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Danica’s POV,

I took a deep breath when I realized I was only doing more harm by being near him. The only man I had ever loved. I knew in my heart that it was only a matter of time until Draco found me and killed everyone in his way. I know who Ryder is, but I also know who Draco is and if anything happened to Ryder, it would kill me. I looked at the bathroom window. I had a bag packed and hidden in case I ever had to run again. Running was the last thing I wanted to do, but knowing he loved me in return. I just sighed, I had loved him forever and now to find out that he loved me too was a dream come true.

I jumped up and pulled my bag out. I slipped into a pair of sweats and took off out the window. I scaled the walls and made my way to the grounds. I knew I would be on camera, but I had to get away. With tears in my eyes. I ran as fast as I could and scaled the wall. I didn’t look back as I heard alarms going off.

Two months later...

“Sarah, can you make sure Miss Hawk has fresh towels set on her bed?”

“Yeah, no problem.” I filled my cart and headed out to start my day. It’s been two months since I left Ryder. I got a job as a housekeeper in a retirement home. I made my first stop in the state of Main. I found this little beautiful oceanside town called Wilkins. I felt like I was far away enough from both Ryder and Draco. I didn’t get enough time to tell Ryder my whole story. The older I got the more I became Draco’s most prized possession. I’ll never forget the first time Draco attacked me. I had become friends with one of his members named Jillian. She was the only friend I had. I was only sixteen and she was nineteen. We had come up with this fantastic plan to sneak out and go to a club. We got all dressed up and even made it to the club. Draco’s men found us within the first hour. I was on the dance floor when Logan, Draco’s right-hand man picked me up out of the arms of some guy, I didn’t even get his name, and took me and Jillian right home.

I was scared as Draco was letting Jillian have it. Then he pulled out his gun and shot her right in front of my eyes. I ran to her side screaming and crying. Draco came over to me and kicked me in my stomach as hard as he could. Then he kicked me in my neck and I didn’t wake up from that for almost a week. Of course when I did wake up. He apologized like crazy and treated me like a queen for months. Until I would do something to piss him off and he needed to remind me who owned me. Even that wasn’t the worse part. The worse part was when I started to mess around with his right-hand man Logan, but that’s a story for a different time.


“Miss Hawk, it’s me, Sarah.”

“Come in my dear.” I opened her door and smiled as I walked inside. I know Miss Hawk requested extra towels so she could see me today. Over the last month, I have become pretty close to Betty. I’m the only one who is allowed to call her by her first name. Ocean Mist retirement home was set up for the wealthy. Betty was placed in a one-bedroom suite. She had the place covered in plants and things from her life. I loved her place the best. Once inside it didn’t feel like you were in a retirement center. I found Betty sitting by her small balcony having some tea. I walked in with a handful of towels. “Hello Sarah, how are you today?” I smiled and set down the towels and then walked over to her and joined her for tea.

“I feel pretty good today.” She patted my hand. Betty is the only person I have shared my story with. She is the only person I can talk to.

“Pretty good?”

“Yes, pretty good.” Betty also believes I did the wrong thing by leaving Ryder. She understands why I did it, but she believes Ryder would have protected me.

“My grandson is in town and will be visiting me today. I’d love for you to meet him. He is about your age and a very good boy.” I eyed her for a moment.

“I thought you didn’t talk to any of your family?”

“You’re correct, but my grandson Robby is a good boy and is the only one who is not a piece of shit.” I giggled to myself. Betty always has her way with words.

“I would love to meet him.”

“You should have dinner with us tonight.” I knew she was up to something. I just didn’t know what.

“My shift ends at six tonight. What time for dinner?”

“Robby is taking me out, be here by six-thirty.”

“You’re not giving me much time to get ready.”

“You’ll be fine Sarah. You’re such a beautiful woman.” I just smiled at her and finished my tea with her. I had to get back to work and I promised her I would be back for dinner. The rest of my day dragged on. I finished my rounds a little early and headed home to my Studio apartment around the corner from my work. I had no idea where we were going for dinner. It was the middle of July and even though it was summertime. The evening here were cool. I put on a simple summer dress with a light sweater. I pulled my hair up and headed back to Miss Hawks.

I knocked lightly on her door and let myself in. Betty was dressed nicely sitting in her chair. I walked in and took a seat next to her. “You look, lovely dear.”

“Thank you, where is your grandson?”

“He is on his way. I told him about you.” I looked over at her. “Not that part.” I have her a smile. Then we heard a knock at her door and we both looked over. A tall blond-haired man came walking in. I knew the moment I saw him. Something about him wasn’t right. He wasn’t what I pictured at all. This man was covered in tattoos. Well, at least what I could see of him. He wore his hair slicked back and had a next tattoo that went right up to his chin. He had deep blue eyes and had a piercing on the bridge of his nose between his eyes. He was well built and was wearing a three-piece suit with suspenders. I could see tattoos on his wrist. I knew his arms were covered in them. He was gorgeous and I feared him just a little. He could be just a man who enjoyed tattoos. Or he belonged to something I wanted nothing to do with. I took a deep breath as his eyes met mine. I looked away fast.

“Is this Sarah?” He asked as he walked over to Betty and kissed her cheek. Betty nodded her head at him. “Hello Sarah, I’m Robby Hawk.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Robby Hawk.” He smiled at me and I had to look away again.

“Come on ladies, let’s eat.” He said and Betty and I followed him out. Robby kept close to Betty. It was nice to see him being so protective of his grandmother. He helped her with everything. Even though Betty still got around fine. To me, she was the healthiest of all the residence. I wasn’t even sure she belonged in a retirement center. She and I talked about that one night. She was more comfortable in the center. That was one thing I really enjoyed about the center. There were so many things for the residence to do. That there was no way for any of them to not keep busy and Active. Betty participated in as much as she could.

I could see the resemblance between her and Robby. They both had blond hair and the same colored and shape eyes. Plus you could tell Robby loved her. We were set at a table with a view of the ocean. Robby took us to a little seaside cafe on the outside of town. It was semi-fancy. The food was amazing as we talked and ate. I learned that Robby was a Business owner in Philadelphia and he tried his best to see his grandmother once a month when he had time off. He is the son of Betty’s only daughter. Who died in a car accident when Robby was fourteen and Betty took care of him. Betty also had two sons that have nothing to do with her. It was sad to me to learn her own children were pieces of shit, but now I knew why she felt the way she did. Betty was starting to get tired. I tried to pay Robby for my dinner, but he wasn’t having any of it. I thanked him and we all headed back to the center.

We sat down in Betty’s living room and I made us all some tea. We talked for about twenty minutes when Betty said she was ready for bed. Robby got up and helped her to bed. While I cleaned up our mess. I was getting ready to leave when Robby came walking back out. “I want to thank you for being here for her.” I turned and smiled at him.

“She is my friend. I care about her.”

“Yeah, she told me all about you. I’m greatly she has someone. I can’t convince her to just come and live with me. She grew up here and refuses to leave.”

“You’re a good man. She is lucky to have you.”

“I love that woman and there is nothing I won’t do for her.”

“Well, I should get going. It was nice to meet you and thank you for dinner.”

“I’d love to take you to lunch before I head home. Just as a thank you for being here for her.” Everything inside me was screaming no, but I simply accepted his offer. Once I said goodnight and left her room. I immediately regretted my answer. All I could see was trouble. I just wasn’t sure what kind yet.

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