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Ryder was to fast for me. He caught me right at our bedroom door. “Cheater, your legs are longer than mine.” Ryder picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him.

“Never Challenge me angel. You won’t win.” He hissed into my ear and I knew I was done for. He took me into our bedroom and slammed the door behind him. My back fell to the bed and Ryder wasted no time. He pulled my heels off and then my pants hit the floor. I giggled at first because he was tickled my me as he removed my panties. “ ticklish angel?” I nodded at him while I bit my lip. I sat up just a little and removed my blouse. I left my bra on just the way he likes it.

“Go to your knees angel.” I bit my lip and went to the ground. Ryder walked over and took a seat in the chair next to the window. “Now crawl your sexy ass to me.” Ryder was in a dominant mood and I was all to happy to submit to his needs. I crawled to his lap and stayed on my knees. I placed my hands on my legs and waited for his next order. He reached out and ran his fingers across my lips. “Your beautiful angel.” I nodded at him. “Do you want to please me?”

“Yes sir.” His eyes became dark and full of lust.

“Then please me.” I went to my knees and started to undo his pants. I knew he wanted me to take him in my mouth. As I removed his pants. I could feel his fingers in my hair as I wet my lips. I took a hold of him and licked his tip. I heard him take air into his lungs and I smiled. Soon I had him full on in my mouth and he was now guiding my head. The moans and words coming from his mouth. Turned me on more and more. “Enough angel, I want to be inside of you.” He stood up and picked me up into his arms. I wrapped my legs around his hips. He laid me back on the bed. I laid there and watched him get naked. God damn my man is hot.

With one hand he flipped me over and took a hold of both my hands behind my back. His tongue move up the back of my leg. Then hit gently bit my ass cheek. I moaned into my pillow. He let go of my hands and I reached out and gripped the sheet. His mouth dived between my legs and I pushed myself deeper into his face. “So eager.” He hissed out.

“Ryder, don’t tease me.” Thats when he slipped two fingers inside of me. My body reacted by slowly riding his fingers.

“Fuck...” He hissed out in a deep growl. His fingers disappear and he smacked my ass as he entered me with force. He grabbed My hair tightly so I couldn’t move. When all I wanted was to ride him. His face came close to mine and he licked the side of my face while still deep inside of me. My hunger for him was wild. He let go of my hair and I moved my body closer to him. He gripped my ass while driving himself in and out of me. The sounds coming out of him were driving me crazy. He pulled out of me and told me to turn over. He came close to me on his knees and pulled me into him. Chest to chest I rode him with everything I had.

Hours of this and we were both still going at it. The man was a beast and I was not complaining. Something about Ryder he changed after I had been gone. It was almost like he was claiming me every time we were together. Like he needed to justify something to himself. We had talked about it but he never admitted it. He would always just tell me that he loved me. I almost think it’s his way of saying sorry. When there is no reasons to apologize to me anymore. I belonged to him. Even when I was gone. I have always been his. If anyone needed to apologize I always thought I was me.

The next morning. I woke up feeling tired and overly worked up. I rolled over and Ryder was still sleep. The sheet was barely covering up his perfect body. I moved closer to him and started to trace his tattoos with my finger tips. He is all mine. I moved my lips to his chest and started to kiss him softly. I could hear his breathing increase. I knew I was waking him up, but he didn’t move. I continued to kiss him and still trace his body art with my fingers. He quickly moved and the next thing I knew I was on top of him. “Feel what you do to me.” He said and I reached between my legs to touch him. Fully hard and ready for more. I grabbed his hand and placed it between my legs.

“Feel what you do to me.” I whispered out. Ryders fingers slipped between my folds. He teased my clit and then pulled away. I watched him bring his fingers to his mouth and close his eyes as he taste me. He slipped himself inside of me and I gripped his chest as I started to ride him slowly. He reached out and gripped my hips. Soon it was Ryder who held me down and was pumping in and out of me. I called out his name as I exploded all around him. I laid against his chest and still he held on to me. Ryder’s breathing was deep and I knew he was close. He flipped me over and entered me from behind. His hands moved forward and went around my neck. He growled out and his body started to shiver. I got up and headed for the shower. Ryder laid in our bed naked and smiling.

“Why are you smiling?” I said as I started the shower.

“Because I love your ass.” I smiled and shook my head.

“I love you too.” I stepped into the hot shower and as the water was running down my body. I heard Ryder come into the bathroom. I turned as he opened the shower door. He stepped in and I knew if I didn’t stand my ground. We would be all over each other once again. Not that I didn’t want him, but I was tired and needed to check on my kids. He reached out for me and I took a step back. He looked at me. “Down boy, we have kids to check on and you have work to do.” He nodded his head at me and stepped in front of me. I stood back and watched the water fall down the front of him. I felt like a horny teenager. My man was so sexy and I knew he knew he could temp me just as much as I could temp him.

I took a step towards him and he opened an eye at me. “What you doing angel?” He asked.

“Nothing just looking at my sexy husband.”

“Get out of the shower Danica. Our kids are waiting for us.” I bit my lip some and took a deep breath. I had two choices. I get out now or I move closer to him. I know how my man works. If I move forward the only place I’ll be headed is back to my bed. I just shook my head, turned and left the shower. I’m pretty sure his men need him and no one is allowed to interrupt him when he is with me. Unless it’s life or death. I pulled my hair into a braid and left the room before Ryder was even dressed. I found Robby and Owen in the playroom with the kids. I loved how my kids were loved by almost everyone in the house. But Robby and Owen meant the world to me. They were both my best friends. I was grateful for Jason as well, but he just married his wife Brianna and they were trying for a baby of their own.

Brianna and I got a long well and it was nice to have girl time, but Robby and Owen were my go to for everything. At first Ryder was jealous of my feelings for them, but he finally relaxed once he knew he was the only man I would let touch me in anyway. The first year or more once I was back home. I had a hard time allowing anyone to touch me. Even a simple hand on my shoulders made my body crawl. Ryder was the only one who could be near me without me losing it. I’m much better now, but it was tough there for a while. Plus Anna had all these men eating out of her hands. “Mama!” I heard both my baby’s yell out and I was almost knocked over when they ran into my arms. Seven and five, I still couldn’t believe how fast the time he gone.

“Nicolas, you need to get out of your pajamas son. Your started some training today with the men.” I looked as Nicolas eyes lit up and Ryder just smiled. I sighed to myself knowing this day was coming. I really didn’t want my kids to grow up in this environment, but I chose to marry and have kids with the largest gang in the USA. I couldn’t argue with my son learning how to be a leader and learning how to take care of himself. Nicolas flew by us to get dress. Ryder moved behind me and smacked my ass as he kissed my cheek. All I could do was smile.

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