had Mike screaming and snot running out his nose like a hoe; until he nutted with every inch of his dick he had, all in my girlfriends' brothers-in-law. I was still in shock, just standing there mouth wide open. Eventually, I shook out of it and managed to slip out the bathroom and out the door, I came in as Mike came out the room, he jumped and I acted as though I was just walking in the house. I told him "what's up, where the women at?" Before going into my room and getting changing clothes.

That must have been when the guy he was fucking slipped out of the house because I never saw him leave my house.

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