Sapphic Lovers in the Garden

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An aroused faery, dreaming of a lost lover, settles on to a flower petal to pleasure herself when she is interrupted by a voyeuristic little bird.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Sunbeam slid into the upturned, hot pink petal of a hybridized fuchsia flower, her legs dangling lackadaisical over the sides. She was a tiny faery, not much taller than a tube of lip balm, with wide, rust-colored, raw-edged wings that were roughly her own height in length. She was tired from her day frolicking amongst the floral clusters, harassing busy bees, teasing the tiny dragon-like creatures that slinked about the garden, camouflaged by the greenery, and chasing the male faeries for no other reason than to watch them run away with laughter until they became breathless or their girlfriends pouted.

The sun was low on the horizon, painting the clouds above in pastel hues, and the evening reminded her of the many she had spent with Firo, her former flame. They had filled the cups of flowers with the stolen, inebriating nectar juice stored in the local distillery, then dipped their naked bodies into the purple liquid, soaking in it like the waters of a spa and sipping it far too many times. Tumbling out later, they would fall, drunken, into the folds of blossoms below where Firo would cover her in kisses and make love to her as raindrops washed away the wine stains. Sunbeam closed her eyes, dreaming of his touch, as she combed her fingers through the long tresses of her flaming ginger mane.

She’d hung her skirt and undergarments in the crook of a twisted leaf stem but kept on her bustier and the silky stockings that climbed up to her thighs. She splayed out in the delicate flower petal half-naked with her bosom cinched into two ample mounds above the bustier. Thinking of Firo, her fingers drifted across the tops of her breasts as if he were touching her. She tugged gently on her skin until her nipples were released from the fabric, then drew circles around them with her fingertips before walking two tiny fingers over her little round tummy to the soft spot between her thighs.

As she massaged her sweet button, she dreamt it was Firo’s hands instead that were sending waves of pleasure through her as she wriggled on the petal. Her visions of her lost lover were interrupted when Sunbeam heard a chirpy hiccup from above and opened her eyes, looking toward the sound. Hidden in the pale pink folds of the fuchsia flowers trailing overhead, a pair of large eyes like sun discs, glowing in rubescent and golden hues, peered back at her. She heard a giggle followed by another chirpy hiccup and the eyes disappeared briefly before slowly creeping back over the edge of a petal. Sunbeam pulled a stockinged foot up, resting it in the curl of her own petal, and placed her hand on her thigh.

“Are you watching me?” Sunbeam asked, laughing at the peeper’s timidity.

A fringe of raven-colored bangs swung to and fro as the forehead behind the pink petal nodded, its voice giggling again. The eyes of tiny suns appeared once more, glowing with a mischievous delight. There was a pause as they both waited.

“Well, don’t be shy. Come sit next to me and let me see you,” Sunbeam said as she pushed herself up slightly, scooting over as she touched the space beside her invitingly.

Sunbeam’s eyes widened, enchanted, as she watched the timid creature drift down from her hiding spot inside the neighboring flower. No taller than herself, the petite being had feathered wings of crimson and white, dark hair cut in a simple bob, a delicate, slender body, and tiny bare feet. Pretty finds of magenta dangled from her ear lobes and her neck was decorated with large round turquoise beads. Ribbons of violet and yellow were wrapped around her shoulders or trailing from the crooks of her elbows. Sunbeam had never seen anyone like her before, and she was lovelier than all the faeries in the land.

Making herself comfortable on the petal beside Sunbeam, the feathered girl absently bit into the tiny dark pink fruit of a flower, decidedly unconcerned about its purple juices spilling over her chin, flowing down her neck, and inside her sheer slip dress. Sunbeam had a sudden urge to use her tongue to clean the overflowing sweetness off her new acquaintance’s skin, but she resisted it for the moment. Instead, she introduced herself and asked for her new friend’s name, watching the nectar of the fruit leak over Breezy’s hands and circle around her delicate wrists. She asked where Breezy lived, and Breezy responded with her chirpy giggles, saying that she didn’t live anywhere, and she was looking for a place to build a nest.

“I’ve brought lots of pretty ribbons to decorate with,” Breezy said, lifting her arms to show Sunbeam the streaming pieces of satin. Sunbeam touched one, sliding the material between her fingers, remarking on how soft and beautiful the ribbon was as she gazed in Breezy’s eyes.

“You could build a nest here. We have lots of trees and everyone is quite nice,” Sunbeam said, her eyes beginning to glitter as she paused a moment. She flashed Breezy a playful smile as she said, “Well, except me. I’m just a tiny bit wicked.”

They both laughed at the admission of naughtiness. Breezy stuck the fingers of one hand in her mouth one by one, licking off the sticky mess of fruit, and then she carefully lifted one of the purple ribbons from one elbow and wrapped it around Sunbeam’s neck, letting uneven lengths hang down across her exposed breasts. Sunbeam could feel the soft satin against her nipples, encouraging her increasing desire to touch Breezy. She felt like she suddenly and unexpectedly belonged to Breezy.

“I live in the remnants of a fallen tree, over that way,” Sunbeam said, looking over her shoulder as she pointed in the direction of her abode. She looked back at Breezy and smiled. Breezy’s eyes filled with curiosity as her face beamed back at the faery.

“You have funny spots,” Breezy said, touching Sunbeam’s cluster of large, round, auburn freckles on her shoulder. “It looks like you were sprinkled with dots of candy and I just want to lick them off.”

Sunbeam laughed. It was true that she was freckled all over, lighter on her forehead, heavier on her cheeks and across her nose. No spot was the same size, but they all complemented one another. They faded out along her neck and became darker on her shoulders and over her chest, fading out again along her arms and torso, then becoming darker once more on the tops of her hands, around her thighs, and the curve of her behind.

“They don’t come off, though,” Sunbeam told her.

“Oh.” Breezy seemed disappointed, but asked, “Can I taste them anyway?”

“If you like,” Sunbeam said, her greenish grey eyes twinkling with amusement.

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