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I found her sitting on the floor in her room painting her toenails. She looked up at me. Her face looked pained. “Are you okay?” She sighed and got up off the ground.

“I don’t know if coming here was a good idea.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I don’t want to get you hurt.” I reached out and pulled her into my arms.

“I’m the one they need to worry about. You’re safe here.”

“If they find out I’m here. They will come for me.” I couldn’t help the snicker that came from my mouth.

“If they found out you’re with me. I promise you, baby, they won’t come here. Unless they all have a death wish.”

“I know you’re a big-time gangster Ryder, these people are dangerous and evil. They sell women and use them.”

“What did they do to you?” I asked her while running my fingers through her hair.

“When I first got to his home. Things weren’t so bad. Of course, I cried a lot and it was difficult, but all I wanted was my parents. Draco had a woman by the name of Renee take care of me. I think she was a maid in his home at one point. Once I arrived, I had become her number one job. Basically, she was to replace my mother. I was questioned on a daily basis about what I had heard that night. If I had known better. I would have kept my mouth shut, but I was five. The only thing that ever came out of my mouth was that Draco was a bad man who hurt my prince.” My body started to stiffen. Hearing her story wasn’t helping my anger issues, but I was doing my best to maintain.

“I wish I could have helped you.” She looked up at me and kissed my hand.

“After about a year. I learned to make people believe I had forgotten about what I had heard. Hoping once they thought I had forgotten that I would get to go home. What I didn’t know was that was never going to happen. At first, I was spoiled. I had everything a little girl had dreamed about. I had a huge bedroom covered in toys and Castles painted on my walls. Everything was pink. I had my own bathroom and a fenced-off backyard that only led to my bedroom. The only thing was I never left my room. I wasn’t allowed. Renee stayed in the room next to mine and took care of me daily. Draco visited at least once to twice a week. Always bringing me gifts and treating me well.” Danica took a deep breath.

“It’s okay baby, you can stop if it’s too much,” I told her, kissing her head.

“For five years I was treated like Draco’s own daughter. I was educated by a teacher that came to our home during the week and I was also taught to fight and defend myself. My parents were only a distant memory. Your face was what I had remembered the most.” I sighed as it was the same for me. My family was always on my mind, but her face was what stayed with me constantly. “I loved Renee like she was my own mother. I was pretty much brainwashed by the time I hit eleven years old. I had become Draco’s most loved possession. I was able to do whatever I wanted. Of course, with guards. I never went to school outside of the house and I had no friends, but if I wanted to go out of my room or off the grounds. I was allowed to do so. Draco made sure that I didn’t have a mind of my own. The only thing that made us but heads. The older I got, the more hard-headed I became.” I smiled at that thought. My strong girl was becoming a woman, but I also knew this was when the abuse would start.

“I want you to stop for now. I don’t want you to push this.”

“I’m okay Ryder.”

“I know you are, baby, but I’m not.” She turned and looked at me.

“Why do you care?”

“Why do you care?” She gave me a small smile.

“I guess it’s because you were the best thing in my life. You were my best friend and I couldn’t wait to see you every day. I loved making you play prince and princess with me, and you always gave in.” She said and I saw her blush a little. I reached out for her chin and pulled her close to my lips. Our kiss started to heat up and the feelings she gave me were all new to me. It was almost like she was my most prized possession. I wanted to keep her safe and locked in my own arms. I felt like I would give up my own life for her. “Tell me, Ryder, why do you want to help me?”

“You are the only good thing I have in my life. My memories of you were nothing but happy ones. After my parents died. My life took a different turn. It has been miserable until you came walking back into it. I promise you will never hurt again as long as I live. I will protect you with my own life.” She turned and placed herself in my lap. Her legs straddled my body.

“I don’t know what that means, but it only makes me want you near me more.” I grabbed the back of her neck and brought her lips back to mine. She tasted like honey and sugar. I was intoxicated by her and wanted nothing more than to be inside of her constantly. I never thought I would love anyone, but I’m pretty sure I have loved her forever. There was no way she would be taken from me. I will burn this whole world to the ground for her. These feelings scared me in a way I couldn’t explain. “I want you.” I heard her say. I bit my lip as I turned her body and laid her on her bed. I stood up and started to move around the bed. My eyes stayed on hers as she started to remove her clothes. Her eyes never leave mine. I felt like a hunter stalking his prey.

I started to remove my suit. As she licked her fingers and moved her hand down her body. I knew the moment she touched herself. Just how naughty Danica could be. Would I release the beast on her? Or take it easy? Her soft moans pushed me deeper into the dark as I climbed onto the bed and went in between her legs to give her support. My fingers dug into her hips as I tasted that sweet pussy of hers. Her fingers were in my hair as she pushed me deeper into her. I lifted her ass into the air and became a little rougher than before. I was causing her to lose it and she became unglued as she came all over my face. Her body fell back to the bed. I snatched her up as I was far from done with her. I flipped her over and domed hard inside of her. I watched as she gripped the sheets around her for support. “Fuck me harder Ryder.”

She yelled out and drove me wild. I reached out and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her body up into my chest. My mouth was on her neck as I knew I was leaving marks on her skin.

“You’re mine baby.”

“I’m yours.” I reached down and ran my fingers over her swollen clit while I fucked her hard and deep. She was a mess in my arms and I loved every minute of it. She turned her body and straddled me. She gripped the foot bored and took some control. I gave her what she wanted. The woman could fuck like no woman I have ever been with. She soon had me coming all over her stomach. I wasn’t done with her body and I would make her cry out my name as she moved around. Knowing the pain between her legs was because of me.

The rest of the night I took control of her body and we both fell into a deep sleep. I never left her side. Until Jason woke me up the next morning. “We need to talk. I have found something you need to see.” I nodded at him and slipped myself out of her arms without waking her. Jason had a serious look on his face and I wasn’t sure if it was good news or bad. Not that it mattered because I could take on anything. I took one last look at my princess and headed out to my office.

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