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Wedding day...

I stood in the mirror. Just looking at myself. My dress had to be let out some for my little bump, but it wasn’t too noticeable. Ryder and I had our first doctor’s appointment this month and everything was going good and my baby was healthy. Today is June 23 and I’m going to be Ryder’s wife and queen today. I have met so many people over the last few days. That I can’t seem to remember all the names. It is been a little overwhelming. Of course, everyone has been very nice. Especially the family and mafia from Italy. Ryder has been very close with them and he considers them like his own family.

There have been many women here that I can tell don’t really like me. I think Ryder must have had something going on with them. Or they had wished there was. Honestly, they didn’t bother me. If he wanted them he would have had them, but it was me he chose and that made me stand tall with my head held high.

For some reason, I had an overwhelming feeling of anxiety this morning. Ryder spent the night in a different room and when I woke up alone. I felt like my heart was beating out of my chest. He chucked it up to being nervous because I was getting married today, but even now as I’m getting ready. I still can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong. I called Ryder earlier and told him how I was feeling. He told me security was tight and no one was going to mess this day up without dying. That did make me feel a little better, but the bad feeling didn’t go away.

I didn’t have anyone to give me away. So I Had asked Jason to walk me. Being he was Ryders best friend. I thought Ryder would love that. I decided that I wanted to get married here at the house. There was plenty of room and it made me feel safe. I bent down and picked up the front of my dress. I took one last look at myself in the mirror and smiled. I felt like a princess. A carriage was going to pick me and Jason up in the front of the house and take us out to the gardens where the wedding was being held. Ryder said today was my day to shine. I met Jason on the porch and he looked very handsome in his tux. He was also Ryder’s best man and would take his place when he handed me over to Ryder.

“You look very beautiful,” Jason said as he took my hand. “Ryder is a very lucky man.” Doing my best to keep my tears to myself. I thanked him and climbed into the carriage. The entire property was covered in white flowers. The horses were both white. Everything looked so beautiful. I had told Ryder I wanted lots of pictures. He had hired eight different photographers for today. One who was to stay near me all day long. We rounded a corner and I could see everyone standing as we approached. Ryder was the only one I couldn’t see yet.

I stepped down and then the music started. Jason took my hand and we started down to walk down the aisle. That’s when I saw him looking so handsome. He is a smile on his face. I couldn’t help it as the tears came. Jason handed me over to him and he bent down and kissed me. “You are enchanting.”

“I love you,” I whispered.

“I love you too.”

Two months later...

“I think there are more pregnancy books in this library. Then normal books now.” Lily said.

“I never thought of myself as a mother. I just want to do this right.”

“I wish I was going to be here for the birth.” Lily was going away for college. She would be moving out of the country. She was the only real friend I had here, but she was off to better her life and I couldn’t stand in her way. Now that I’m in my fifth month. I have been having some fun getting things ready for the baby. We had the option of finding out the sex of the baby, but Ryder wants to wait. I have been working on doing everything that is neutral but to me, neutral just seems more of a boy than being for both boy and girl. I think I’m having a boy. My dreams have been filled with Ryder and a son.

Things around here have been pretty quiet. Something that seems to have Ryder on edge. He says the quiet just means something is on its way. His work has been running smoothly and no one has been making any threats. I for one have been enjoying the peace and the time. I see Ryder a lot more now than I normally do. Even though most of the time his mind is lost in thoughts. During the day I have been pre-occupying my own mind while putting the nursery together. Today however I haven’t seen him too much. He left the house early this morning and even though I have been texting him. I still haven’t heard from him.

Jason is here only because he is like a babysitter for me, and Jason keeps assuring me that Ryder is fine. I got an alert on my phone that some packages we at the gate. Ryder hasn’t been letting anyone though. I have been having to drive to the gate to pick up my baby packages, but normally the guards at the gate call us to let us k ow they are there. I stood up and Jason looked at me. “Where are you going?”

“I have packages waiting at the gate for me.”

“Want me to come with you?”

“No, it’s fine. It’s only a couple of little things.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” He smiled at me and I grabbed my keys and drove down the driveway. The closer I got to the gate. I saw that it was open. Maybe the guards were just bringing my packages inside the gates. I parked off to the side and walked closer. I didn’t even see anyone around. I started to get a little nervous. “Hello?” I called out but got nothing. I walked a little closer to the gate and that’s when I saw the guards laying on the ground with blood around them. My scream got caught in my throat. I turned to run back to the car. I could hear Jason yelling at me. I even saw him running towards me. Other men were filling him. I couldn’t make out his words.

That’s when someone grabbed me from behind and I was pulled back hard into something hard. A rag went over my mouth and I started to hear gunshots going off. Black roses bloomed in my eyes and the only thing I could see was Ryder’s face in my head.

Ryders POV,

“How the fuck did this happen!” I screamed out.

“Ryder, I’m sorry. I should have gone with her. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. This is something she is been doing without problems. I honestly don’t even know what the hell happened.”

“My wife, no my pregnant wife has been kidnapped by people we have no idea who they are.”

“They had masks on and did everything right in front of the cameras. Their cars were unmarked. This had to be something planned.”

“Planned or not planned. If something happens to her. I swear I’ll burn this world to the ground.” My mind was running in a million different directions. I couldn’t seem to calm down. I knew something wasn’t right. I knew someone was planning something against us. I did my best to keep the pregnancy quiet. This is to be someone on the inside. Someone close to me. The only problem is I have no idea who took her? It could be several different enemies that I have. I’m hoping whoever took her will contact me. Fuck, I screamed out again. I felt useless and out of control.

“We have something boss.” One of my text men came walking into the office. Jason, myself, and Robby followed him out.

“What am I looking at?”

“We were able to bring the screen up and look who is sitting in the passenger seat.” We all moved closer and looked. If I didn’t know any better I would say that was Draco.

“But we killed him,” Robby said.

“Are you sure that’s him?” Jason asked. My eyes were still glued to the screen.

“There’s no mistake boss, that’s Draco.”

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