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I don’t know what time it was when I finally opened my eyes, but I Had a slight headache. Danica was still in my arms. I never sleep with anyone. I looked over at the clock and it was well after two in the afternoon. What the fuck? I said to myself. The only time I get more than three hours is if I load up on sleeping pills and I haven’t done that in years. The last time I looked at it was almost six in the morning. I slept for eight hours. Fuck me, “Ryder, I need to tell you my story.” I didn’t even realize she was awake.

“Why don’t we get up and shower and get something to eat.”

“Are you trying to avoid this?”

“No, but...”

“But what Ryder? This is hard enough for me to talk about.” I don’t know why I was avoiding it. I knew that I was, but why? I just didn’t know. I took a deep breath.

“Okay baby, talk to me.”

I was five when I watched all the cop cars pull up to your house. I was on the porch and my mother and father came out to me. My father picked me up and held me. We stood there watching for a long time. I was scared for you and all I wanted was my prince. Then I watched as these strangers walked out of your house with you in their arms. You reached out and waved to me. I cried all day and night. My parents told me you wouldn’t be home.” I sighed and kissed her head.

“I’m sorry about that.”

“Two nights later, it was late and I was thirsty. I got out of my bed and headed to the kitchen. I heard voices in my kitchen and I knew my parents were talking to someone, but it was really late and I wondered who was there. Ryder, I had no idea what I was about to hear.”

“Sh, baby just tell me what you heard.” I felt her tighten up and she had tears in her eyes.

“A large man was standing in the kitchen with two other men and my parents. At that moment I had never seen these men before, but I hid in the shadows listening to their conversation.

“Did you have to kill them, Draco?” My father said, I could see the fear in my mother’s eyes.

“I did what I had to do. They couldn’t pay their debts. They owed me a lot of money. I gave them plenty of chances.”

“There was no reason to kill them. You were so brutal.” My mother said, That’s when one of the men slapped my mother across the face. I almost cried out but I stayed quiet.” My anger was starting to rise. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through her whole story.

“My men can be animals, what can I say? I train them well.” Draco hissed out.

“I never would have involved them if I had known you would have done this.” My father said as he helped my mother off the ground.

“You knew exactly what type of man I am, brother. They couldn’t pay so they paid with their lives.” Draco snapped again. “I trust you two to keep your mouths shut?”

“Yes, we will say nothing.” My father said, That’s when I made the biggest mistake of my life. When I moved closer to them. I tripped on the floor and fell forward. Everyone’s eyes were on me.

“Danica.” My mother hollered out. She ran over to me and picked me up in her arms. I kept my eyes on Draco. He rolled them and walked over to us.

“Hello sweetheart, I’m your uncle Draco.” I just looked at him, and then I opened my big mouth.

“You’re a bad man,” I said. He eyed me for a moment and then walked over to his two men. I watched as he spoke to them and then walked back over to us. My father was now next to my mother and me. He had his arms around us.

“Give me the child.” He said.

“What? No?” My mother said.

“Draco, she is just a child. She is harmless to you.” My father said.

“Nonetheless, the child will come with me.” My mother held on to me even tighter. I watched as his two men pulled out guns and pointed them at me and my parents. “You can either hand her over. Or all of you can pay with your lives? What’s it going to be?” My mother started to cry. I was so confused about what was happening. My father came over and took me out of my mother’s arms. She was losing it and then my father, my own father handed me to Draco. I started to lose it and cry.

“Please Draco don’t hurt her.” My father pleaded with him.

“I will not hurt her, but I will make sure she doesn’t speak a word of this.” I watched as I was taken away from my family.” Danica stopped talking and her tears were enough to make me lose my shit. I then felt more guilty than I had ever felt in my life.

“I’m so fucking sorry baby. I’m sorry I wasn’t there.” She turned and looked at me.

“You were six Ryder. What the hell could you have done? We were only babies. Innocent Children.” I have beaten myself up for years for only being a child the night my parents were murdered.

“I still can’t believe your father just gave you over to him.”

“I wish I would have died that night.” Her words were like knives to my heart.

“I will kill them all Danica, mark my words. They will all be sorry.” I reached out to pull her into my arms. She pulled away from me.

“I’ve only given you a piece to this story.” I knew there was so much more to tell, but I didn’t know if I could take it anymore. Her story would consist of her telling me all about her scars and the type of life she had to lead. Must’ve been bad enough because she ran away for the last three years. My sanity at the moment can only take so much. All I wanted to do was rip the heads off of them all and drink their blood. I needed the kills. Not only for my family but for hers as well.

“No more for now.” She looked at me confused and I needed to find Jason and handle some business. My anger had to come out in one way or another. I kissed her soft lips. “I need to handle some business. Go, have a shower, and get some food. We will talk more tonight.” I know I left her sitting in my bed confused and probably hurt, but I had to gather my own sanity in order to process the information properly without losing my mind. I have been waiting almost my entire life for this information and knowing that Danica was a part of it was killing me. I jumped out of the shower and when I went back to my room she was gone. I took a deep breath and headed out calling Jason to my office.

Jason showed up about fifteen minutes after I called him. I told him everything that had happened since I got home last night. “Wow, you think she is telling the truth?” He asked me. I nodded my head at him.

“I believe her words.”

“Then let’s find these men and finally put your parents to rest.” I have wanted to hear those words since I was a child, but I knew in the back of my head that it wasn’t going to be that easy. I also needed to hear all of Danica’s stories. I needed to know as much information on these people that I could get. I can’t just go in guns blazing.

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