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Ryder’s POV,

It’s been over a month since I bought my family home. I haven’t been able to step foot inside the place. I can’t stay out here forever and working away from home puts a strain on my members. I needed to fly home and take care of business. I sat in a chair on the porch. Jason has hired people to strip the inside of the house down. I wanted everything inside to be searched. I knew it was a long shot, but I had to have it done. It was starting to get dark and I was ready to get back to the hotel. When I watched a small figure walk up to the sidewalk of the house next door.

The figure was in an oversized black hoodie and black leggings. I cocked my head and just watched. Why was this person staring at Danica’s old house? I stood up and started to make my way towards this person. I placed my hand on my gun. The person turned their head and when they saw me coming. They started to walk off. “Hey, wait.” When I said those words the person started to run. I took off after them. This person could run, but I was faster. I jumped on them and pulled them to the ground.

“Let go of me.” She yelled out. It was a woman’s voice. I let go of her and she jumped up. “What’s the matter with you?” She asked as she started to try and brush herself off. Her dark hair fell out of the hoodie and almost hit her hips. She took a look at me and then I saw the fear on her face.

“Why did you run from me?” I asked her as I stood up.

“I, I need to go.”

“Why were you at that house?” I snapped out. Jason came running over to us.

“Ryder, what the hell is going on?” The woman started to try and walk off.

“Stop her.” I demanded and Jason did just that. He wrapped her arms around her, but what I saw next surprised me. This girl knocked Jason off of her and slammed him to the ground. Our eyes locked and she was clearly scared. I didn’t know what to say.

“Please just let me be.” She said and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. “I don’t mean any harm.”

“Just tell me why you were here?” I said. Jason was still on the ground looking at her. Idiot, I said to myself. Her scared eyes went from mine to Jason’s and back to mine.

“It’s just a place from my past.” She said softly. I scanned her once again and landed on her eyes. Where did I know those eyes from? I kept saying to myself.

“Please sir, may I go now?” She asked.

“No, I want to know why you were here?” I couldn’t let her go. I needed answers and she was out here for a reason. She, that’s when my heart started to beat wildly. No it couldn’t be? I said to myself. “Danica?” I said to her and her eyes got huge. She cocked her head.

“How, how do you know my name?” My heart fell into my ass. It can’t be, could it? She was even more beautiful than she was as a child.

“It’s me, Ryder.” Was all I could get out. She walked closer to me. She was almost close enough that I could reach out and touch her. Then she reached out and touched the side of my face.

“My prince?” She softly said. I almost passed out. Jason was now at my side and she took a look at him and backed away some.

“Don’t be scared. We won’t hurt you.” I said and she was just watching me.

“What are you doing here?” She asked me. I turned and looked at Jason.

“Get everyone out of here and wait for me in the car.” Jason nodded his head at me and went back to the house. Danica still stood where she was. I walked closer to her. I reached out and pulled her into my arms. She became very still at first and then she gave in and hugged me back. “I have thought about you everyday.”

“Really?” I nodded my head at her.

“What made you come here?”

“I have actually been looking for you.” I looked at her funny.


“You are the only person that can help me.”

“Help you? Are you in some kind of trouble? Wait, how do you know I can help you.”

“It’s no secret who you are, Ryder. I’m In a lot of trouble and there is too much to explain at this moment and I really shouldn’t be out here much longer.” I cocked my head at her.

“Come with me.” She nodded her head at me and we headed back to my limo. I opened the door and she got in without question. What kind of trouble could she be in? I said to myself as I climbed inside and took a seat next to her. Jason just watched us. “When we get to the hotel you need to get a different room.” Jason nodded his head. Danica sat quietly next to me. All she had with her was a backpack and a small bag she was holding onto.

We got back to the hotel and once she and I were inside my room. I showed her the bathroom. She was there for a while. I sat and waited patiently for her to come back out. I would give her Jason’s bed. She walked out in a small pair of shorts and a tank top. Fuck me, she was incredible looking. One leg was covered in tattoos. One arm was the same. I also noticed some scares in her skin. What the hell has she been into? “Thank you.” She softly said to me, she looked tired and genuinely stressed out.

“Please lay down. No one will hurt you here.” She gave me a smile and I almost melted. I pointed to the bed and she walked over and crawled into the covers.

“Don’t you want to talk?”

“We can do that later princess.” I said and licked my bottom lip. “You look tired and I just want you to rest.” She laid back and smiled at me again.

“You know, I thought coming to you would be hard. I thought for sure you would turn me away, but you’re still that sweet little boy I remember.” I just nodded my head at her as she closed her eyes. If only you knew. I said to myself. I sat in a chair that night and did nothing but watch her. I think I might have slept two hours at most. It was around four am when she started to toss and turn. Then she let out a scream and I ran to her side. The punch she delivered to my face almost knocked me to the ground. I grabbed her arms and shook her awake.

“Danica, you’re dreaming. Look at me.” Tears fell down her cheeks and I knew right there and then. This girl has been through something bad. I pulled her in my arms and ran my fingers through her hair. “You’re safe.” I said softly to her. The next thing I knew she was back sleeping in my arms. Her body shook and I knew she was having a hard time relaxing, even though she was sound asleep. I would get to the bottom of what has happened to her. She would be coming home with me until I figured out what she has been through. I was afraid if I moved she would wake up. So I stay still and just let her sleep.

I opened my eyes the next morning to Jason lightly tapping my shoulder. “What the fuck do you want?”

“It’s ten in the morning and we have a jet to catch.” I thought he was lying. I looked over at the clock on the desk. Sure enough it was ten in the morning. I haven’t slept that long in years. Danica was still sleeping in my arms. Jason looked at her and I don’t know why it upset me. Then he looked at me. “Are you going to explain that to me?”

“Later, we will be ready by eleven.”


“Are you deaf, yes we.” He nodded and left the room. I didn’t want to wake her, but we had to get going.

“Danica.” I said softly as I ran my fingers down her arm. She lifted and looked at me. She then backed away.

“I’m sorry, why are you in my bed?” I just smiled at her.

“You had a bad dream last night and then you fell back asleep in my arms. I just never moved.” She blushed and pulled the blanket around herself.

“I’m sorry.” I stood up and looked back at her.

“We leave for New York in an hour. I’m going to jump in the shower. Be ready when I get out.”

“New York?” She said, I turned and nodded at her.

“It’s home and you’re coming with me.” I said as I closed the bathroom door behind me.

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