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Danica’s POV,

Chains hiring the ground was all I heard. There was something covering my eyes. I couldn’t see a thing. I had no idea how long I had been blacked out. I couldn’t move my arms. All I wanted to do was place my hands on my stomach. I needed to check on my baby. “Hello? Is anyone out there? Please don’t hurt me. I’m pregnant.” I tried to listen, but the only sounds were the sounds of the chains. I felt sick to my stomach and I’m so very tired. “Please.” I said softly as I blacked out once again.

I opened my eyes and now I was laying in a bed. The room I was in is covered in stone walls. I looked around and saw the set of chains coming out of the wall. That’s where I was chained up. The room was small and dimly lit. I was in some sort of basement. That much I could tell. It looked like there was a small bathroom. I had the bed and a dresser. I was completely alone. The was a set of steps that lead to a door. A door I’m sure was all locked up. There were a few water bottles sitting on the dresser. I got out of the bed and grab a bottle. Right before I began to drink. I got worried that maybe it could be drugged. I sat it back down and walked back to the bed. I took a seat and started to rub my belly. I felt my baby move and I started to calm down just a little.

I heard the door open and close real fast. I peeked up and saw a large tray sitting on the steps. I was starving so I walked up and grabbed the tray. I sat it on the dresser. There were two small bottles of juice. A glass of milk. Two more water bottles. I lifted the lid and found crackers. A bowl of what looked like soup. An orange and an apple. A cupcake and a note. I picked up the note and started to read it.

I can assure you the food and drink are safe. Please eat and keep your strength up. For you and the baby.

I read it over a few times. I knew I was hungry and thirsty. I decided to eat a little and see if it made me feel funny or not. I mean what other choice did I have. I had to feed my baby. I tried the soup first. It was some sort of cabbage and carrot soup. It was delicious, I only took a few bits and then I waited. I didn’t feel funny so I ate all of the soup and crackers. I drank the milk and one of the juices. I sat the rest on my dresser and placed the tray back where I found it.

I had no idea where I was or who even took me. I could barely remember what had happened. I knew Ryder was probably losing his mind right now. I knew that whoever took me would eventually show themselves to me. I had to behave and not fight. I had to do whatever I could to protect my baby. That was what was important.

I’m not sure just how much time has passed. I try to keep track by how many times the trays come. I get breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So I use that to determine the days. I’m up to five days. Today however I received a fourth tray. Only this one had books on it. I was grateful for something to do. I had at least five different books to read and strangely enough. They were the types of books I liked to read. I had gone to bed and when I woke up in the morning there was an older boxed tv and a DVD player. With a few movies. Movies I liked and that made me a little happier. I felt like I was being rewarded for my good behavior. Whoever took me knows the types of things I like. All of it had me confused.

I was eating an apple and eating a movie. When the door opens and a woman, I had never seen before made her way down the steps. I got nervous and moved the far wall from her. “You have nothing to fear from me. I’m only here to check on your baby. I’m a doctor.”

“Who do you work for?” I asked her softly.

“I can’t answer any of your questions. I can only talk to you about your baby. If we talk about anything else. I will be killed.” My mouth fell open, but I understood and didn’t push anything else. She came with a tray of tools. She took some blood and we listened to my baby’s strong heartbeat. She asked me a few questions and then she left. She was kind and I was sad to see her go. I needed answers but none were coming. At least I wasn’t being hurt and abused. I guess if I was stuck. I would rather be left alone.

Two more days had passed. Every morning when I woke up. I found new baby things in my room. A crib and changing table. Clothes and diapers. I tried to keep my spirits up by putting everything together. The only hope I held onto was believing that because I was receiving these items meant they were going to hurt or take my baby from me. I still waited for the person who put me here to finally come and talk to me.

It’s been almost a full month. The only person I see is the doctor. I see her at least once a week. My belly is getting so big and moving around is becoming harder. I keep myself together most days, but I cry myself to sleep every night. My pain was mostly because Ryder was missing everything. My heart hurt and all I wanted was his arms. I also missed the outside. I had no windows down here and no idea of day or night. I had found some lipstick in the bathroom and decided to write a note.

Please allow me some outside time. I have been good and would love to see the sky.

I placed it on the tray and prayed I didn’t upset whoever was behind this. The next day the doctor came early. “I’m here to take you outside for a while. The smile on my face wouldn’t go away as I went to her side and followed her up the steps. As soon as we were at the top. She stopped and turned to look at me. “You have to put the blindfold on.” I nodded at her and she placed it on me and took my hand. We walked for a while. I could hear some soft voices and some music going. Then I felt the sun and could smell the outside. She sat me down and removed the blindfold. The place was surrounded in woods. Even if I had tried to run. It would do me no good. My eyes took a while to adjust. I laid back in the chair and closed my eyes while I soaked up some sun. “If you keep behaving I can bring you outside more.”

“Thank you,” I said. She asked me some questions concerning my baby, and then she pretty much stayed quiet. All I wanted to do was talk. “I want to thank you for being nice to me.”

“I have no reason not to be, but you are welcome.”

“You are aware of what’s happening, right?” I heard her sigh.

“I’m sorry Danica but I can’t talk about it.”

“That’s okay, I don’t want to cause you any trouble.”

“Thank you.” We stayed out for about an hour and then she took me back down to my room. Nothing was familiar to me. I didn’t know any of the voices, but I did know they were all men. I just wish I knew who did this and what their plan was. When I woke in the middle of the night. I knew right away that I wasn’t alone. I sat up and the only light I had on was coming from the tv. I could see the outline of someone sitting on the bottom step. I stayed quiet waiting for this person to talk. He or she wasn’t saying a word. I guess I had to be the one to break the silence.

“Hello?” Still nothing. “Who are you?” And nothing still. I just sat there and stayed quiet.

“You are still mine. I don’t care who’s baby your carrying. You will always be mine.” My heart started to beat like mad. There was no way this was who I thought it was. He was dead, right? How was this happening?

“Draco?” I asked with a shaky voice. He stood up and turned the light on.

“Yeah Danica, it’s me. You never get away for long. Why do you insist on running from me?”

“I... I.”

“I see you’re speechless. Let me help you out. This is now your new home for the rest of your life. No way to get away and if you run. You will be found in the woods. We are smacked dead in the middle of nowhere. There is over a hundred miles worth of woods around us. You’ll never make it far. You will raise that baby here and when it’s old enough. I will take the child and raise it as my own.” The fear ran cold through out my body.

“Why do you hate me so much?” Draco started to laugh.

“I don’t hate you. I love you and once I kill Ryder. You will have no choice but to stay with me and be mine.” Tears fell down my face.

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