Evening Hunger

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He moved his head back up to hers, looking at her with his brows furrowed together in confusion. He asked her why not, but she just shrugged shyly. “I don’t mind,” he said, stroking her arm, attempting to reassure her. But she just gave him a small grimace and shook her head. He moved back to where he had been laying alongside her, pressing his elbow into the pillow, and resting his head in his hand. Her knees were bent together, and she leaned one of her pale, bare thighs against the darker tones of his legs.

“Maybe another time,” she said with an embarrassed laugh.

“OK,” he acquiesced softly. He looked at her, wondering what he should do instead, but the corners of her lips twitched with mischief and silently she pulled his hand between her legs. He pushed his middle finger gently into her folds, finding the button between them. Dragging his finger back and forth over her nubby pleasure point, he put his lips near her ears, his voice low as he asked her, “Just my fingers, then?”

She gave him another nervous little laugh, pressing her lips against his cheek, emitting a quiet yes muffled against his skin. Her sudden shyness was slightly frustrating but sweet and he liked it. He pulled his hand away and lifted one of her legs over both of his, her foot anchored on the bed behind his knees, and pressed her other leg at an angle, flat against the mattress, exposing the trimmed auburn hairs that crowned her sensitive button and the entrance to her deeper secrets, already wet with her desire for his touch. Kissing her mouth gingerly, his tongue caressing hers, he slowly massaged each of her breasts in turn, teasing her nipples with tender pinches.

Her legs shifted against his, and he took that as his cue to redirect his attention. He traced his fingertips down the center of her chest and abdomen, circumnavigating her belly button, passing over her pelvic bone to the interior of her thighs. He trailed random patterns on her legs, teasing the folds between them as he passed from one leg to the other. She pulled away from his kiss with a silent sigh, her breath warm and sweet against his face. She bit tenderly into his lower lip, making him moan, before tucking her face into the curve of his shoulder along his neck. Her breathing was slow and heavy in anticipation of his touch, and she slipped her hand around his ribcage, holding on to him.

Bringing his fingers back to her pleasure point, dipping them into the pool of wetness beneath, he pressed on her button deliberately, slowly rubbing in a circular motion. Gradually, he increased the motions of his fingertips to a tantalizing tempo, adding pressure, luring the impassioned longing out of her. Pausing briefly, he moved her arm above his head so he could bury his face into her nearest breast, latching on to her nipple, as he returned his fingers to the throbbing center between her legs. Rubbing her button with his thumb, he scarcely penetrated her with his middle finger before her pelvis began to writhe beneath his hand, her back arching as he sent her into an unexpected ecstasy. She clutched the comforter, turning her head away from his, her heavy, restrained sighs shifting to deep moans until she suddenly gripped his hand with hers, squeezing her legs closed, making him stop. She turned her head back to him, panting warm breaths of air onto his forehead as her heart raced from the excitement of his touch. He pulled his mouth away from her nipple and kissed her fervidly.

His whole hand was drenched with her desire; he tried not to touch her skin as he lifted her leg with his wrist, shifting her around toward him so that he could hold her close in a cuddle. Her hands went back into his hair, stroking his scalp as they kissed intermittently while she slowly came down from her sensual euphoria. They lay on the pillows, holding each other as they laughed at the awkwardness of their passionate affections.

Lazily drawing her fingers through the hairs on his chest, her eyes were closed while he observed her face. Her lips were upturned in a tiny smile, and there were freckles on her cheeks that he hadn’t noticed before. He ran his fingers lightly along her upper arm, wondering what else he had missed. Her skin was so ghostly pale beneath his fingers despite the abundant coastal sunshine, but her arms were covered with patches of light auburn freckles.

“You’re so soft,” he said to her as his palms skimmed over her arm.

Her smile stretched a little further. “I might melt right in your hands,” she warned him playfully. Then she laughed and said, “Actually, I think I did melt.”

“But it was very sexy,” he whispered.

Her cheeks turned rosy and she bit her lower lip, but she opened her eyes to look in his. Her lids hung heavy over her soft and organically drunken gaze, making him feel inebriated as well. He lifted one of her hands and laced his fingers with hers, smiling at her, letting himself fade into the lush moment.

Several beats passed by before her lips crept up to his ear and whispered, “You’re sexy.” Her breaths were short and quick, as if she’d been building up the courage to say it aloud. The raspy words and warm air against his skin renewed his arousal, making him moan in response.

“You’re going to turn me on again,” he said in a low voice.

She squeezed his hand and then extracted hers from his grip, placing her palm on the side of his abdomen and sliding it over it the curve of his hip, then down between his legs. Curling her hand around his already rigid shaft, she massaged it gently. His eyes closed as he felt the familiar sensation erecting tension again, and his lips fell open with his rising pulse.

“I want to feel you,” she told him, exhaling nervously against his neck.

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