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“So here are your choices babe. I can let you live down here for the rest of your life. I’ll kill Ryder and your child. Two, I let your child live but you have to marry me and love me for the rest of our lives. Or three, I kill you your baby, and Ryder. I think you’ll choose the right thing, but just to show you I’m not a bad man. I’ll give you a few days to decide. Danica, you have and always will belong to me. Even where your family passed you over to me all those years ago. You have always been mine.” I watched him stand up and walk out of my prison.

What choice did I have? My child was the most important thing in this world to me. I must have laid there in that one spot for two days. On the third day, I had moved myself long enough to take a shower. As I came out of the bathroom. Draco was sitting on the bed waiting for me. “God, your beautiful.” He said with an ugly smirk across his face. “Have you made a decision?” I took a deep breath.

“I have, but I have only one request.”

“Okay, why is it?”

“I’ll marry you and I’ll even be a good little wife and mother. I won’t fight or even try to get away from you. I won’t deny you either.” His eyes lit up when that came out of my mouth. “But, you let Ryder live.” I watched as you could tell he was thinking about my words.

“Deal.” He started to move towards me.

“Wait,” I said and pushed my hand out towards him. He stopped right in front of me. “I want proof that he is still alive every month.” He eyed me for a moment.

“Deal.” And with those words. He pulled me into him and my towel fell to the ground.

Ryder’s POV,

“Boss, this envelope arrived for you.” Jason sat the large envelope down in front of me. I looked up at him and he walked out of the room. I opened the envelope and dropped its contents on my desk. There were photos and a letter. I picked up the pictures and one was of Danica in a wedding dress and she was standing next to Draco. She even had a smile on her face. The next three pictures were of a new baby. My heart fell onto the floor. My child, the pictures were of my fucking child. With shaky hands, I picked up the letter.

Good day to you Mr. Dankworth,

As you can see Danica has decided to be a good girl. Your child is now safe and so is your life. At least for the time being. As long as you stay away your child and Danica will live. If you try to interfere in any way shape or form. I will shoot both your child and Danica and send them to you in a box. Forget about them and they will live a long and healthy life. Danica knows her own rules and she will do good to accept them. As she has already done so. Understand this, there will be no second chances. You try anything and I will kill them no questions asked. You never should have interfered with what was mine.

Have a good life, Ryder...

My head almost exploded. I fell back into my chair feeling completely defeated. All I could do was stare at the photo of my child in my woman’s arms. I had no idea if I had a son or a daughter. None of that information was given to me. No matter how tough or feared I was. This was what broke me. I had no choice but to leave it alone. The life of my love and my child hung in the wind. Jason walked back in and he looked at the things on my desk. I held the one picture of Danica and my child in my arms. “It’s over,” I said as Jason was reading the letter. All he did was look at me.


“I have to let them go. Their lives are more important. I don’t even know where they are. I’ve lost, he is too good Jason. This is where I give up.” Jason normally would jump in a tell me I was crazy, but this time all he did was stay quiet. I mean what could he actually say to me? It wasn’t just about myself or Danica. I could never risk the life of my child and I think Jason knew this.

One year later...

“Boss, Jeremy is here.” I stood up grabbed my gun and followed Jason out of my office. We made our way down to the basement of the hideout. Jeremy was nothing more than a lowlife druggy who owed me money. I walked up and shoot the poor bastard between the eyes. Over the last year, something inside me snapped. I have now become the most wanted and more feared man in America. Nothing stood in my way. No one crossed me. I was leaving blood everywhere I went, and I didn’t give a fuck about anyone or anything. I was dark and lost. Life meant nothing.

I sold my home and moved around constantly. I made sure that everyone knew who the fuck I was. I just didn’t care anymore. Life was dark and I only went on knowing my family was safe. Knowing that even though I didn’t go out of my way to get my family back. That if I happened to cross paths one day with Draco that I wouldn’t think twice. I will kill him before he even knew I was there. That thought alone pushed me to live each day. I have only been informed once in the whole year that they were still alive. I was sent a picture. Just a single photo to show me they were alive still.

“Come on baby, you can touch me any way you please.”

“Shut the fuck up bitch and just keep sucking,” I said as I pushed my gun barrel into this whores head. With a grown, I came on her face and sent her away.

“I see she wasn’t good enough either.” I heard Jason’s voice and I didn’t even look over at him.

“Since when is my sex life any of your concern?”

“What sex life Ryder? All you do is let these bitches suck on your dick and then you send them away.” I pulled my gun out and pointed it at him. “You’re lucky your my best friend Ryder, or we would have gone at it a long time ago. Get your gun out of my face.” I licked my bottom lip and then bit down on it as I lowered my gun.

“Why don’t you get out of my face. If I want to fuck them I would. You can stop worrying about what I do.”

“You gave up remember? Your a free man to do as you please. Find someone who can give you some relief. Even if you can’t love her at least try to find some peace.”

“Jason get the fuck out of here and give me some peace.” I heard the door close behind me. I looked over my shoulder and I was alone. Just the way I liked it. Jason was the only person in this hateful world that I trusted. The only one allowed to talk to me the way he does. I have many trusted members who would walk through fire for me, and even though they are well taken care of. I trust no one. Everyone is a threat to me. My eyes and ears never close. I live in abandoned buildings and move on after only six months. I make millions of dollars and run all the drugs and guns in this country. No one can stop me or find me. I’m too smart for that. My focus has been sharp and I never lose it.

“We have a man by the name of Louis Defranco. He is not from America and is trying to move in on the gun scene. I think it’s time we pay him a visit.” Jason explained to me.

“Perfect I need a good kill.” He nodded his head at me and we got everyone on board and headed out to teach this guy and anyone in my way a lesson. The job was pretty simple. The man didn’t seem to care what turf he was on and was easily found. It took all of ten minutes to have everything secured and now in my control.

“You’re like a fucking ghost,” Louis said as my gun was pointed at his dick.

“I hear you like to sell woman. Is this true?”

“You think guns and drugs bring in the most money? You’re out of your mind. Women belong to us for all the best pleasures of the world. You should try it sometime. I mean since your wife is fucking another man.” I watched as red covered my eyes and Jason shook his head. I move closer to This man and with all the strength I had. In one swift move. I ripped his throat out and shot him in the dick.

“Fuck.” I heard Jason say.

“Tear this house apart and after we have everything. Burn it to the ground. I walked outside into the cool air and finally took a deep breath. I lit a smoke and waited while my men went through this house. It had only been about twenty minutes when Jason came out to me.

“I need you to check this out.” I flicked my smoke and followed him back inside the house. He went into a large bedroom and the closet door was open. Jason stood next to the door. I looked inside and that when I saw her. Inside was a woman chained to the wall. She was badly beaten and in nothing more than a pair of panties. Her blond curls were a mess around her beaten face. I went inside and when I touched her. She cried out.

“Shhhh angel I’m not here to hurt you. I’m here to save you.” Tears fell down her face, but she didn’t cry out. “Get these chains off her!” I yelled out. I got up and grabbed a blanket off the bed and when my men got her lose. I wrapped the blanket around her and carried her out of the house.

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