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Danica’s POV,

“No, you killed him.” Draco showed me a picture of Ryder in his car slumped over. There was blood everywhere.

“I promise you, sweetheart. He will live.”

“You dirty son of a bitch.” Draco reached down and grabbed my chin.

“You behave yourself or your son is next.”

“Fuck you, where is my son. How do I know you haven’t hurt him already?”

“Danica Danica, when are you going to learn? Just give me what I want and you can live happily.” I turned my head away from him.

“Let me out of these chains.”

“Are you going to behave?”

“Am I going to see my son?”

“I would never keep him from you.” I took a deep breath. That’s why I haven’t seen him in a month. I said to myself. I had to get my head straight. I had no idea if Ryder was okay or not, but I had to keep my son safe.

“I will behave.” The minute the words left my mouth. Draco unchained me.

“Go to our room and clean yourself up. I have some very important people to meet with tonight. I need you looking good.” I rolled my eyes to myself and started to leave the room. “Are you forgetting something?” I sighed and walked back over to him. He grabbed me by the neck and brought me to his lips.

Of course when I stepped out of the shower. A long black dress waited for me on the bed. I needed to figure something out. I have been here far too long and know that I know Ryder is hurt. I feel like I’m on my own. I need to get myself and my son out of this mess. I can’t let Draco raise my child. The bedroom door opens and Nicolas came running in. “Mama!” He squealed. I went to my knees and he ran into my arms. Draco nodded his head at me and left the room.

“How have you been buddy?” He just smiled at me and I kissed him all over his face. I sat on the bedroom floor and played with my son for a while. I looked at the clock and knew I needed to get ready. Nicolas followed me all around as I got ready for this wonderful evening. I realized when I stepped out of the room that no one was waiting for me. I wondered what my new bodyguards would look like, but no one was in the hall. I held onto Nicolas as I started to walk.

“Danica.” I heard Draco’s voice behind me. I stopped and turned around. Draco was standing with some woman that he had his arm around. This was new, and I wondered what this meant.


“This is my friend Violet. She is going to watch Nicolas for us.” I crossed my arms. “Behave yourself, Danica.” He snapped before I could even say a word. Draco let go of the woman and walked to me. He took my arm. “You have nothing to worry about my love. She is just a friend. You’re the one I love.” All I could hear inside my head was the soundtrack to the Twilight zone. I think he thinks that I am jealous. Honestly please have all the women you want and leave me be. I said to myself. Draco kept me close to his side. While he entertained a group of disgusting men. Only a few had asked Draco if I was for sale.

Of course, it pissed Draco off, but he maintained his cool. He had just smiled and let them know that I belonged to him. I hated everything in my life. I swear if it wasn’t for my son and my hope in Ryder. I would have taken myself out a long time ago. If I was stronger, I would pull Draco’s gun out and kill every one of these sick sons of bitches, but I’m only one person. I would be killed after the first shot. I was sitting in the kitchen when the last man finally left the house. I was picking at a vegetable tray. I heard him and I looked up to see Draco standing in the kitchen doorway. “Are you ready to go upstairs?”

“I’d like to kiss my son good night.” Draco nodded at me and we headed up the stairs.

“I’m not such a bad guy Danica. I raised you well and took care of you. Why don’t you love me.”

“Can I speak freely without you beating me?” I watched Draco lick his teeth. I knew right then and there. I needed to keep myself quiet. I just turned and kept walking. Draco went to the bedroom. I stopped and opened my son’s door. Violet was sitting in a chair. She turned and looked at me as I walked over to my son. I pulled his blankets up over him and kissed his head. “I promise you we will get out of here and find your real daddy,” I whispered into his little ear. I took a deep breath and headed to the bedroom.

Draco was in the bathroom. I started to slip out of my dress. “Danica, come join me.” I sighed. I walked into the bathroom and Draco was already in the shower. He has never taken me in the shower. I got naked and walked inside. Draco looked at me up and down. “You are so beautiful.” He said. He washed me and sent me out. “You know what to do.” I nodded my head. I stopped in front of the mirror. I pulled the deep red lipstick out and put it on. I brushed out my hair and took one more look at myself. I walked out to the bedroom and dropped my towel to the ground. I laid on the bed and just waited.

“The next morning I woke up from the sound of the tv going. Draco was sitting at the edge of the bed. The news was going.

Good morning everyone and welcome to the eight o clock news. We have some very disturbing news to report this morning. Millionaire and possible gang leader Ryder Dankworth. Has been found dead in his car on the side of the road this morning. He was apparently the victim of a drive-by shooting. The police have no leads. If anyone has any information regarding this matter. Please get in touch with the police department. We go live now to the scene of the crime with our reporter Miss Joanna Hensley.

Thank you, as you can see behind me. Mr. Dankworth’s car is now being towed off the grounds. There must be over one hundred different bullet holes. No one knows just how long Mr. Dankworth has been out here in his car, but the hospital has just confirmed his passing.

My mouth fell open and the tears started to fall. Draco turned and looked at me. “You promised me. You promised he would stay alive.”

“This is your fault.” My eyes widened and I jumped at him. My hands went for his throat and of course, he overpowered me. All I could do was cry. “You listen here you bitch. You better think clearly. Because you still have a son and I won’t even hesitate. I don’t give a fuck about anyone in this world but you, and you will stay mine at any cost. So you have two choices here. Behave and be happy or act out and cost your child’s life and I can just leave you chained here in this room until the day I die.”

“I hate you. Why? Why did he have to die? You have me. He can’t find me.” I closed my eyes and just gave in. I didn’t have any fight in me. My heart was shattered and I just didn’t care anymore. I couldn’t believe Ryder was gone. Draco moved off of me and I took off running out of the room. I stopped in front of my son’s room. I opened the door and that woman was still there. “Get the fuck out of here!” I hollered out at her. Draco was right behind me and he nodded at her. She left the room and I turned and slammed the door in Draco’s face. I went over to my son and picked him up. I held him close to me and just cried. Nicolas was the closest thing I had to Ryder. “I love you,” I whispered in his ear. I’m going to get us out of here even if it kills me. I said to myself.

Over the next couple of days. I didn’t leave Nicolas’s room. Lucky for me, Draco left me alone. Food was brought to the room, but my son and I never left. He was the only thing keeping me going. For hours I would stare outside the window. Freedom was just beyond the glass and bars. All I needed was a good plan to get out. I just couldn’t come up with one. At least not yet. I also had no idea how much longer Draco was going to put up with me staying in this room. No matter what I will stay in here with my son until I’m forced out of this room.

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