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My kidnapper

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                    Jennifer Albert Jennifer a twenty year old, is a student of biology and a daughter of two well known and respected doctors of the town.. She is passionate about her future and wants to be a doctor as well following the steps of her parents.. She is a bright student but a heartbroken person in real.. She lost her first to a person whom she loved the most but he never loved her, for him she was just a challenge, a bet which he wanted to win by hook or by crook... Knowing his true colors made her to hate love and gave her a reason to focus more on her studies.. She is tall and thin with a figure of a model.. She has light brown hair that come to her waist.. With her ocean eyes, she can make anyone fall in love...                       -------------------                     Steven Black Steven is 27 and a successful business man.. He owns clubs, hotels, casinos and some clothing brands.. He has everything be it money, fame or success, there is nothing that he has wished and couldn't get.. He is a ruthless man who can do anything when it comes to his money.. He makes his black money clean through his number of businesses.. He kills people for the sake of fun and entertainment.. He is tall & handsome.. He has black hair and honey brown eyes with a body of an athlete.. With the first sight he appears to be a man that every girl wishes for but deep down he

Erotica / Romance
Delilah jamez
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Chapter 2

Jennifer was overjoyed as it was her last day at college before summer vacation.. Her college was in another city so she had to live in a hostel and was finally going to her home after 4 months.. She was as excited as a baby, she couldn't sleep at that night..

In the morning, she packed her bags, took a shower and slip into a white sleeveless tank top that was moderately exposing her collar bones and a slight skin on the abdomen, she paired it with a black jeans and black sneakers.. She let her hair open and applied a lil bit of makeup to complete the look..

She took her bag and started to leave the hostel building and waited for 5 minutes when she saw a car approaching her, she immediately recognized the car driver to be her brother max, with him sitting was her father and a smile appeared on her face.. She rushed towards the car and said her greetings to both..

How's mom? Why she didn't even call me for the past 15 days? She said with a little disappointment...

So you're keeping the count? Her dad replied with a laugh..

Of course dad i was dying to talk to her, don't change the topic dad, just answer my question..

Oh sweetie she was really busy all these days, she has a case of a criminal who's a mental patient but she thinks he is just pretending to get away with his crimes.. "Her father replied"

And why does she think that he's pretending, maybe he's actually having a psychological problem.. She said while biting her nails...

Actually his brother is offering your mom a huge amount of money to prove that he's actually ill and your mom wants to be fair and there are three other psychologists along with your mom that'll be helping in analyzing his condition and she has a doubt that they have already accepted the money.. Her father replied..

The rest of the journey passed in silence..

At home, her mom was anxiously waiting for them with the lunch that was nothing less than a buffet in a hotel..

Hey mom i missed you so much and your food too she said hugging her mom and quickly settled on the chair for lunch..

Everyone started laughing while taking their seats, the lunch time passed with the stories of Jennifer's hostel and her friends..

After the lunch Jennifer's mom & dad left for their work while her brother max left with his friend jake..

Jennifer texted her friend lana to go to a club and started getting ready, she took a shower and chose a black knee length dress with a little bit of cleavage, she did smokey eyes and curled her hair.. She admired her beauty and rush towards the door as the bell rang..

Oh lana you can't even wait for five minutes, she said while opening the door but lana was nowhere to be found.. Her car was parked in front of the door, Jennifer fumbled on the steps when she heard a loud scream, she turned and found lana laughing..

Oh i got you, lana said while laughing..

You're unbelievable lana, i was scared to death, you idiot.. Now let's go we're already late because of your drama Jennifer said while sitting in the car..

Lana took her seat and started driving while playing the song Havana by Camila Cabello...

At the club Jennifer saw a group of men having drinks, she found herself being attracted toward a man, having sharp features, honey brown eyes and black hair.. He is hot, she thought and started walking towards the group, just when she was about to call the guy, she remembered her first love and how she was betrayed and dropped the idea of talking to him...

Someone grabbed her shoulder, she turned to see the face and found lana smiling, staring the hottie? Lana said laughing.. Of course not, i was just looking for you.. Jennifer replied and walked towards the exit while dragging lana with one hand.. Let's go lana it's too late, Mom Dad would be waiting for me, Jennifer said while I opening the car door.. Lana nodded and followed her.. The rest of the way passed in silence..

At home Jennifer found her mother worried while her father was consoling her, what happened mom? She asked..

Thank God you're here, we were worried for you her mother said while hugging her..

Hey mom what happened? You don't seem to be okay, Dad you tell me what's the problem?

They have threatened your mom that if she doesn't do what they say, they'll kidnap you or max, Max was home so we were worried for you.. Mr. Albert replied

Oh come on Mom you can't be worried on such petty things.. I thought that there was a major issue like i thought someone just died.. Jennifer said in relief..

You don't know them Jennifer.. Please don't leave the house for a week.. We have asked for the security, they'll be here tomorrow guarding our house, till then keep all the doors and windows locked.. Mrs. Albert said nervously...

Okay Mom, if that's what gives you relief, I'll do that.. Jennifer said and rushed towards her room..

She took shower and picked a comfortable pajama and a baggy crop shirt.. She turned the lights off and fell asleep..

Around 12 o'clock she heard a noice, she turned the table lamp on and found the window pane broken on the floor.. She rushed towards the door, screaming, as she was about to open the door a sharp pain in the head engulfed her and everything blacked out..

when she opened her eyes she found herself in a dark room where a ray of sunlight from a small hole was the only source of light..

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