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Milked in Bodrum

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Jill had jetted off to Turkey on her own after finding her husband fucking their Polish cleaner. It was supposed to be her birthday treat, just her and her husband. But now she found herself on her own in Bodrum. But things were about to take a very unexpected turn. She is befriended by Nina, Jill is wined by Nina and then fucked by Nina; her first Lesbian experience. But her new experiences weren't to end there..... She was about to experience a very different three-way..... Jill was about to be Milked in Bodum...

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I am holidaying in Turkey this year, on my own! The reason? I arrived home from work, to find Robin, my husband, shagging the cleaner……… Fucking bastard!

To make matters worse, if they could be, it was my 30th birthday! Robin and I were going out to celebrate with some of our friends.


The next day we were due off on holiday. I had been on a diet for some weeks so I could look good in a bikini! I’m quite tall for a woman and had got down to a size 10. I felt I was looking hot with my new blond look and was getting admiring glances.

So why the fuck has Robin got his cock buried up to his balls, in Sofia our 20-year-old Polish cleaner!

I had tried so hard to get one of my friends to accompany me. They all had full diaries. Even the offer of a free holiday didn’t entice. So here I am, on my own, in the bar of my hotel.

I had flown into ‘Bodrum’ earlier in the day. The hotel I am staying at is ‘The Azka.’ I had booked a spa holiday as I intended to pamper myself for my birthday. Being my first night, I decided to eat in the hotel restaurant.

I was sitting at the bar, having a glass of Champagne before dinner. It was early, and the restaurant was quite. I was sat minding my own business, sipping my chilled glass of Champagne.

When the woman sitting on the stool next to me dropped something out of her handbag. I instinctively bent to pick it up. It was a black silk pouch, embroidered on both sides were the words.

My Orgasm Bag!

Picking it up I handed it to her. She looked a little embarrassed. The woman in front of me was beautiful, around thirtyish.

She was wearing an exquisite little black dress. The dress seemed to have a liquid-like quality and gave the impression that it was dripping over her body. Like black crude oil!

The dress left absolutely nothing to the imagination!

She took the pouch from me and said, “Thank you so much.”

Then proceeded to place it back into her bag. I asked if she always carried an orgasm with her.

She laughed and said. “You never know when you're need one?”

I was feeling very bold, as I was now on my third glass of Champagne and said. “Well, I fancy one now!”

“Oh do you,” she quipped.

As she introduced herself as Nina and asked if I would like another drink? I replied in the affirmative but added. “That would be my fourth, and I get very horny after too much Champagne!”

Nina beckoned to the barman and declared. “If that’s the case, we must have a bottle or two!”

She offered me a fresh chilled glass, taking it I introduced myself. “Thanks, by the way, my name’s Jill.”

And then enquired if she was here with anyone?

“On my own, just getting over a breakup.” She sighed!

“Snap,” I replied.

And then the conversation turned to men. Nina’s opinion of guys was. “Who needs them?”

I interjected. “That, men have their uses!”

“Highly overrated in all departments if you ask me,” Nina remarked.

I see from the glint in her eye, we both know what she means.

“I love that dress, where did you buy it?” I asked.

She replied. “In a local boutique, not too far from the hotel.”

Nina then went on to suggest, I could try it on?

Saying. “We are about the same size; you’re a ten if I’m not mistaken? I’m staying in a penthouse, come up later and try it on. The boutique opens in the morning. I know there is only one size ten left if you want to buy it?”

I thanked her and said. “I would look forward to it.”

Nina then went on to ask where I was eating?

I answered. “Here at the hotel.”

She suggested we share a table, I agreed, saying, “That it would be great to have dinner with her.”

So we ate and consumed another bottle of Champagne. Nina and I chatted for what seemed hours as if we were old friends. We finished dinner, and as a consequence of the amount of Champagne I had consumed, was feeling drunk and very horny! If only Nina were a guy, I so wanted some cock.

I didn’t know then, I was going to get plenty later!

After a few more drinks, Nina suggested we go up to her room for a Brandy, and maybe try the dress on.

I replied. “Good idea.”

Nina had a fabulous penthouse overlooking the beach, with a large secluded roof garden. Nina was apparently loaded?

She poured us two large Brandies, handing me a glass she led me out onto the roof terrace.

The roof garden had two sunbeds and a hot tub. The water bubbled away and looked incredibly inviting. It was a hot sultry night, the temperature gauge on the wall read 32 degrees. I did not realise it then, but this night was going to sizzle!

The smell of the Jasmine and Bougainvillea filled my head and my senses. The warm breeze caressed my face, and my perspiration dampened my white silk blouse. I was aware my nipples were becoming erect and quite hard. But I was blissfully unaware that the top two buttons of my shirt had become undone.

My right breast had worked its way out into the night air. This did not go unnoticed by Nina. She commented on how beautiful my boobs or rather breast looked! And unexpectedly placed a hand on my right tit! Putting it back inside my blouse her thumb lingered over the nipple, making it even harder. Making me feel a little embarrassed and more than a little aroused!

The dress I admired so much was cut nearly to the navel at the front. And at the back, slashed down to the velvety downy valley of Nina’s arse. The material seemed to shimmer like liquid?

I watch mesmerised as she slid the floss like silk straps from her shoulders. The garment, seemed to drip and slide from her body, in slow motion.

First exposing her perfectly formed breasts, with small erect pink nipples. Then dripped and slid in even slower motion from her hips. She stood there naked! But for a tiny thong, the garment was a gold colour and in reality, like the dress left nothing to the imagination.

The material had slipped into her pussy, and you could see she was obviously very wet! Was it perspiration, or something else? Nina made no attempt to adjust the cloth, now disappearing between the outer lips of her swelling labia. Her pubic mound was hairless as was the rest of her vulva, beads of moisture glistened on the exposed lips of her sex.

Nina picked up the dress and handed it to me saying. “Jill you’ll need to strip if you want to try this on!”

I suddenly felt a bit bashful, as I realised she meant now, and in front of her!

I said. “I’ll take it to my room and try it on later if you do not mind?”

Nina replied. “Oh I do mind, no Jill that will not do, I want to see it on you now! Are you a shy girl?”

Nina motioned for me to come toward her. Compliantly, I did so. I did not realise it then, but this evening I was going to be very compliant! Nina stood close! I smelt the heady fragrance of her perfume mixing with the sweet scent of the night air. Whether it was the Brandy or Champagne, I was not sure, but Nina’s practically naked body was turning me on.

I was wearing a black knee-length silk skirt, white silk blouse and heels. The only underwear, my black lacy holdups!

British Airways had lost one of my bags containing some of my clothes and all of my underwear! Hopefully, it would arrive soon?

There was only one other accessory? A tampon!

The reason, well I wasn’t menstruating!

I couldn’t resist masturbating in the shower, playing out my favourite lipstick lesbian fantasy! As I got ready for dinner!

All those hunky men around the pool made my clit throb…. And I am afraid a girl has to do, what a girl has to do, especially if you’re not getting fucked regally!

Well, why did God give me that little pleasure button, if he didn’t expect me to play with it? But as a consequence, my pussy had become wet and sticky. I get very wet when I cum! No one wants to see fem juice on your silk skirt, so the tampon did the trick.

Before I knew it, Nina was unfastening the rest of the buttons!

“One, two, three, four.” She hummed.

As she popped open the remaining four buttons. I felt the night air caress my nipples as they started to harden! As Nina tugged the blouse from the waistband of my skirt, I began to feel quite exposed, quite vulnerable! My hands automatically went to cover my breasts! Nina grabbed my wrists, and in one swift movement placed them behind my back. I felt an erotic spark as her nipples touch mine, as Nina pulled me closer to her!

A wave of pleasure radiated down into my pussy!

Gripping both my wrists with her left hand, her right was now free to abuse my defenceless tits. So this was her ploy, she was obviously gay or bi-sexual and got me pissed so she could fuck me! Raped by a woman, the irony of it!

The trying the dress on was obviously a ruse to get me to strip. I was feeling exposed as her fingers now played with my nipples, pulling and twisting, gently to start…

I tried to wriggle free, but I could not release myself from her surprisingly firm grip.

As my nipples responded the areolae tightened as the stalk stiffened. Nina now pulled and twisted more vigorously, pulling the teats out till I squealed in discomfort!

My nipples were getting sore! They had turned from pink to crimson. I had never experienced anything like this before. My pussy was getting wet. God this was turning me on! I wanted her to pinch harder. I again struggled to release myself from her grip, as punishment Nina pulled my left nipple out till I screeched in discomfort. The look in Nina’s eye told me resistance was futile!

I had no gay inclinations and had never wanted to actually fuck another woman, other than in my fantasies! But my body was telling another story.

I was wet; my pussy was responding to Nina’s assault. My breasts were becoming swollen, a sure sign I was aroused! My nipples were now dark crimson, the stalks erect and throbbing.

I stopped struggling, and decided to accept my fate, was it rape if I was enjoying it? Can a woman actually rape you? I wanted to fuck my rapist! So it can’t be rape? No, I’m finding my submissive side!

She wanted my body, and now I wanted to give it to her!

She instructed me to turn round. I dutifully did so and felt the button and zip of my skirt unfasten. Nina’s hands were in the waistband, and I could feel her sliding my skirt off my hips.

“No panties naughty girl,” Nina exclaimed.

Nina lifted the bottom of my blouse exposing my naked arse. My right buttock, stung as Nina’s hand smacked the undefended flesh!

“Oww, fuck that hurt Nina!” I squealed.

“Punishment for trying to resist me!” Nina said smiling.

That smack made my clit throb, and I wanted another!

Nina instructed me to kick the skirt away! Again I compliantly did as I was told. Nina’s nails raked over my exposed buttocks, the pain was pure pleasure. A leg slipped between mine and forced them open! I felt a hand go up under the back of my blouse, which was just about hanging onto my quivering body. Then a well-manicured nail traced a line down my spine and into the valley of my arse.

My body straightened and arched, the sensation was thrilling, my clit and nipples throbbing in unison. The trace of her finger carried on till it reached her objective my anus. It seems she was not only intent on forcing herself on me but defilement too. It seems I am to be robbed of my only virginity left!

I could feel my forbidden orifice tighten to bar entry, my buttocks clenching.

Nina gently rubbed around the rim. The feeling was exquisite, the anal massage relaxing my now responsive anus. I was now pushing back wanting Nina to place that digit deep into my rectum. Her hand slowly moved away from my twitching bum-hole. Trailing a sharp red talon over my perineum to my wet slit. With beads of my fem juice lubricating her finger, Nina slowly ran it back towards my anus.

My sex opened like a flower, my clit fully erect throbbed in the scented night air! I could feel the first wave of an orgasm building! I moved my left hand to gently rub my now throbbing clit. Nina’s hand once again gripped my wrist!

“No,” she said. “No, not yet, I want to do that for you!”

Her talon, wet with my juice ran back over my perineum to my bum hole. Her finger rested on its soft centre, I shook in anticipation of the digit invading my soft anal rim. I felt the pressure of her finger on my anus! My anus puckered, inviting that probing finger to explore my rectum. But to my disappointment, her finger passed over my twitching bum hole.

She was teasing me, and I loved it!

This English woman had come to Bodrum to get some sun, and to get fucked by a Young Turk! I had not expected to get fucked on my first night. And certainly not by a woman, who it also seems wants to violate my rectum!

Nina’s hands now moved down and around towards my thighs. Her sharp talons raked upwards towards my pubic mound. I could feel her nakedness close, the eroticism of the moment overpowering.

My sex was wet and ached to be touched!

My vaginal muscles tightened around the tampon that was still inserted in my body. The talons moved from outer thigh to inner, as she neared my pussy. My body was now quivering with expectancy! Her sharp scarlet nails ran over the downy hair of my sex. Making me shiver; as she peeled open my labia! Exposing my clit. My knees nearly gave way to the wave of pleasure that swept over me. I could feel the warm Mediterranean air on my twitching clitoris. I so wanted her fingers to stop, linger and delve into my sopping sex!

But her hands continued up and over my stomach, she now moved towards my breasts. My nipples were hard and oh so sensitive. My clit twitched and throbbed to its own rhythm. It seemed like my nipples and clitoris were conjoined. Nina’s hands now cupped and squeezed my tits till her fingers had both nipples held prisoner. She held the teats between her fingers pulling them up and out. Once more the pain was pure pleasure!

With a twist she let them go, they fell back sore and throbbing wanting more. Her hands continued up onto my shoulders, and in one movement my blouse slithered from my body.

I stood before her naked, but for my black silk hold-ups and heels. I could feel her behind me she was so close, her hard stiff nipples touched my back, and my nipple’s throbbed in response.

Moving away Nina handed me the dress. I was so aroused now I had lost interest in the dress, it could keep! But the feeling in my wet slit could not. I turned, bolder than I have ever been.

“The fucking dress can keep, I can’t. You got me up here to fuck me, so fuck me.” I demanded!

I pulled her nakedness to mine, our nipples touched. The sensation made my clit spasm and throb again. I could tell by her swelling vulva and protruding labia she was enjoying the feel of my rock hard nipples on hers. I pressed my lips to hers, she did not resist my tongue! Our tongues then danced, a dance of sexual wanting. She slid her hand up between my legs and brushed a finger over my growing sex bud. I could feel my vulva swelling and my clitoris responding to Nina’s touch. An orgasm was building deep in my sex!

Nina located the string of my tampon. And with a quizzical look on her face, very slowly pulled the soaking tampon from my sopping pussy. I quivered as feelings of pleasure radiated out over my body as the sodden tampon left my sex!

My mouth moved from hers to her perfect breasts. My tongue started to run circles around the areola of each nipple. Nina’s nipples once sweet pink teats; had visibly grown. Now instead of pink, the hard buds had turned a dark red. The areolae tightened, and she softly moaned as I suckled on these delicious stalks!

Now taking the lead I motioned for her to move into the bedroom, you want to fuck, lets fuck, I thought. Surprising myself with my wanton lust for this woman. Pushing her down onto the bed, I sought my goal her succulent sex!

There were two little gold hooks attached to the gossamer-like straps of her thong. I unhooked them, exposing her swollen moist outer labia to my now lustful gaze. I started to gently rub the cloth of the garment up and down Nina’s slit. She began to moan and writhe on the silk sheets. Her sex grew puffier! I could see she wanted to cum. But didn’t she tease me?

The inner and outer labia of her blood-swollen, engorged, vulva had opened like a bloom. Exposing a hard erect clitoris and the soft wet entrance to her inner sanctum.

Her pubic hair had been waxed, leaving Nina’s pubic mound and vulva hairless. She was high on the intoxicating drug of sex and alcohol. Beads of moisture ran down her slit, as Nina’s clitoris stood erect and pink, protruding out of its protective hood.

Using my mouth, I eagerly lapped up her sex juices that oozed from her pussy. I had never tasted a woman before, I could get used to it. It was such a rush, such an aphrodisiac! My tongue moved up her vertical smile and played with her twitching clit. With a finger massaging her perineum, her soft moans grew louder. Nina started to beg, she implored me to make her cum. I was pleased to oblige!

I inserted two fingers of my right hand deep into her wet pussy and let my thumb run up and down Nina’s sopping slit. As my fingers pushed deep inside her she pushed back. I turned my fingers to find her G-Spot. When they located that elusive pleasure membrane, she moaned, and her vaginal walls gripped my fingers!

My free hand now moved to just above her clitoris. Pulling back towards Nina’s abdomen on the soft hairless skin of her pubic mound, her throbbing sex bud rose up, erect and proud!

With my fingers softly caressing her G-Sot, and my thumb slowly stroking her clitoris, Nina moaned again! Imploring me to rub harder on her horny stiff gland. I moved my free hand from its duty exposing her engorged clitoris towards her delicious breasts. Her clitoris took on the proportions of a small cock! I could feel it swelling and throbbing, under my thumb. The colour changed from pink to dark purple. Nina’s is vulva had now become so engorged it had turned a matching colour.

Nina’s fem juice squelched around my fingers, which we're working in and out of her vagina. Her natural lubricants oozed from her sex, trickling over her anus before staining the bedsheets. My fingers pulled and tweaked her engorged nipples, which were now very stiff and swollen.

Nina cried out, “Fuck, it’s such sweet pain!”

As my left hand teased and abused her nipples, my right played with her clitoris. Her body went into spasm as her orgasm erupted deep in her body. Her moans became louder, her nipples so engorged with blood they were nearly black. Her labia had peeled apart, like a fully open blossom. As her orgasm hits, I felt the inner walls of her vaginal canal grip and pulse around my fingers. The orgasm flowed from her pussy and pulsated throughout her body!

As a more powerful second orgasm hits, Nina moans she’s going to squirt. Her legs twitched as she squirted female cum, Nina’s sex juice covered my breasts. Beads of her liquid dripped off my nipples. As her orgasm subsided, she lifts a finger and rubs it around my left areola stiffening the nipple. Wiping some of her juice off onto her finger. She placed it in my mouth and said “Your turn!”

Nina got up from the bed and went to the mini bar, extracted a bottle of Bollinger and two chilled glasses. She instructs me to follow her, this once again I compliantly did. Following her out to the hot tub I watch as Nina slipped into the foaming water. She said. “Well, are you not coming?” I kicked off my heels and peeled off my holdups, as I joined her in the bubbling hot water!

Nina slid over to face me, holding out a glass of Champagne. I took the glass and sipped of the ice-cold liquid.

“Umm, that’s nice!” I purred.

The aerated water tingled against my skin, my nipples were becoming even harder, and the hot fizzing water infiltrated my sex. A wave of carnal pleasure cascaded like a wave, from my pussy up over my body to my now tight stiff teats. The foaming, frothing water tickled my nipples, making the areola crinkled and tighten, making the stalk even longer! The feeling was quite exquisite.

Nina commanded me to move and sit between her legs. Again I complied. I was now sat between her legs with my back to her. The aerated water making me feel weightless.

She had positioned us opposite a jet of water that surged between our legs. So powerful it made my quim quiver as the water pummelled my vulvar. The warm currents played with the soft flesh of my labia.

Nina pushed a button on the side of the tub, and the water surged faster. The jets squirting water at our bodies intensified. Nina slipped her legs between mine and slowly forced them open. Exposing my pussy to the pulsing jet. I could feel the water forcing its way into my sex.

It vibrated against my vulva sending waves of pleasure throughout my neuro-pathways. Nina’s hands cupped my breasts as her fingers toyed with my nipples! Pinching and pulling the horny teats, as the swirling foaming water danced on my clitoris.

My orgasm came quickly in a rush, my bladder uncontrollably let’s go, and I peed into the water! The climax pulsing throughout my body, my dopamine levels going into overload. As I came down from the high of that incredible orgasmic climax, Nina suggested we move the action back to the bedroom. She stood with the hot fizzing water cascading down her naked physique, and led me back inside, my trembling damp body found itself in the spot Nina had not that long ago vacated.

Nina went to her little orgasm bag. The same one I had earlier rescued. She got out a small pot of cream.

She declared. “This is my sex serum, I picked it up in India! It's to be massaged it to your erogenous zones like this.”

And as she spoke Nina started to rub the cream onto my tits, paying particular attention to my nipples. Putting a dollop on the two fingers of her right hand she inserted them inside my pussy. Rubbing the cream onto my vaginal canal and paying particular effort to my G-Spot. Finishing off she massaged a generous dollop of the cream into my vulva, perineum and anus. She then rubbed the lotion into her own tits and pussy.

“Now all we do is wait for it to take effect!” She said.

The cream heightens the sensation and sensitivity, on any area you apply it to! I have it on good information that if a man massages his cock, he’ll climax uncontrollably without any physical stimulation.” Nina added in a tone of convincing authority!

Moving she placed herself over my face, her naked soft slit just above my mouth. My lips moistened by beads of her fem juice, which glistened on her swollen outer labia. This alone made my clit throb and my nipples stiffen even harder if that were even possible! They begged to be touched.

I felt her massaging more of the cream into my nipples, then more around the rim of my anus. Finally, she delicately pulled opened my vulva to expose my throbbing clitoris. Rubbing extra cream into my inner labia and inside my slit, finally, she massaged more cream into my horny clit.

Nina did not linger on my aching clitoris. Fuck, I was disappointed! I wanted cum again, I had become insatiable!

She instructed me. “To eat her!”

I dutifully did so. Peeling open Nina’s labia I eagerly sucked on the waiting clit. My tongue danced on her hardening clitoris as she started to moan! Her sex juice oozing out, coating my lips, I drank all I could! The residue dribbled off my chin and ran down between my breasts to form a puddle at my navel. I now became aware of something happening to my body. I began to feel, something happening to my body!

My nipples tingled my areola tightened as never before! My teats were now so hard, and larger! It felt like unseen fingers were pulling on them, invisible mouths were sucking on them! My nipples throbbed and ached! Waves of pleasure radiated out over my body, my clitoris pulsed, throbbed in time to the radiating pleasure cascading over my skin!

It felt like my vagina had opened, it felt like my whole sex was exposed! My labia felt engorged, my inner lips bloated. My inner vaginal walls thick and so very wet, my natural lubricant seemed to be exuding out of me. My sex felt like it was full of cock! I don’t know what the ingredients of that cream were, but I have never felt anything like it! My whole body was enveloped in sensation. Fuck, that cream was worth its weight in gold!

My vaginal canal went into spasm, contracting around a phantom cock. My clitoris felt like it was protruding from my body. An orgasm, a very powerful orgasm was building, my hands wanted Nina’s breasts. Her nipples were stiff, her clit now so hard!

I was just about managing to suck it, to devour it. But I was having a hard time concentrating, as it felt like more than one person was fucking me. It felt like I had a phallus in every orifice. I looked up when I felt something cold and hard on my leg!

Nina looked triumphant, in her hand was a large black two-headed dildo, and it was heading for my horny wet slit. Not that you could call my slit a slit now, the cream had done its work well. It felt like those unseen of fingers were probing, pulling at my sex, my inner labia, massaging my vulva, exposing my clitoris. Nina bent forward rubbing the dildo over my sensitive sex bud and down the valley of my wet slit, and then back again. My body stiffened, as I groaned in the pleasure of it.

Nina fed a bulbous head into my wanting open sex as my orgasm hit! It ripping through my body like a tornado! My anus pouted uncontrollably, I think I technically farted. My nipples appeared to seep a sticky liquid, my sex bud quivered and throbbed in orgasmic pleasure. I have never experienced anything like it! It was a complete mind and body fuck! An entire body and mind orgasm!

But it was not over! I felt the huge black dildo start to slip further between my wet pussy lips. Nina slowly plunged the black phallus deeper into my body. It slid in easily until my swollen inner vaginal walls, tightened around the latex cock halting its progress.

Nina pulled it back out, and thrust it back in, first rubbing it over my aching twitching sex bud. My body wanted to climax again. I could feel another orgasm building!

I’ve never orgasm more than once, but now I felt I was just going to keep coming all night. The now fast ramming black dong slipped over my engorged sex bud and plunged deep into my pussy. The head pressing against the back of my vagina, made me moan in delight! As another orgasm hit me. I moaned in the ecstasy of my climax. “Fuck me” I screamed. As the orgasm reached its peak, Nina rammed home the dong once again. I thought my sex would split open, but I climaxed all over it, all around it. A plume of female cum squirted from my urethra, all over Nina and the black cock.

I had it in an iron vaginal grip. My pussy was twitching and throbbing around that black phallus. Nina pulled it from my squelching sex then thrust it back. Over and over she plunged the dildo into me, realising I was close to another climax she slid onto the other head forcing her hairless pussy down on the black cock. The black dong was now buried deep into both of us.

Our clitoris’s kissed and rubbed as we grounded them together, and another orgasm erupted in both of us, simultaneously. Both Nina and I were drenched in our sweat and sex juice. We lay there with the black dildo still filling our bodies. When I felt another orgasm coming and realised Nina has started to pump on the dildo. We continued to fuck each other till we fell into an orgasm induced sleep in each other’s arms.

We were woken by a knock on the door. Before either of us could move a key was put in the lock, and the door swung open. Standing in the doorway was the maid. She was slightly embarrassed, to say the least, and asked if she could turn back the sheets. We slid off the bed to let her do her job. She’s 25, tall with raven black hair, slim with a great looking body. I stood beside the bed with my arm across my breasts and a hand concealing my sex, to cover my humiliation.

Nina threw me a glance that said; let’s have some fun!

Without any hint of embarrassment, she went over to the minibar wearing only the scent of my pussy and got out another bottle of Champagne. As I couldn’t find anything to cover my nakedness I grabbed a sheet from the bed. The black double-headed dildo fell to the floor! The maid noticed the dildo and could not take her eyes off it.

Nina seizing the moment while the girl was distracted, and with a glint in her eye, violently shook the bottle of Champagne. Dropping the sheet, I rescued the dildo. I now stood naked with the dildo in my left hand and my right covering my pussy.

The maid now gazed from the dildo to my tits and back. I had a feeling she was not embarrassed at all and the way she was looking at my tits and the dildo, probably would play with both given half a chance. The maid unsuspecting anything untoward eventually prized her eyes from my body and turned to leave.

Nina politely asked the maid. “Could you help us? We both have greasy hands due to the massage’s we’ve just been giving each other!”LIE.“Would you be a dear and open this bottle of Champagne for us?”

The maid took the bottle and was happy to help. She expertly prised the cork from the bottle. But she could do nothing to stop the agitated Bubbly erupting, covering all three of us in ice-cold Champagne. The maid’s clothes were absolutely saturated, and the ice-cold liquid dripped from my and Nina’s now again hardening nipples. It was blatantly obvious the maid was not wearing a bra. Her large brown stiff nipples were visible through the wet material of her shirt.

As if it was a well-rehearsed ploy Nina said to the girl. “Better get that off so it can dry, I’m sure it won’t take to long!”

Before she could say no Nina moved to disrobe her! As Nina popped open the buttons on the maid’s shirt, my clit started to throb in anticipation of exposing those delicious breasts. She had appreciated mine, and I now want to see what she hid under that shirt. As the last button of her shirt popped open, her magnificent breasts spilt out.

Nina gasped at their beauty touching the soft glands, feeling their firmness. The maid looked a bit bashful, as Nina bounced her tits in the palms of her hands. They were obviously enhanced but who cared, whoever sculpted those fabulous tits was a master.

It never occurred to me, how on a maid’s wage she could afford breasts like that. Nina suggested to the girl that she needed to dry her skirt, as it was wet through also. To my surprise, the maid unbuttoned the skirt and lets it slip to the floor. The maid was now nearly as naked as Nina and me.

Standing there with only her maid’s apron to cover her pussy. It was now obvious she had not been wearing any underwear, as the apron was so small, it left her virtually naked. It was very obvious she was up for some three-way girl action, by the way, she was ogling my and Nina’s bodies. The sight of our oily naked bodies must be turning the girl on? The stalks of her nipples were huge and hard.

Nina bent down to pick up the maid’s skirt, exposing her hairless sex. I could not resist running a finger along her obviously wet slit. She pushed back, and the finger slipped into her very wet vulva. Pulling out my wet digit I placed it in my mouth and sucked of Nina’s juice.

Turning to the maid, I asked if she would like a drink. She answered. “I am not allowed while working.” Nina said, “Nonsense.”

And proceeded to pour all three of us a large glass of Champagne. The maid was trying to cover her tits, as Nina offered her a drink. Reaching for it the girl exposed one of her magnificent orbs. The glasses were cold, and moisture was dripping off the stems. As the maid drank her Champagne, a few drops of condensation fell on her exposed nipple. It immediately stiffened to a more hardened teat, if that was possible! I took the opportunity to wipe it off with my lips.

As my teeth closed around that sweet stalk, she stiffened her body and pushed her nipple further into my mouth. Enjoying my help!

Nina seeing this took a cube of ice from the ice bucket, and moving the girl’s hand from the other breast rubbed it over the exposed nipple.

The nipple hardened at the mere touch of the ice! As the girl’s body stiffened and arched a groan of pleasure slipped from her lips. Nina moved around to behind the girl as she picked up a bottle of massage oil from the bedside table.

With me standing in front, and Nina behind the maid is now the pussy in our girl sandwich. Nina’s oily hands found the girl’s breasts and started to massage the oil into the soft flesh. Her hands squeezing the malleable mammary glands, puckering up her nipples for me to tease and torture! The aureole darkened and tightened making the nipple protrude further. My greasy hands worked on these hard buds tweaking pulling and teasing. Making her yelp as I tugged on the teats, then making her moan as I gently rubbed them between my fingers!

Nina took the oil and squirted it into the girl’s raven hair. It ran down her shoulders, down her back, down over her tits. The oil navigated her navel and soaked into the fabric of her apron.

I followed Nina’s lead as she was oiling her back and shoulders. I now eagerly massaged the maid’s breasts.

The soft flesh felt slick and sensual under my exploring hands. My fingers found the girl’s hard throbbing nipples tugging and twisting the sensitive teats again. Massaging her nipples the girl moaned softly, and I moved in closer to her. My hard nipples pressing against her oily breasts, the feeling of my tits pressed into hers was exciting, sending gossamer threads of pleasure into my sex.

My vulva flushed to a dark pink, my arousal palpable.

My hands found Nina’s oiled body behind the maid and worked their way to her breasts. Not only could I feel the girl’s rock hard nipples pressing into my chest and rubbing against my nipples! My fingers were also pulling and twisting Nina’s hard buds. The girl’s mouth now found mine, and a deep passionate kiss followed! Our tongues dancing the tango as she bit my lower lip. Triggering the first wave of my next oncoming climax!

As she sucked in my tongue, the stimulation was too much! The first wave was the only wave. It built and built, crashing down on me! A wave of sheer sensual pleasure, I climaxed, the sheer eroticism triggering my orgasm. As it pulsed through my body, my hands moved to the maid’s buttocks, my fingers squeezed her firm flesh. My oily digits now exploring her arse, moving down deeper my finger rubbed around the rim of that tight prohibited place!

Oil had run into her soft silky forbidden orifice, and my finger slid in as she pushed back onto it! It slipped into the knuckle. As she moaned and gyrated on my oily digit, I became aware Nina had slipped around behind me. So I now found myself the meat in their girl sandwich. Nina’s hands groped my breasts, abusing my nipples, pulling twisting and teasing them. Slapping my sweet tits till they hurt! But I didn’t want her to stop. The discomfort, the pain was beautiful!

My breasts were swelling and now glowed rosy red, my nipples sore and erect, wanting to be bitten and abused. The girl’s fingers found my sex, rubbing my clitoris with one finger while stroking my vulva with the other. I started to moan uncontrollably.

While the girl continued playing with my wet pussy as Nina went to fetch her little orgasm bag. Untying the drawstrings, Nina brought out what looked like a silver chain. The Chain had three separate lengths that were conjoined by a silver ring. On the end of each chain was a silver clamp!

Each clamp was sprung loaded, with jaws that were flat and oval in shape! Nina snapped the jaws of one clamp around an aching nipple, I yelped as the cold metal stung my waiting teat. I cried out again, louder this time, as the second clamp bit harder!

The pain was exquisite! My body was now so aroused, my clitoris swollen and so hard it protruded from its protective hood. As the maid pulled up on the skin just above my throbbing bud, Nina opened my labia exposing my female phallus.

The third clamp snapped shut around the delicate clit! I squealed at the instant stab of pain as the clamp squeezed tight around my hard sex bud. The throbbing in my clit grew louder in my head, the sting of the clamp slowly being replaced with a deep throb of erotic hedonistic pleasure!

My nipples and clitoris felt connected acting like one pleasure centre! I could feel another orgasm building, the first wave of my impending climax rising and cresting! Nina started to collect the juice that was now trickling freely out of my open slit, mixing it with the oil, and then massaging it into the girl’s body.

The girl was pulling gently on the nipple clamps! Stretching out my sore teats, testing their elasticity to the maximum! The feeling was exquisite. Nina took the ring conjoining the three chains, and pulled! All three clamps strained on my nipples and sex bud. My nipples and clitoris stung! Fuck did they sting!

As the pain became so penetrating, I screamed. “Fuuccckkkk, fuck, fuck, no more, please, please, Ninaaaaa stop!” Suddenly realising there was no safe word!

Then the pain suddenly disappeared to be replaced by an exquisite feeling of sensual pleasure, as all three tortured pleasure zones were freed as the three clamps in unison gave way!

My orgasm uncontrollably exploded, pulsing and rippling throughout my body. I lay on the bed, my climax coursing through my neurological pathways. The dopamine high sent me to orgasm heaven.

Nina beckoned the maid to lie on the bed beside me, and then slowly straddled her face. The girl’s hands quickly found Nina’s taut nipples, pulling them, squeezing them between thumb and forefinger! As her tongue found Nina’s horny clit a groan of pleasure slid from her lips, dripping down over the fingers deftly teasing her nipples!

The girl’s mouth locked hard around Nina’s sex, sucking and slurping on the hard clit trapped between her teeth. As her tongue flicked back and forth over the now highly stimulated bud, a profound primaeval moan erupted from Nina’s throat!

“Oh my fucking God. Fuccckkkk, that’s so good. Lick faster, faster, faster! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fucking hell, the bitch is going to make me cum! Oohhh fuucccckkk!” Nina cried as her body started to judder and shake.

Nina pressed her pussy hard down onto the girl’s mouth, gyrating her hips moving her saturated sex in a frenzy over the girl’s succulent lips. Pumping as if she was riding a phantom cock, the girl gurgled trying to gasp some air as Nina fucked her face! Then the last wave of her orgasm crested, breaking over both their bodies. As the climax pulsed through Nina’s nervous system, she thrust down hard onto the girl’s mouth. Softly pushing down on every pulse of pleasure radiating from her sex. Fulfilled she collapsed back onto the bed!

As Nina lay there panting she beckoned me to remove the girl’s apron. Undoing the bow that held the material to her hips, I pulled the small garment from her body. All three of us were now naked and dripping in sweat, oil and body fluid.

As the two naked women lay in front of me, I had an indescribable urge to go down on both of them. Suck them, to fuck them, with my mouth and with my tongue! They lay beside each other, so I position myself between their legs, one knee between Nina’s legs and one knee between the girl’s legs.

I went down first to feast on the girl’s sweet hairless pussy! As I kissed her mons and started to nibble and licked my way down to her slit, I realised there was something wrong! There was no slit! Just a dimple, and as I pushed the girl’s legs apart, a magnificent semi-erect cock started to unfurl in front of my face!

In seconds it was fully erect and lying against her abdomen, a full 9 inches of male phallus attached to the most gorgeous young girl! She was a beautiful he, a She-Male! I have heard of shemale’s but never seen one. Now one lay spread out on the sheets in front of me.

The girl’s phallus now stood upright twitching and swaying to its own beat, but instead of recoiling in horror, both Nina I giggled. Both of us were turned on even more, (if that were possible), by the sight of this beautiful girl, with such a gorgeous cock. What a bonus, tits, cock and arse in one package!

Nina re-straddled the girl’s face as I took the mighty phallus between my lips. Sucking and licking at its soft corona! The girl started to softly moan as I continued to kiss and lick the shaft! My thumb working on the frenulum! The soft moans now turned to whimpers as her hips started to gyrate to the movement of my thumb!

Reaching the base of the girl’s cock, I placed my lips around a testicle and sucked. The ball slid into my mouth as my tongue slithered around the en-captured gland. The girl started to plead with me to wank her harder, she wanted to cum!

Releasing her testicle from my mouth, I exchanged it for the head of her cock. If she wanted to ejaculate, I wanted her milky juice! Sliding my mouth over the corona, I attempted to get the whole of her cock balls deep into my throat. But could only get the head and a part of the shaft in my mouth; it was a large gorgeous penis for such a beautiful girl. I suckled on the head; it only took a few moments before I could taste the pre-cum spilling into my mouth.

I now felt hornier than ever. Freeing the cock from my mouth a strand of semen linked my tongue and the urethra at the summit of the phallus! As the connection broke, I mounted the fabulous thing, letting it slip deep into my body. The head pressed against the back of my sex, the muscles of my vaginal canal squeezing, wanking the throbbing phallus buried deep in my body!

Nina took out a vibrator from her orgasm bag. Setting it to humming, she gently rubbed its vibrating head over my nipples. The vibrators head teased my wanting teats sending gossamer strands of pleasure down into my well-filled pussy! Reaching out, I grabbed the back of Nina’s head and drew her to me. Our mouths met, and we kissed our tongues deeply once again danced the tango as my hips pumped up and down on the maid’s rock hard cock!

Yet another orgasm began to build, as Nina slipped the vibrator down onto my clitoris. With the girl’s cock deep inside me, the vibrator buzzed against my clit, and the cadence of my orgasm was beginning to overwhelm me!

The shemale’s cock was now throbbing and pulsing, I could feel she was about to inject her semen deep into my body. But before I knew it Nina had dismounted from the girl’s face, and then lifted me off my stallion and flipped me over onto my back.

Mounting my face, she thrust her wet sex onto my lips. I eagerly sucked and licked at her hard clitoris and soft labia. As I sucked she began running that buzzing vibrator over my wet slit. Nina pressed the vibrating head against my clit making my pussy spasm; I wanted to be filled with that gorgeous cock!

The shemale was now between my legs! I could feel the length of her hard phallus, running up and down my vaginal furrow. Kissing my vertical smile! The upstroke met the vibrating head of the teasing vibrator. Every time the head of the girl’s penis met the head of the vibrator, she let out a deep moan of ecstasy. Nina slid the vibrator down into my wet wanting pussy! She thrust it deep into my body, my vaginal walls gripping it trying to hold it prisoner! The vibrations radiated out over my entire body.

The girl lifted my legs up and out in a semi-star shape, exposing my sopping swollen vagina. As Nina slid the vibrator from my open sex, the girl placed the swollen bulbous head of her cock between the folds of my labia. In one movement the girl thrust the length deep into my body, then she started pumping! She thrust from the sacred opening of my body to the depths of my womb.

As the thrusts got faster and deeper, I felt her testicles start to slap on my swollen outer labia. The maids swelling cock filled my slippery vaginal canal, the down thrust filling me to the hilt, her pubic bone pressing down on my horny protruding sex bud. As I felt my orgasm erupt deep in my neural pathways, I moaned, gasping at the hedonistic, erotic, sensuality of the whole situation. Pleasure like an old friend cascaded over my body!

Nina still had that buzzing pleasure giver pressed on my pubic bone, sending wave upon wave of indulgence through my pussy! The girl continued her frenetic pumping. Shit, she hadn’t cum yet and pursued her orgasm with gusto!

Another cataclysmic climax arrives as the horny bitch fucked me for England. My orgasm filled my pussy with female sex juice and was literally being pumped out of me, by the thrusting piston-like phallus fucking my sex.

My body shook, gasping I begged her to cum! The shemale’s down-stroke filled my sex, squirting my body fluid onto the bed linen. It dripped off the girl’s testicles, and ran down between my buttocks and over my perineum! Dribbling onto my pouting anus, before making a puddle on the sheets.

But the girl had still not cum yet and continued her assault on my pussy. As I felt another orgasm building, the girl’s penis continued to pound my vagina, as my orgasm arrived so did the girl’s. Pulling the erupting cock from my body, streams of semen squirted from the head of the pulsing phallus. Cum covered my tits and throat, Nina sucked the residue from the girl’s cock, and cleaned my body with her tongue!

As I looked down, I realised the shemale’s cock was still rock hard, the head more swollen and purple than before it spurted semen all over me.

She grabbed my legs, pulling me to her she lifting my buttocks off the bed. Her cock’s destination was planet anus; it all seemed to be happening in slow motion. In one movement the corona of her throbbing cock was at the door of my rectum! I panicked as I thought about my anal virginity, and tried to wriggle free, but as before resistance was futile. The girl held me, as my twitching bum hole was impaled.

A finger playing with my rectum was horny! An invading finger into my velvety inner sanctum made me want to cum!But that huge cock filling my rectum, fuucccckkk! My anus was about to be raped, and I could do nothing to stop it!

Nor did I want to!

Nina looked on with that glint in her eye holding the black two-headed dildo in her hand. I suddenly realised what was going to happen. I was going to be double penetrated!

“Fucckkk noooo, Nina not that. You’ll split me open!” I pleaded.

As the shemale’s erect phallus prepared to enter my most intimate orifice! The head was just engaged past my anal verge, Nina squirted oil over the length of the throbbing cock!Wankingthe thing as she lubed it up ready for my anal deflowerment!

The head rested in my soft outer rim, I could feel the throbbing head pulsing, and it was so fucking turning me on. I was trying to resist pushing down on it when the whole head of her oily cock slipped into my rectum, I felt full, and it was only the head!

The girl gently rock back and forth letting me feel the corona moving in my rectum, it felt good I could feel my clit tingling. Nina slipped the oily dildo between my pussy lips. The blackhead of the dildo was at the entrance of my sex, and the girl’s cock was at the entrance to my bowel.

Both phalluses slid into my body simultaneously!

“Aahhhh, fucckkk noooo they’re both too big, fuckkk it’s uncomfortable! Ninaaaaa, noooo.” I squealed.

Taking no notice, they both fucked me, double penetration! A cock in my arse and my pussy stuffed full of latex cock! I can feel the two phalluses rubbing up and down against one another; the thin walls of my vaginal canal and rectum separated the two cocks.

Now Nina puts the vibrator to work on my clitoris!

I’m now so fucking horny with the vibrator working on my clit and the dildo buried deep into my vagina brings me off again. As my orgasm rips through me, I ride the shemale’s cock buried in my rectum, thrusting myself onto it. My anal virginity was now gone, I want to fuck the invader of my inner sanctum. The girl’s cock is now fully in my body and pumping in and out of my expanded rectum! As I feel the girl begin to climax my rectum grips the throbbing invader as the maid’s orgasm erupts deep into my bowel! She throbs three more times, pumping out the last drops of her semen into my tight orifice. As her orgasm subsides, she falls forward onto me, embracing me! Nina leans in to kiss us both.

As the girl and Nina kissed deeply, I sucked hard on Nina’s clitoris bringing her to another orgasm and filling my mouth with her sweet juice. We all collapsed in a satisfied heap covered in sweat, oil and cum. All three of us dozed off in an orgasmic sleep, till a mouth sucking my pussy awoke me.

Nina was now teasing my clit with her tongue. It was then I realised my arse had been placed on two pillows exposing not only my wet swollen slit but also my pouting anus. My legs were spread apart and tied with strips of my torn up clothing to the ends of the bed. My hands had been bound together with more strips of my torn clothing and tied to the top of the bed. It seemed I had been set up! Nina had been looking for someone to have some three-way fun with. The maid was her friend Suzy, a shemale, that is to say, a man who wants to be a woman, but still loves her cock. She was just playing the maid. Nina made way for Suzy whose cock was rock hard again and now teasing the rim of my anus. I desperately wanted to push down on it, but I was being tormented for a reason. Nina said they were going to extract my female juice, till I was dry. I was going to be Milked in Bodrum............. But that’s another story.


Copyright © 2020 Mark Darcy All rights reserved

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