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Ryders POV,

Robby seemed to be more concerned about Danica than concerned for himself. I stood at the window in his hospital room. My arms were crossed as he bitched about getting out of here. Robby had his gang moved here and put me in control of all of them. My men had tripled and we still had no idea where she was. We had just learned that Draco has left the country. We knew for sure that she was with them.

“You have to get me the hell out of here before you head out of the country.” I turned and looked at him.

“You have no idea how grateful I am to you for taking care of her, but you are hardly in any position to be by my side in this war.”

“They didn’t take my trigger hand. You think they have stopped me?” He was truly a Warrior. I had to give him that.

“No Robby, I know they haven’t taken your pride.”

“God only knows what’s happening to her.”

“I try not to think about that. If I value my sanity in any way. I don’t think about that.” Robby just laid his head back.

“We have to save her.” I just sighed.

“I promise you will bring hell upon Draco and any of his men that stand in my way.”

“And I will be by your side helping you do so.” It’s been almost a month since Draco got Danica back. I have to give it to the man. He is good about disappearing and staying hidden. I have some of the best trackers working for me and even they are struggling.

“Ryder?” I heard Jason’s voice ring out. I nodded my chin at him. “We know where they are keeping her.”

“Are you fucking with me?”

“Not even a little.”

“You have to get me out of here,” Robby said standing up from his bed. “You can’t go and do this without me. I owe her and you.” I looked back over at Jason.

“Work on getting him discharged, and do it fast. We leave first thing in the morning.” Jason nodded and left the room. Your ass is mine now Draco. I said to myself only praying that she was okay and not broken even more than she already was.

Danica’s POV,

“Oh please Miranda, you know this outfit looks ridiculous.” I stood in the mirror looking at the long satin gown. A gown that Draco wants me to wear to a dinner party tonight. Draco has been parading me around London for a month now. He has been telling people I’m his soon to be wife. I have been playing along. Only because if I keep him happy he doesn’t touch me. Well, he doesn’t force himself on me. When we’re together he keeps me very close to him. His hands are always on me in some form. Whether he has a hold of my hand or has his arm around my shoulder. He still keeps everyone aware that I belong to him.

I’m a good girl because I don’t want to be hurt. I have to share a room and bed with him. I’m also treated like his personal maid, but like I said. As long as he is happy. He doesn’t force himself of me. I do however have a room of my own. I don’t sleep in here but all my things are in here. Well, the things Draco had bought for me. Of course, my days are filled with trying to figure out a way out of here. Draco has his security on a tight hold. Considering I’m a flight risk.

Draco has hired a personal guard to be with me at all times when I’m not with Draco. His name is Bryce and even though he is a little rough around the edges. He is actually pretty down to earth and when it’s just the two of us. He shows his softer side. At first, I protested, but that only went so far. Bryce has only been here about two weeks now. He stays outside my room and follows me wherever I go.

This dinner party is supposed to be a very important business meeting. I’m to look pretty but keep my mouth shut at all times. If I’m a good girl I will be rewarded. That normally means I can sleep in my own room for a night. Or I can go out and do some shopping with Miranda. It’s the little things I hold onto. I guess I can be a little happy that Draco doesn’t dress me like a whore. The dresses he makes me wear are beautiful but conservative. Tonight I have a long black satin dress with a deep neckline. He will want my hair up and light make up on my face. He will choose a certain perfume and want my heels high. It’s hard to try and not look too good. The last thing I want to do is turn him on in any way, but I could wear sweats and a bun and he would still want me.

I took one last look in the mirror. Did a small sigh and walked out of the bathroom. Bryce was waiting patiently for me. “You look amazing.” I gave him a frown. “Danica, you don’t have to do much and you look good. I’m sorry but it’s true.”

“I just don’t want to be the eye candy of the evening.” Bryce walked closer to me.

“That’s going to be a hard task. Maybe we can pull your hair down and mess it up some.” He took the pin out of my hair.

“No Bryce, it has to be up. I will anger him if it’s down.” I grabbed the pin and ran back into the bathroom.

“Are you kidding me?” I looked at him and he seemed upset. My eyes were probably worrying him. “You genuinely look scared.”

“I’m sorry, but I have to behave.” I hated those words as they left my mouth. I looked back in the mirror. The woman who looked back at me was a stranger. The thing I have bent over and did. Made me ashamed of myself. I knew I was stronger than this. I would have taken myself out long ago. If it wasn’t for my heart holding onto a man. That I didn’t know if he was okay or not. Bryce followed me out into the hallway. Where Draco was waiting in a tux for me. If the man wasn’t such a son of a bitch. I would be flattered to be on his arm. Bryce followed closely behind us as we made our way down to the dining room.

Draco sat at the head of the table and I was placed to his right. Bryce stood behind me in the corner of the room. The rest of the table was set with all men. I was the only woman in the room. Nothing but a bunch of disgusting eyes fixed on me. If I could read their thoughts. I would probably be sick to my stomach. Nothing but illegal business was discussed. I did my best to keep a smile on my face and eat my dinner. As soon as dinner was over. I would follow Draco into the sitting room while the men had their drinks. Draco would excuse me and Bryce would take me to Draco’s room. That’s how these nights mostly worked.

Dinner lasted longer than normal and I was becoming tired. I kept noticing Bryce was looking at his watch a lot. When he caught my eyes. He would roll his letting me know just how boring this all was. He helped me to keep smiling. When Draco stood up. I stood with him and we all made our way into the sitting room. That when the lights went out and Bryce took my hands and had me out of the room. Only he took me into the back of the house and out a back door. “Bryce, where the hell are we going?” There is a safe room in the house that Bryce is supposed to take me to. If anything happens, but Bryce took me outside of the house. He wasn’t answering me as he picked me up and started to run. That’s when I heard the explosion. I turned in time to see the whole house blow up. The force was strong enough to knock Bryce and me to the ground.

Bryce was at my side checking to see if I was okay. “Bryce, what the hell just happened?” He looked at me and picked me up again. He just started running. “Bryce, damn it answer me.” He sat me down and started to catch his breath. He pulled his cell phone out and started to make a call.

“We’re safe, I got her out.” I just kept my eyes on him. Thinking he was probably talking with Draco. “I will meet you on the west side. Yes, sir, I promise she is okay.” He hung up his phone. “Come on we have to move.” I slapped at his hand.

“What is going on?” You crossed my arms. “I’m going nowhere until you tell me what the fuck is happening?” He smiled at me.

“Ryder.” My mouth almost fell to the ground.

“How the hell do you know about Ryder?”

“Ryder is my boss, not Draco.”

“Wait was this Ryder? Did he blow up the house?” Bryce nodded at me. I couldn’t help the smile that played on my face.

“And now Draco has been killed. Come on let’s get the fuck out of here.” I took my heels off and took Bryce’s hand.

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