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Margaux and Alix

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Margaux and Alix is an Erotic Tale about Margaux Leven. After a boozy lunch with her girlfriends listening to stories of bondage and oral sex around the restaurant table one wet afternoon goes on a sexual adventure. She meets Alix a wet and beautifully bedraggled girl. Alix takes Marguax on a sexual escapade introducing her to the world of bi-sexuality. Until Malik interrupts them and Marguax is introduced to the delights of a threeway. Impaled on Malik's enormous black cock, while she feasted on Alex's pussy.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Ladies that Lunch

Margaux Leven had lived in her penthouse apartment on Richmond Hill, a business area of Bournemouth for the last four years. She had moved there from a lovely townhouse in the affluent area of Sandbanks, which she had been sharing with her long-term partner. But after their breakup, she now found herself back living on her own.

Between now and then she had made new friends, but there was no special man in her life. In fact, truth be told, Margaux was not that bothered. But she liked, no loved the act of making love and felt a pang of sadness that it was missing in her life. Also, if the truth told, Margaux wasn’t that bothered if it was a man or woman. Not that she was a lesbian, but the thought of another woman’s naked body next to hers excited her. Hard erect nipples touching her skin, the soft texture of a woman’s thigh nestling between her legs, actually made her pussy wet. She was quite bi-curious but lacked the opportunity or courage to explore that side of her sexuality.

Margaux was in her mid fifty’s, blond petite and attractive; and maybe carrying a few extra pounds. But this was more than offset by her impressive bustline. Her breasts were her crowning glory; well that’s what she thought. And from the many admiring glances, her 34 E boobs got; she was probably right too.

Margaux didn’t work! In fact, she had never worked! Her ex-husband had provided well in their divorce settlement. It was he who had decided to move on when a twenty-year-old caught his eye. Sadly for him, it didn’t last long; the twenty-year-old fucked him to death. Heart attack on the job, well you know what they say, What goes around! Today Margaux was on her way back from a long boozy lunch at The Print Room. The Print Room was a fine dining restaurant, situated no more than five hundred yards from her apartment.

Margaux had been having lunch with a group of her girlfriends; they had eaten well and had packed way a copious amount of wine. The conversation had been mostly about men of course, particularly about her friend Roxy’s new man David. Roxy had gone into every minute detail of their sex life; all the girls hung on every word of Roxy’s description of their sexual antics. The bit where Roxy described how, her new boyfriend, had tied her wrists together with a silk scarf; and then tied the other end to a heavy curtain pole in her bedroom.

The idea of Roxy suspended from the curtain pole, and completely at her boyfriend David’s mercy, really excited Margaux. She was into a little light bondage, even if she never got the chance to indulge herself. All the girls gasped when Roxy told them how David produced a pair of very large scissors and began to cut the clothes from her body. The girls hung on every word coming from Roxy’s mouth, as she described what happened next. Apparently, according to Roxy’s telling, David started by cutting off her Vanessa Bruno designer jeans. Everything about Roxy is designer!

He cut, as she tells it, from her foot to her waist. Up the outside of the right leg first and then the left, until the material fell to the floor. Leaving Roxy in just her Agent Provocateur underwear and designer knitwear! Oh, and, of course, Jimmy Choo killer heels. According to Roxy, ‘Hum likely story’ Margaux mused. The next to go was her Helmut Lang cropped jumper; it was not that old and had cost a fortune!

She closed her eyes as David cut it into small pieces until it was a pile of wool on the floor. Roxy was now hanging from the curtain rod in just her bra and knickers and teetered on the Jimmy Choos. Three more scissor snips and Roxy’s breasts bounced free, her ample tits now on display. By now Margaux was starting to feel more than a little bit horny, and gulp down another glass of Sancerre, as Roxy continued. David now began to strip, first his shirt, revealing the greying hair of his chest. He kicked off his shoes and threw his trousers onto the bed. Taking off his briefs, David’s cock, emerged erect and pointing at her!

Throwing the briefs onto the bed with the rest of his clothes, he picked up the scissors again. David stood so close to Roxy, she could feel the head of his cock touching the inside of her thigh!

Roxy excitedly informed everyone. He now began to stroke Roxy’s body with the cold blade of the scissors. Moving the metal down the inside of Roxy’s left arm till it nestled in her open armpit. Roxy’s body now quivered with anticipation, as the cold metal moved down her left side, till it was level with her breast.

The blade now slid over the fullness of Roxy’s left mammary gland, till it reached her hardening nipple!

Once again all the girls at the table gasped, and Margaux wished it was happening to her right now! The scissor blade now teased Roxy’s growing teat, Roxy explained. The cold metal was circling her areola. Apparently, Roxy by now was getting very wet and turned on. ‘Well you would, would you not,’ Margaux thought. The right nipple was next to get the scissor treatment.

Roxy whispered, by the time David had finished playing with her nipples, she was as horny as hell and aching to cum. Margaux and her friends all sat around the table agog at Roxy’s story!

Roxy went on to describe how, David moved the scissors down through the valley between her breasts, over her stomach and down under the cotton material of her knickers. The cold metal running over her mons pubis and through her recently trimmed pubic hair. Her body quivered as the cold blade slid along the furrow of her sex, tearing a hole in the gusset of her knickers. Roxy’s clitoris hardened under the touch of the cold blade, now sticky with her juices. The scissor blades gently fucked her, running up and down her wet vulva. Roxy felt her orgasm building, as David moved the scissors down opening the blades wide, as he cut through the gusset of Roxy’s knickers. Pulling the scissors from under the cotton waist one more snip and Roxy was naked!

The last vestiges of a covering had now vanished. Roxy hung from the curtain rod entirely naked but for her killer heels, and desperately wanting to be fucked! Roxy informed all the girls, sitting open-mouthed at the table.

By now so did Margaux, listening to Roxy’s escapades was making Margaux wet. She told herself. As soon as she got home it was a hot bath, and playtime with her bath time dildo. And when she got to bed, she would finish off with her rabbit for a satisfying climax. She could not wait to get home now. But first, she needed to hear the end of Roxy’s story!

Roxy went on to tell them, as she hung there naked David sunk to his knees and suckled on her sex, tantalising her hard sex bud with the tip of his tongue. His hands found her breasts and his fingers teased Roxy’s nipples, all the time his mouth kept sucking hard on her throbbing clitoris.

Roxy moaned as she felt the first undulating wave of her impending climax throb in her sex, as David continued working on her swollen bud. She went on, waves of pleasure just kept coming radiating from her nipples down into her pussy until an orgasm climaxed deep in her swollen sex.

A shuddering orgasm that pulsated through Roxy’s body, her legs turned to jelly, and she hung limply from the curtain pole.

David cut her down and then placed her on the bed. Lifted her legs that were still adorned with her Jimmy Choo’s and taking her by the thighs he pulled her buttocks towards him and his waiting erection. As Roxy’s, open wet pussy arrives on the head of David cock the phallus slipped deep into Roxy’s body.

It was not long before both Roxy and David climaxed together and fell into an orgasmic sleep, Roxy explained. All the girls around the table were silent for a moment, till one said. ‘Wow Roxy as he got any spare friends,’ and they all laughed. Lunch had gone on from one o’clock, and it was now nearly six.

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