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Wet Through

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Kate wet through and tied up finds herself at the mercy of her rescuer and his friends. Bound and fucked was only the start of Kates introduction to swinging and lesbian sex. Now she's an ardent convert.....

Erotica / Fantasy
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When Kate left home this Friday morning, it had been a beautiful, late summers day, and she was dreaming of what the weekend had in store. She in her wildest dreams could not envisage how this day, in fact, the weekend would turn out!

Now as she left her office to make her way home it was pouring with rain and fuck it had turned cold.

Kate now regretted the choice of the sheer summer dress she had chosen to wear! It offered no protection from the elements, and now as the rain turned heavier she was becoming soaked to the skin! Kate’s dress now saturated clung to the contours of her body. Fuck, I might as well be naked, she thought. As the dress did nothing to cover her modesty!

Kate was attractive, in her early forties, a brunette with a great figure. Her breasts, she thought, were her crowning glory, E-cup and still unaffected by gravity! She had worked for several years now as a receptionist for a large Advertising Agency on the South Coast and liked the glances her tits received from clients and staff alike, and not only from the men!

Her husband would usually have been picking her up, but this weekend he was working away from home. So Kate was going to have to get the bus, fuck this weather! She thought as she walked to the bus stop.

Kate was now so wet she could feel the rain running down between her breasts. Her cleavage forming a valley for the rainwater to run down before it meandered its way over her abdomen and between her legs.

Then continuing its descent to the ground, via the inside of her legs. Water squelching in her shoes as she walked!

The delicate material of the thong she was wearing was now so wet it turned into a thin strand of silky fabric, and had started to work its way between the folds of her labia! There were too many people about for Kate to attempt to adjust herself; anyhow the sensation of the wet material rubbing on her clitoris was turning her on. She thought to herself, as soon as I get home I am going to get out of these wet clothes, have a shower and deal with myself. Umm, I’m looking forward to playing with my soapy wet pussy. Visualising the scene using her favourite masturbation fantasy. Of being dominated, restrained and abused by a man and a woman.

Picturing, her soapy fingers rubbing and tweaking her hard nipples, pulling on them till they objected to their molestation! Letting the teat’s free of the tingling discomfort when she could stand it no more, her breasts fell back to their natural position. Fingers now found their way to her clitoris; massaging it into a hard bud. Wave after wave of erotic sensations had throbbed deep in her pussy before an orgasm climaxed in Kate’s brain! She shuddered at the thought of it and felt her nipples harden inside the protective cups of her damp bra!

Kate suddenly stirred from her daydream, realising she now stood at the bus stop. She felt self-conscious about the state she now found herself in, it looked like she was standing nearly naked by the side of the road. Her primrose summer dress had become transparent, and you could easily see her underwear and part of that underwear had worked its way into her body. At that moment, a car pulled up at the bus stop, the window wound down, it was Ross one of Kate’s former work colleges.

Ross exclaimed. “Fuck me, Kate, you look like a drowned rat! Would you like a lift?”

She didn’t need asking twice; Kate pulled open the door and sat in the passenger’s seat, dripping on the leather upholstery.

“Where you off to?” James inquired.

“Home please, James!”

Directing him to her house that was only a few minutes drive away.

When they arrived at Kate’s home, it was still pouring with rain. She ran out of the car and up to her front door, Ross being a gentleman waited to see if she got in alright. Kate seemed to be having trouble and was looking in her bag for some time before running back to Ross’s car.

“Everything Ok Kate?” Ross inquired

Kate now wetter than ever said. “I have gone and left my fucking keys at the office, shit what the fuck am I going to do?”

“Can I make a suggestion?” Ross asked!

“Go ahead I’m all wet ears!” Kate replied to Ross.

“Well the office is closed, you apparently cannot stay here, and you need to get out of those wet clothes before you catch a chill. So why not come back to my place? You can change out of those wet things, get warm and we can think it through!”

“You sure Ross? I will not be inconveniencing you?” Kate asked.

“No, don’t be silly! You’re not any inconvenience; let’s say more of a distraction! In the state you’re in now those tits are definitely a distraction. Let’s get you back to mine and out of those wet things. You’ll feel better after a hot drink!” Ross replied.

Ross parked his car and opened the door for Kate to get out. Running through the rain, they got to the dry of the entrance lobby and made their way up to the third-floor and Ross’s apartment. Rainwater dripped from Kate’s clothes, making a puddle at her feet. It was just a short walk, from the lift to Ross’s apartment, he unlocked the door and ushered Kate inside.

“I’ll get your floor wet!” Kate said apoplectically.

“Don’t worry baby, the floors are laminated so you cannot do any harm. The bedroom and en-suite have carpets, so I would rather you stay out here till your dry. You can get out of those wet clothes here in the living room.” Ross instructed Kate.

He went and fetched two towels, put one on the floor and instructed Kate to kick off her shoes and stand on it. He held out the other bath towel just out of her reach and commanded Kate to strip.

“You better get out of those wet things and hand them to me!” Ross said persuasively.

“What, with you standing there Ross?” Kate stuttered.

“That’s the idea; I don’t want those wet clothes dripping everywhere. I’ll put them straight into the dryer!” Ross informed her, with a slight menace in his voice!

“Come on let’s not be shy, you know I’ve always lusted after those gorgeous tits, your not going to disappoint me, are you? In fact, I’m looking forward to seeing you naked, Kate!”

Ross was giving Kate no alternative other than to strip in front of him. She could tell he was serious, the inflexion in his voice told her he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. She was shocked by his request, and even more shocked by her arousal!

Kate tried to placate Ross by saying. “No not really, that’s just a bit of office flirtatiousness, you know I was just teasing you.”

Kate startled by Ross’s order to strip made a grab for the towel, but Ross pulled it back and with his free hand took hold of her wrist. Pulling Kate toward him, he dropped the towel grabbed her left wrist and wrestled both arms behind her back!

“Ouch!” she exclaimed.

Ross held both her wrists together with one hand!

Kate tried to wriggle free and saying. “OK Ross fun’s over, give me the towel and let me get myself dry!”

“Sorry Kate, I’m afraid not, the fun’s only just starting. You had the chance to do as I told you and strip out of those wet things; now it seems I’m going to have to do it for you.” Ross frankly told her.

“No, no, stop fucking about, let me go, you’re frightening me!” Kate pleaded.

But Kate’s pleas fell on deaf ears!

Ross’s free hand moved to Kate’s waist and untied the thin cotton belt that hung there.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Kate asked in a worried voice.

Ross pulled the cotton belt from around her waist and in a quick movement tied her hands firmly behind her back with the cotton ligature.

“What the fuck Ross?” Kate screeched!

“Untie me now; it’s too tight, it hurts! Kate again screeched. “No can do Kate, you have been a terrible girl teasing me over these past years, I think it’s time you got what you deserve!”

“Oh, and what might that be?” Kate asked.

“You will see; we have all night!”

“No, no, no; let me go, come on you’ve had your fun, let me go!” Kate cried as she tried to move towards the door.

Ross grabbed her and dragged her towards the kitchen area. Her wet feet sliding on the laminate floor! Obviously, Ross was much stronger, and resistance was futile!

There was a large floor to ceiling wine rack fitted at the open end of the kitchen area. Attached to it was a piece of cord about a meter long, Ross tied it at first, around the cotton ligature securing Kate’s hands behind her. She was now at Ross’s mercy, in fact, there was going to be no mercy. Kate struggled to try and free herself, but it was useless!

Ross disappeared into the bedroom when he returned he had changed out of his day clothes. He was now wearing just a pair of white linen beach trousers, and in his left hand, he was holding three silk scarfs.

Ross grabbed Kate’s left ankle, forcing it into the bottom left corner of the wine rack! Kate struggled, Ross being stronger prevailed and tied one of the silk scarfs to the ankle and then through the wooden framework of the wine rack.

As he spread her legs apart, she tried to resist further, but he forced them open. Placing her right leg to the opposite corner of the wine rack he then tied the free end of the scarf to Kate’s ankle, stopping her from closing her legs.

“Ross, what the fucks going on?” Kate squealed.

“Well, is it not obvious!” Ross said.

“You and I are going to have some fun! I am sure you’ll end up enjoying it, I know, I will!”

“This is ridiculous I’m a married woman! Ross let me go now, and I won’t say anything.” Kate implored.

“Who are you going to say what to? Ummm, who Kate?”

“With my reputation, no one will believe you, will they? And what would the old man say? No, I don’t think you’ll be saying anything to anyone, do you?” Ross stated in an ominous voice!

Ross then untied her hands! Kate thought, thank God he’s letting me go! But before she could react Ross tied the second silk scarf around her left wrist. With his body pushed so close to hers she was pinned between his obvious erection that was now pressing against her tummy; and the wine rack. In a swift movement, he placed the free end of the scarf through the wooden framework, pulling her left arm over her head and tied it off.

After securing her right arm in the same fashion, she was securely bound to the wine rack. Kate was spread-eagled and feeling extremely vulnerable! But in a way, Kate was slightly inquisitive about Ross’s intentions. Bondage was one of her secret fantasies, and it seemed that fantasy was playing out!

With her arms, bound above her head, Kate’s magnificent E cup breasts were being pulled up and began straining against her bra. She could feel the cups starting to slide off the wet flesh. Kate now wished she had a proper fitting when buying that bra!

Kate’s mind raced, about what was he going to do! It was obvious he wanted to fuck her, didn’t he? The erection straining against the linen material of his trousers told her as much. But what else had he in mind?

If he had gotten her drunk she more than likely would have ended up in bed with him, well she was not getting any at home.

If she wanted sex these days, she had to use her vibrator; it was obvious to her that her husband was getting it somewhere else. It was probably the reason he was supposedly working away this weekend.

For some reason, the rain and being wet had made her horny, so it was not a huge leap to realise that Ross would have been balls deep inside her, at some point that night. But what’s this, what was he up to, what was going to happen? It was really out of character for Ross to act this way! Mind you, she didn’t know what Ross was really like!

Just that he had a bit of a reputation with the women, whatever that means. But she was quite enjoying the experience, and what the fuck! What else would she be doing tonight? Watching inane TV!

Ross went over into the kitchen area and bought back a large, razor-sharp fish boning knife.

“What the fuck are you going to do with that?’ Kate said in a panicky voice.

Ross pulled the neckline of Kate’s dress away from her cleavage and slipped the cold blade between her breasts! Before Kate could protest, Ross had sliced the dress open from top to bottom. The flimsy material fell apart, exposing Kate’s near-naked body.

Ross’s eyes shone brightly as he took in the sight of Kate’s tits, which we're still trying to escape from her damp bra. His eyes wandering down her body, to the thong that was now hitched up high on her hipbones.

Two lines of thin red material converged from each hip and conjoined just above her Kate’s pubic mound! Then the two conjoined pieces of fabric traversed her mons and disappeared between her pussy lips to reappear between her but cheeks and up the channel of her arse!

Kate screamed. “Fuck Ross, that’s one of my best summer dresses!”

“So?” was his curt reply.

There was a chill in his voice, and Kate realised this was not a game, and she started to struggle.

“No point, struggling Kate,” Ross said and went on. “No one knows you are here, and I intend to have some fun with you tonight!”

Kate in desperation said. “Ross If you untie me we both can have fun, you know I always fancied you. Let’s take it into the bedroom, you won’t regret it!”

“Oh don’t worry I won’t regret it!” Ross replied.

The dress now hung onto her body by only two thin shoulder straps. Ross placed the knife under the first strap, and her skin, the cold of the blade made Kate shiver. The knife cut through the strap, and the dress slipped a little.

“Be careful with that fucking knife Ross!” Kate said in a shaky voice.

But before she finished the sentence, the second strap was cut, and all pretence of modesty went as the dress fell to the floor! Kate was now practically naked apart from her bra that was slipping off her tits and now scarcely covered her nipples and a thong that was virtually invisible.

The knife now travelled down the inside of Kate’s left arm, very slowly and very deliberately. As the blade ran over her armpit a shiver ran through her and for some inexplicable reason she felt a tingle in her sex, her body was responding to the touch of the cold sharp steel!

Kate found herself wanting the knife to reach its destination and free her straining tits. She was now over the edge horny!

Ross slipped the knife under the bra’s side band near to the cup and sliced through the material. Kate’s left boob sagged a little as the support from the bra diminished. Kate’s tits were full and firm and still defied gravity, but those luscious orbs were going to bounce Ross thought when you’re riding on my cock. The knife moved across the swell of Kate’s left breast, its cold steel tracing a line towards the swelling right orb!

She now felt her clit’s arousal, and her hands wanted to touch the swelling bud! The fact she was tied, and restrained, only heightened her excitement. That bastard Ross, he knew what he wanted, to make her beg, she realised now what he was doing!

The knife moved across her right breast and down under the brassieres right sideband, slicing through the fabric again. The bra now offered no support to Kate’s heavy breasts, and just about covered her nipples. Her breasts had dropped to reveal the soft, fleshy mammary glands that now were exposed below the cups of her bra. Kate was now desperate to touch her sex, her clitoris demanded her fingers, and this whole experience was so turning her on!

She thought, fuck I shouldn’t be enjoying this! But she knew she was!

Her nipples covered only by the fabric of her now loose bra were rock hard, the lips of her sex were filling with blood and swelling, her thong covered nothing but her entrapped clit.

Ross went and retrieved a pair of scissors from the kitchen, and then cut through the middle of the brassiere, it fell open exposing Kate’s nipples. With a snip through each strap, the bra was in pieces and lying on the floor with her destroyed dress.

“God Ross, I’m feeling so fucking horny, what’s happening to me? Cut me down I want to fuck you so badly.” Kate begged Ross.

“Oh, you’re going to get fucked alright, you’ll see!” Ross informed her with a smirk on his face.

Ross ran the knife over the soft flesh of her left orb, the cold blade making her nipple harder as it circled her areola. The dark red flesh of her teat crinkled and hardened as the blade ran across and around it.

Starting a chain reaction in Kate’s body, her clit responded to the knives touch on her erect nipple, sending waves of pleasure up and over her body.

“Fuccckkkk!” Kate screamed. “I need to cum, please let me cum, God Ross.”

“You will, but all in good time, you’re going to have to pay for all that teasing!” Ross told her.

The knife slid down over her abdomen, slipping under the straining elastic that held up her thong. Then continued down over her mons pubis. Kate could feel the cold blade tugging on her pubic hair as it slid down towards her horny and wet sex.

She quivered as the blade caressed her sex bud before it cut through the gusset of her undergarment. The motion of the blade as it cuts through the fabric so close to her clit made the bud throb and Kate gasp!

The knife then sliced through the thin material holding the thong to Kate’s hips. The front floated to the ground and lay there with the rest of Kate’s mutilated clothing. The rest of the red material hung between her legs, the cloth firmly entrapped in her wet, swollen, sex! Ross very slowly pulled the material from inside Kate’s pussy, she squealed in pleasure as the saturated fabric came free from her labia.

Her clitoris was now clearly visible and stood out from its protective hood, throbbing demanding attention!

Ross ran the knife over her pubic bone, tufts of Kate’s hair, which formed a landing strip leading to her forbidden fruit, floated to the floor. The cold steel ran along her labia making her clitoris twitch in anticipation of the blades cold touch. When the blade ran over her throbbing clit her legs nearly gave way, but it didn’t linger, and Kate’s body was on the point of exploding. But the bastard wouldn’t let her come, well not yet! He produced a small spray bottle of scented oil and the third silk scarf. Ross draped the silk scarf over her breasts and proceeded to spray the scarf and her tits with oil. The smell was thick and sexual! It was the fragrance of jasmine and jacaranda, the oily scarf now stuck to her body. The swell of Kate’s boobs and her erect stalks were clearly visible, through the oily silk fabric!

The slick silk seemed to stimulate Kate’s nipples even further; she was desperate for them to be abused. Ross continued to spray the rest of her body with oil. Her arms, letting the oil run down over her shaved armpits, her hips and abdomen.

Then both legs, from her toes to her groin! And liberally over her swollen vulva and labia. As the oil sprayed onto her exposed clitoris, she felt the horny bud twitch and grow larger, as impossible as that was!

Ross sprayed several shots generously to the back of her neck! Kate felt the oil travelling down her spine, making her shiver!

Then it reached the small of her back, moving inexorably towards the valley between her buttocks. The oil trickled towards her rectum lubricating her most intimate place as it made its way over her perineum to mingle with the oil dripping from her sex!

Her nipples responded to the oily silky touch of the scarf stuck to her breasts. The sensitive aching teats wanted attention.

Ross obliged running his fingers around the hard oily buds and squeezing as he pulled them up. When he let them free, the milky flesh bounced as they found their natural position again. Ross’s hands massaged deep into the soft flesh of Kate’s boobs tweaking and squeezing their hard nipples.

Kate groaned in pleasure, feeling Ross’s hands on her tits pinching and tweaking her sex teats. Threads of ecstasy travelled down into Kate’s wanton pussy, from her tantalised over stimulated nipples. Ross stood so close she could feel his erection straining to be free of his linen trousers! She wanted to release the beast!

Removing the oily scarf from her breasts, he gently massaged the rest of Kate’s body. Down over her arms and her armpits, back around her breasts, squeezing her nipples. Then down her sides, his strong fingers worked into her soft flesh. She was purring with satisfaction at the attention her body was getting!

Ross moved down over her body, his fingers worked into her abdomen, going further down, over her pubic mound and into the folds of her labia. His fingers massaged deep into her prepuce! Kate desperately wanted him to go a centimetre lower and onto her clit!

Her body glistened with the oil and her sweat. Kate’s clitoris throbbed and ached at the titillation her prepuce was receiving. As Kate felt the beginnings of an orgasm rising and falling to only rise again, she begged Ross for release, but no release came!

With one hand, Ross continued to massage and stretch the area above her clit, the act pulling up her erect sex bud into a penile position. Driving Kate mad, she twitched and jerked around frantically wanting his touch on her clit, which would send her to orgasmic climax!

Ross took the oily scarf and parting her wet and oily labia filled her inner cavity with the silky material.

Kate wiggled and squirmed in delight as she felt Ross’s fingers opening her and filling her vaginal canal with the silk scarf. But she ached for him to touch her clitoris, her sex bud throbbed and tingled, but needed a physical touch. She knew as soon as her clit received attention; she would be over the edge. But it didn’t come!

Instead, Ross squirted oil on his hands and massaged it into the fleshy mounds of her buttocks. His fingers ran down the valley of her arse till they found her rectum! Kate instinctively clenched, but his oily fingers spread her arse cheeks and started to massage her anal verge. She didn’t want to give in to his probing digits but found her body wanting and felt her anus pout, inviting the probing fingers into her most intimate orifice!

Putting his fingers inside her aching sex, Ross pulled out the end of the silk scarf that he had pushed deep into her vaginal cavity. He proceeded to feed it with one finger past her anal rim in her rectum. Kate squirmed as her rectum gripped the finger slipping the oily silk material into her bowel. When half the material filled both orifices, he slowly, very slowly started to pull the silky slick fabric from her body. Kate’s body had never felt such a sensation, as the last piece of fabric left her anus and vagina simultaneously she crested on an orgasm that overwhelmed her!

Her nipples swelled painfully, her sex, swollen and wet sent waves of sensation over her like a tidal wave! Dopamine flooded her brain! Kate experienced a sexual tsunami, the intensity of the orgasm was too much for her, and she fainted!

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