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It’s been only three days since I arrived at a safe house in South Carolina with Robby and his men. I found out the first night we got here that Robby is who he says he is. I ended up losing my shit that first night. Robby had gotten a hold of Jason and I wanted to talk to him. At first, Robby wasn’t going to let me talk with Jason, and after I lost it. The phone was handed over to me. Jason gave me all the information he could about Ryder. He was alive but in critical condition. He was shot in his lungs. He ended up taking three bullets, two to the lungs and one in his shoulder. He hasn’t woken up from his surgery yet. So now it was a waiting game.

Jason assured me that Robby was someone I could trust and that I was safe for now with him. He also told me to behave myself. I agreed as long as he would talk to me and keep me informed. Robby showed me to my bedroom that I had to myself. The next two days I spent most of my time in my room. I felt lost and I needed some type of good news. My heart was broken in two. Robby had done his best to make me feel better, but all I could think about was Ryder.

Robby had called Betty and her and I talked for a while. She did make me feel better. Even after she got an earful about telling my secret to Robby. Once Robby figured out who I was. He jumped into action after Ryder was attacked. Robby had come to me once and asked me about my involvement with Draco. I gave him some information and told him about my life on the run from Draco and his men. I also told him what I meant to Draco and how he will kill anyone in his way to get me back. I learned that Robby runs his own gang and has been in good standards with Ryder. I also learned that Robby has always hated Draco and decided to keep his distance.

Draco’s gang has always been mostly untouchable. I also learned that only a few men know him by Draco. He has used different names to keep himself hidden. That’s how I found out that Ryder had no idea who he actually was. Robby and his men have decided to team up with Ryder and his men to help bring down Draco. That thought scared me. Regardless of who Ryder and Robby were. I knew Draco and what he was capable of doing. All of this scared me and only made me feel like Draco would get ahold of me again. My fight or flight instincts were driving me crazy, but I knew I had to stop running from Ryder. I couldn’t run from him any longer and I knew I would stand by his side and give my life for him if I had to.

“I know you’re worried Danica, but I need you to try and relax. Ryder is heavily guarded and he needs the time to rest. He woke up only once, but he was hurt badly.”

“How do you know he is going to be okay?”

“Ryder is a fighter, Danica. Trust me it’s going to take more than some bullets to bring him down. Besides the moment he wakes up and finds out where you are. You will be brought to him. He won’t relax until you’re with him.” I took a deep breath after he said those words. “For now you are safe and that’s what matters. Please try and stop giving Robby so much trouble.” It was true. I haven’t been very good to Robby. No matter what he tries to do for me. I’m nothing but a mess and I’m not very cooperative.

“I’ll do my best,” I said and Jason and I hung up. I handed the phone back to Robby. Robby gave me a small smile. “I’m sorry,” I said and Robby just looked at me.


“Just being a pain in your ass.” Robby smiled.

“Why don’t you let me take you out today?”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Come on Danica. I know you’re full of mixed emotions. I know you’re going crazy being stuck here. Let’s go out and we can get somethings you need and we can have lunch? You’re perfectly safe with me.”

“Are you sure you want to spend the day with me and my issues?” He laughs and I laugh a little myself.

“Be ready in an hour.” I nodded at him and he left my room. I jumped into the shower and ended up pulling on some sweats and my hair in a ponytail. I realized that we left so fast that I had nothing with me, but a few items. I was in need of things. Thank god Robby brought that up. I met him downstairs and he looked nice. I thought it was just going to be us, but we had two escorts. We drove into town and had lunch at a quiet little cafe. It was like a mom and pop place. The food was good. Robby made a lot of small talk but never brought up Ryder or Draco. “Are we ready? I’m going to take you for clothes and personal items.”

“I’m sorry you have to do this. We left so fast.” Robby put his hand up.

“Don’t apologize, I got this.”

Ryders POV,

“You think this was a good idea?” Jason asked while sitting on the sofa in my office.

“It got her into a safe house, didn’t it.” Jason nodded his head at me.

“She knows how to pick them?”

“What does that mean? She wasn’t doing anything with Robby. He didn’t even know who she was. Until his aunt said something to him. Then he came straight to me.”

“I just meant she has a way of finding trouble. I’m surprised you’re not bringing her home now.”

“I need to know she is safe. So I can take out Draco. She would only want to be with me and try to help. I need her to believe I’m fucked up so she will stay home.”

“Yeah, but faking you were shot? You know once she finds out she is going to kill you.”

“She will understand. This is for her own good. If she is here I won’t be able to focus. She needs to be away and safe.”

“Why didn’t you just leave her where she was?” I looked over at him.

“I needed her guarded.”

“But you could of just let Robby keep an eye on her. Then she wouldn’t have been stuck in a safe house.” I wanted to go to her the minute I knew she was with Robby. I couldn’t do it. It was worth letting her believe I was stuck in a hospital so she would keep her ass safe. I know once she learns everything, she is going to be mad, but once Draco is dead she will be free. That makes all this worth it to me. It kills me that my focus has been on making her free. I feel like I have forgotten my parents. My vengeance has been hidden ever since she came back into my life. Don’t get me wrong. He will pay for what he has done, but my main focus is on keeping her safe.

I don’t think Jason understands just how much she means to me. I would give my life to her. I just need the time to find Draco and kill him. My phone started to ring.

“This is Ryder?”

“You should of watched her better. Or maybe not have left her in the hands of a small-time gangster. You will never see her again.” Just then Jason burst back through my office doors. My eyes got huge when I saw the look in his eyes and I knew Draco had her.

“What do you want?” I hissed.

“Well I have what I want, but I don’t see you letting her go easily. Do you love her?” I gave him no answer. “Your silence tells me you do. Well, I love her too, like my own daughter. She belongs to me and if you come for her. I’ll kill you like I killed your family. lol m too good Ryder. You can’t win this. You will only die son,”

“I’m not your son and you have a bad way of underestimating what I can do. Game on you son of a bitch. I’m going to tear you apart with my bare hands.”

“Mark my words. Even if you get lucky enough to find me. You will never get close enough to kill me, but I will kill her before I hand her over to you. You might want to check on Robby. I don’t think he is doing so well.” I heard him hang up and threw my phone against the wall. Jason came over to me.

“What happened?” I hissed. Jason started to shake his head.

“They took her out because she needed things. They got attacked outside the store in broad daylight. They had two guards with them who were both killed. They got Danica. Ryder, they took Robby’s hand for touching Danica.” Fuck me, I said to myself.

“Where is he now?”

“The hospital, fighting to get out to find Danica. He is really loading his shit.”

“Get him and his men here as soon as you can.” Jason nodded at me and as soon as he closed my office door. I tore the place apart.

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