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I paced the side of my father’s hospital bed. It was dark outside and the only sound was the soft beeping of his heart monitor. The whole day was nothing but a blur to me. I haven’t left his side and even the hospital couldn’t get me to leave. My father is in a coma. He took three bullets to his back and one to his head. Even though he was still alive. The doctors feared he wouldn’t be the same if he came out of the coma, but I knew my father and I knew he was strong. My mother on the other hand wasn’t so lucky. When the doctors said she was gone before she got to the hospital was when I went inside myself. I couldn’t deal with that.

Robby also didn’t make it and my sister was gone. I’m lost as in I don’t know what the hell happened. Once we arrived here at the hospital. Owen left with the men to go back to the house and try to figure out what had gone down. Jason had left hours ago, but not before informing me that with my father down. I was now in charge. I have been being trained for this day since I was twelve, and I never felt more lost than I do now.

“Nicolas, we need to plan your mother’s funeral.” I heard Jason say behind me as I stood looking out the hospital window. It’s been three days since the attack. I still haven’t left my father’s side. Jason also hasn’t given me any updates on what had gone down. I wasn’t really interested at the moment. All I cared about was my father waking up. The only way things were going to get better would be with my father. “Nicolas, I know you’re having a hard time, but we need you son.”

“I’m not your son.” I hissed out. Jason just sighed. Jason walked up to me and placed his hand on my shoulder.

“You’re not the only one who is lost. We need you to come home. Your mother needs to be laid to rest and you need to know what’s going on.” I turned and looked at my father. Nothing had changed the doctors said he was stable, but he was still the same.

“What happened Jason? Who fucking did this and why?”

“We know how it went down. We just don’t know who and why.”

“Tell me what went down?”

“Someone on the outside was able to break into the system and cut all security off long enough to get inside without being seen. We think they took Robby out first. He was in the only room on the first floor. Then we believe they got to your parents first and ambushed them in their sleep. They never seen it coming. In the meantime someone took Anna.”

“So my sister is dead too?”

“We don’t know that Nicolas. Has of right now she is only missing.”

“But why would anyone want to take Anna? This all makes no sense. We haven’t had any threats in years. What would they get by taking her? None of this makes sense.” Jason seemed to be on edge. “Is there something your not telling me?”

“We have a theory, but that’s all it is at the moment. Nicolas, there are things you don’t know and need to be filled in.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I think you should come home and shower maybe eat something and then we can sit down and talk.”

“I can’t leave. What if he wakes up and he is alone.” Jason sighed and looked over at Ryder.

“I don’t think he is going to wake up any time soon. They will call if anything changes. Please come home.” I finally agreed only because I needed to know what the hell Jason was talking about. We got back to the house and I was having a hard time walking back in. The police had to be involved once we called nine one one, but we had the police in our back pocket so it wasn’t a problem. The house I grew up in was now completely different and as soon as the mess was fixed. I would sell it and move. I already felt like my skin was crawling just being inside. I showered and met Jason in my father’s office. Jason offered me my father’s chair, but I took a seat on the couch instead. Owen joined us and took a seat on the couch next to me.

“I know you know about the man that took your grandparents from you and did horrible things to your mother and father.” I nodded my head. When I was sixteen my father told me the story about a man named Draco and what he and my mother had gone through. I know that my mother killed this man, and things went amazing for the two of them for the last sixteen years.

“Draco was his name right?” Jason nodded his head at me.

“But there is something you don’t know. Something your parents were waiting to tell you and your sister.” Jason stopped talking for a moment. I looked at him and Owen.

“What is it?” Jason got up and moved around the room.

“Anna wasn’t your father’s daughter.” A smile came to my face as I looked at Owens and Jason’s faces. Only they weren’t smiling with me.

“You’re not kidding are you?” Jason shook his head.

“What the fuck are you talking about. Of course, she belongs to my dad!” I stood up and yelled out.

“Your right Nicolas, Anna did belong to your father and he loves her with all his heart, but biologically she wasn’t his daughter.” I took my seat again as Jason went into the whole story. When he was done I was sick to my stomach. I knew what the story was with Draco and my mother, but I was never told the dark stuff. Jason laid it all on the table.

“What are you thinking? Do you think this was Draco?”

“No, your mother took him out. I promise you that man is dead. But that still doesn’t mean that all of this has nothing to do with that. Draco had loyal men and we didn’t take out all of them. We wiped most of his gang out and since there have been no problems. We never went after the ones that got away. The only thing though was we were sure the main men were gone. We don’t know for sure if this has anything to do with it, but something just is not right and she is missing. No one knew she didn’t belong to Ryder. Except us and...”

“The rest of these men that belonged to Draco,” I said cutting Jason off. Both he and Owen nodded their heads at me. “So how do we find these men? How do we pinpoint if this has anything to do with this?”

Six months later...

Word in the streets has been loud and as far as anyone is concerned. We have retreated and haven’t been heard from for months. I have now taken over the family. We have gone into hiding. It’s for the best right now. My people need to be protected. My family home does not exist as I have torn the house down. My father’s condition hasn’t changed except for the fact that he is home with us. He has twenty-four-hour care under my roof. We moved him when the doctors said it was time to remove the life support. Because he wasn’t making any changes. I didn’t agree so we moved him.

We are all on the same page that Draco’s men are behind this. We don’t know why or where they are just yet, but there has been no word or anyone trying to reach out. I believe my sister is still alive. I will go to the ends of the world to bring her home safely. My only issue is not knowing why they wanted her. No one has tried to reach out to us for anything. This is why we know she is still alive and the reason why we were attacked. Only god knows what they are doing to her. I have my men working day and night trying to find them any way that we can.

My mother’s funeral was done in silence. We only had close members there and I didn’t want the word out that she was gone. I don’t know how to deal with my grief. The only thing that helps me to stay any kind of sane is alcohol and women. Not that it actually works, but I drink at night and I’m rough with the women who share my bed temporarily. Everything is always temporary. The pain always comes back. I sit with my father every day and talk with him about what’s going on. I have never blamed him for what has happened. I only wish for him to come back and help us find Anna. The only thing I don’t bring up is mom. I don’t know what that will do to him. All I know is I need him.

My father has always been a very strong man. I know most of the men here think I’m crazy keeping him going, but I just can’t let him go yet. I feel in my heart that he will pull out of this and I have to keep thinking that for my own sanity. The one thing the doctors say is that he still has brain waves. That’s my hope to hold on to.

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