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Wet Through

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The Kinky Shit

When Kate came to, she realised she had been moved, now she was in a bedroom! On Ross’s bed, she surmised. Candles lit the room, and their light flickered on the walls and ceiling. As her awareness returned Kate realised she couldn’t move! Her hands and feet were again bound, tied to the four corners of the bed!

Kate was in the middle, and several pillows had been placed under the small of her back lifting her buttocks clear of the bed. Her pussy positioned for sex!

She found herself once again spread-eagled! Her body splayed, Kate was unable to close her legs, and something had been inserted into her rectum! Her anus tightly gripped whatever it was filling her rectal canal!

Looking straight up Kate could see a large brass ring that had been set in the ceiling, and something dangled from it! Two lengths of cord went through the ring and hung down over her body. One end of each cord was tied to the foot of the brass bed Kate was bound to! On the other end of one was a large stainless steel hook! The pointed end had what she could only describe a heart-shaped bulb! Something similar to the inserted part of a butt plug! Which she realised now filled her rectum!

Fuck, fuck noooo; fuck it’s an anal hook! Kate thought apprehensively and excited all at the same time. The thought that Ross intended probably to impale her on it, brought her out in a cold sweat! Fuck the thought of it turned her on even more! She could feel her nipples hardening and her clit throbbed at the prospect of maybe some kinky shit coming her way!

The other cord had a ring on the end, attached to the ring were three delicate chains one longer than the other two! On the end of each chain was evil-looking clamp. The steel clamps had flat-headed jaws and were sprung loaded for maximum torque!

When Ross entered the room; he was naked, his erection twitched and bobbed as he walked.

“Ahh, I see you’re awake Kate. You seemed to enjoy, our last little game, I hope you enjoy this one?” Ross said, undoing a cord from the brass bed.

“Yes, yes I did, but what’s going on now, this is all a bit kinky?” Kate said.

“Oh, you have no idea Kate, you really don’t about how kinky this weekend is going to get!” Ross responded.

Ross lowered the chains till all three and their associated clamps laid on her abdomen, just above her pubic mons! The other end was once again tied off on the brass bed. Kate could feel the cold steel on the sensitive skin of her belly. If it hadn’t registered by now, she now realised Ross was into some kinky shit!

Ross climbed onto the bed and positioned himself between Kate’s open legs. Kate’s arse sat on two pillows presenting Ross with a good view of her vagina and anus! Kate’s pussy’s inner and outer labia engorged with blood had opened like a flower. Inviting Ross’s hard cock to enter her inner sanctum. The thought of Ross’s erection so near to her pussy made Kate’s clitoris come to life! She expected to be impaled at any moment!

Kate could feel her sex bud swelling and her nipples hardening at the expectation of being full of his cock. Ross reached over and picked up the small spray bottle of massage oil. He liberally sprayed every part of her exposed body; she could smell the heady sexual scent. She watched wide-eyed, as he rubbed oil into his manhood.

Kate had not realised what a handsome phallus Ross was equipped with! Like Goldilocks and the three bears, it was not too small or too large but just the perfect size!

It would do nicely! She thought. All of a good eight inches erect, it was pink, not too veiny and hairless. The head was a slightly darker shade of pink and he was circumcised!

Watching Ross wanking his cock sent Kate’s equilibrium over the edge. Her clitoris grew in size to what resembled a small penis that protruded from the prepuce and peeked out from her vulva. Her breasts swelled, and her nipples stood out on stalks! God, she wanted to touch herself! Needed to touch herself!

Ross moved closer to Kate so he could massage the oil he had just liberally applied to her body! The action allowing the corona of his cock to engaged for a moment with the entrance to Kate’s sex! Kate gasped, as she felt the head of Ross’s phallus graze her clit!

As Ross leant forward to knead her succulent mammary glands, his erection instead of burying itself deep in Kate’s vagina, slid up the furrow of her sex!

Kate let out another gasp and cried out. “Oh my fucking God!”

Forgetting all about the hard steel clamps and the anal hook, as Ross’s phallus slipped up and rubbed against her clit. Her body shook as his cock slid up and down her wet slit. Both of his hands now held an areola and nipple prisoner, and his fingers pulled and tugged on them. Between her legs, his cock slid up and down the wet opening to her vagina, as his fingers torturing her nipples!

Pulling on them, so her tits lifted up, then releasing them, bouncing as they fell back. Kate loved the sensations her throbbing abused teats were sending over her body! Ross repeated this time and again. His erection, sliding up between her labia! The head and the glands frenulum kissing her throbbing clitoris, as it slid over the hard bud.

Wave after wave of intense pleasure came and went, the last stronger than the one before, heralding the imminent arrival of another climax. Kate could only take so much; Ross sped up the motion of his cock’s trusts up and down her now squelching pussy.

As she climaxed, Kate let out a squeal of pleasure as the orgasm cascaded over her body. And her vaginal canal gripped a phantom phallus! Kate’s vaginal walls pulsing to the same beat as her throbbing orgasm!

At the same time, Ross cried out. “Oh ffuuucckkk, I can’t hold it any longer!” As his cock sprayed cum, over her abdomen and tits!

Kate panted, “Ross that was fucking awesome! Oh my God, what are you doing to me?”

Ross leant forward and kissed her, a deep longing kiss. His cock still rock-hard slipped into her wet pussy, and Kate pushed forward onto it, feeling its now purple head at the back of her sex!

Ross slowly and rhythmically started thrusting in and out of Kate’s body, Kate herself pushing back onto his cock as hard as she could. Ross grabbed hold of her tits by the nipples as he sped up the rhythm of his fucking. He could feel the climax building in his brain as he felt Kate’s vaginal muscles squeezing his cock, as it pumped rhythmically in and out of Kate’s body.

As her third orgasm vibrated through her body, Ross thrust deep inside her, filling her with his seed. They lay there in the aftermath of their exertions for what seemed an age to Kate and then there was a tap-tap at the door. As it swung open, two people stood in the doorway, a man and a woman.

Ross said. “Kate, meet my friends Ola and Steffen. They have come to join the party!”

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