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“Nicolas?” Jason and Brianna’s daughter came running into my arms. I haven’t seen Aurora in over three years. The brat of a daughter that I remember wasn’t this girl in my arms. Aurora was born when I was two. She was now seventeen years old and had completely changed. Aurora was sent off to school three years ago out of the country. The girl I remember was a brat just like my sister. Anna was only one year older than Aurora, but you would have thought they were sisters the way they acted and picked on me. The girl in my arms was older and looked like she was eighteen or older. “I’m so sorry Nicolas. I’m sorry about your mother. I loved her so.”

“I know, she loved you too.”

“Is there anything I can do?”

“Just being here is good. Thank you for coming back.” Aurora smiled at me.

“I didn’t really have a choice, Nicolas. We are all on lockdown and my dad made me come home.”

“It’s safer for you to be here.”

“I understand, I just want to help if I can.” I never realized just how beautiful Aurora was. I mean she was always that brat little girl with long blond messy curls and bright brown eyes that were hidden behind a large set of glasses. She has a cluster of freckles on her nose and down her chest and perky pink lips, but the girl in front of me was a completely different story. She had pink streaks mixed in with her blond hair. Her skin was sun-kissed and her freckles were hidden under the soft touch of makeup she had on. Her curls were under control and going down her back. Her breast must have come in while she was gone. She was beautiful and sexy all rolled into one.

I needed to cut it out. She was like family almost. Not to mention she is only seventeen and I’m nineteen. Jason would have my balls. “When did you arrive?”

“Just about thirty minutes ago.”

“Why don’t you go get settled and I’ll see you later.” She nodded and then she reached over and kissed my cheek. I took in a deep breath and watched her walk off. It was going to be nice having her around. She wasn’t my sister, but she was going to make me feel just a little better.

The longer the time has gone by and the angrier I seem to become. My father is still in a coma and my sister is still missing without a word. The revenge has started to consume my heart. ”Nicolas?” I looked to the door and Ethan, the closest thing to a best friend I had. Came walking into the room. Ethan is the son of one of my father’s leaders out of New York. He is my age and we have always gotten along. “I’m here man, anything I can do just let me know.” I went back to looking out the window.

“Any news from New York?”

“Nothing man.” I just shook my head. We have members all across the country and no one has heard or found a damn thing. It’s like she has disappeared off the face of the earth. “You know my father thinks they came just for her. Hitting your parents was just a bonus for them.” I agree with him. It’s been months and we have heard nothing. I don’t believe Anna was a hostage. I believe they came just for her and I knew this had something to do with Draco’s men, but they are like ghost. Even the top men in the criminal world have come up with nothing. “How’s your father doing?”

“The same, nothing has changed.”

“Is he still on life support?” I nodded my head at Ethan. “My father will be here Monday. Jason has called him in.”

“Who is running New York?”

“We have men, don’t worry about that. My father would like to see Ryder.”

“Make sure he is not coming to talk me into letting my father go.” Ethan got quiet. “Don’t piss me off Ethan, you had better let him know it’s not an option.”

“Man, we’re all here for you.” I turned and knocked everything off the desk.

“You heard what the fuck I said,” I yelled out. Ethan put his hands up.

“Your right Nicolas. Calm down man” I just watched him. My anger is new and I don’t have any control over what I do. Regardless of Jason’s actions. I’m the one in charge here and everyone will do good to remember that. My fuse is short and I just don’t give a fuck. I know everyone is loyal and just trying to help. “Let’s go get something to eat. I’m starving.”

“You go, I’m not hungry. I’m going to the gym.” Working out seems to calm me and I have been doing it a lot. I also train in the ring three times a week. I will become a tank and unstoppable. Ink is something else that calms me. My body is about sixty percent covered in tattoos. You’re too vulnerable when too much skin shows. A rule I have enforced if it’s not a matter of life or death. Then don’t bother me when I’m in the gym. I only allow my trainers in.

“Nicolas baby.” I heard her voice coming into the gym.

“Michelle, what the fuck are you doing here?”

“I came to see you, baby.” She said as she stood in front of me with her lip out.

“You not allowed in here.” I snapped.

“I just thought you could use the relief.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I looked up at her. Michelle is a hot bitch. She has dark features and a huge ass. Something I like, but ever since I let her in my bed. She won’t get off my dick. The girl has become obsessed. It has a way of turning me off. Michelle went to her knees in front of me and tried to pull my dick out. She was fully prepared to put my dick in her mouth. “Back the fuck up. Don’t you have any self-esteem?” Her eyes looked sad at me.

“But I thought...”

“You thought wrong. Take your ass out of here, and if I want something from you. I will call you to me. Do you understand?” She nodded her head at me and ran out of the gym. Fucking bitches, I said to myself and went back to my routine. About two hours had gone by and I needed food. I jumped into the shower and washed off all the sweat. My anxiety was still a little high and I knew what I needed. I headed out of the gym and back upstairs to the kitchen. Ethan was sitting at the counter. “Want to go out tonight?” Ethan looked over at me with hope in his eyes.


“Yeah, a need some new bitches around here.”

“I can do that. Where you want to go?”

“Into town, we can hit some clubs.”

“I’m down man. Give me Half an hour to get ready.” Ethan has always been a good sideman. Women always fall at his feet and he has always been a huge player. I knew he would bring some girls around. Not that I couldn’t do that myself, but he had a talent for it. I needed some new faces. I grabbed a bite to eat and headed to my room to get ready for the night. After a few hours of drinking and partying. Ethan had a girl he was ready to leave with and my selfish ass had two ditsy ass blonds on each one of my arms. We headed to the closest hotel and that was that. I never bring outsiders home.

The next morning bright and early. My phone started to go off. I pushed one of the girls off of me and grabbed my phone. The text told me Ethan was waiting in the lobby for me. I got out of the bed and grabbed my clothes. I snuck out of the room and headed to the lobby. Ethan had a huge smile on his face. I just shook my head and we headed back home.

“Just getting in?” Jason asked as soon as we walked through the door.

“Yeah, and?” I said as I headed to the kitchen for a bottle of water. Jason just shook his head. “What’s the problem?” I asked looking at him.

“Nothing, Ethan’s father is here.”

“Okay, I’ll be back after my shower. Did you show him to his room?” Jason nodded at me.

“He wants to see Ryder.” I sighed and nodded at him.

“I’ll be back.” I met Jason, Ethan, and his father Mr. Dean White back at the office. Dean of course didn’t travel alone. He had his wife, Cordelia, and two of his men with him. Cordelia and my mother didn’t get along too well. Cordelia was just a hoe back in the day and had a bad attitude. She believed that the only reason Dean married her was because of Ethan. They never even acted like they loved each other and my mother believed she was only here for the money.

I agreed to take Dean and Ethan down to see my father but everyone else had to stay behind. Once we got to the cleanroom. The doctors let us in. My father laid in his bed. Still hooked up and looking like he was sleeping. Nothing had changed. I had people taking care of all his needs. Nurses who cleaned him and groomed him. Nurses who exercised him and doctors to keep him going and to keep him as healthy as possible. Dean walked over to him with Jason and the two of them got lost in conversation. Ethan stayed by me. I used to come here and see my father every day, but it gets harder each time. I’m lucky to come down here once a week in the evening time. Just after he has been fed. “Nicolas, come here please?” Dean asked. I got up and headed over to him. “Tell me, son, how have you been.” I hated it when others called me son. Only Dean has always addressed me this way. So I did my best to keep my cool.

“I’m doing okay.”

“And your father? Has his condition changed any?” I did my best to push my anger down. I knew where this conversation was going.

“He has brain activity.” Dean looked down at my father and then back at me.

“How long has that been going on?”

“A while now, listen if your here to try and get me to let him go. Your wasting your breath, and pissing me off.” I said looking straight into his eyes. That’s when I watched all heads turn to face my father. I looked at them and they looked like they had seen a ghost. I turned my head towards my fathers. My mouth fell open as my father was looking back at us all.

The end...

Book 2 of Ryder, “Nicolas.” Will be out shortly.

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