I sold my virginity to a Dominant

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He walks towards me and I shuffle my feet to distract myself from him, which doesn't benefit me. He grabs my arm, and I look up into eyes that are an ominous piercing grey. Holding my gaze, he makes it clear that he isn't the type of man I want to give my virginity to. He smiles, taking me by surprise. "Rebecca." "My name is not Rebecca. Please, can you call me Becca?" I try to drag my arm out of his grasp, but he has too much of a tight grip that makes me wince. A small sharp pain shoots up my arm and I look at him in discomfort. "Certainly not." "Who do you think you are with your authority?" Rebecca is a young adult who decides to sell her virginity to give to charity. When her virginity is placed into an online auction, she has no option but to wait it out and see who it sells to, the problem is that she hasn't filled in an application form with what she's looking for. Kenzo is a dominant who is also the boss of the Mafia. He thrives in the taboo world and is extremely cold and arrogant. What will Rebecca do when she doesn't read the contract and accepts to be Kenzos submissive when she isn't allowed safe words. She's about to enter a lifestyle filled with dangers, adventure, extremely tiring sex and she will face sexual situations that many would never consider doing. Warning!! Extreme sex in this book and scenes that many will not agree with. You have been warned!

Erotica / Thriller
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Chapter 1

© CathiieL MISSCL 2020

As mentioned previously in the summary of this book. Expect to read sexual scenes, violence will be inside this book, swearing, gore and sexual scenes that many people will not agree with. I am giving you this warning before you decide to carry on reading this story. I’m advising 18 plus due to the content and descriptions that this book includes. This is mafia mixed in with sex so I would ho The images on the cover do not belong to me.



“Becca you don’t need to sell your virginity.”

I am talking to my best friend Trish, and usually; she understands me. This time she doesn’t and considering we have been friends for over ten years she is questioning my motive. I wonder why I am telling her what my plan is. I keep asking myself, “why am I doing this?” The answer is simple; because I want to lose my virginity. I’m getting older and I will never find a person who I willingly want to lose it with. I should know, I’ve tried for years and always walked away unsuccessfully. Now if I can help anyone out so removing it, then that is what I will do.

“I’m tired of being a virgin, Trish. All I am doing is growing older and now I’m a twenty-five-year-old who cannot find a boyfriend. You lost yours when you were sixteen.” I take a deep breath in, holding my head in my hands sitting down on the cream latte fabric couch.

“It’s not what everyone makes it out to be. I lost mine on a bench in the middle of the park. You don’t want to lose yours by getting yourself into a stranger’s bed. What would you do with the money anyway?” She looks out of the big window in my bedroom and I huff out a deep breath.

“Give it to a cervical cancer charity. It’s not as though I need it.” I shrug my shoulders as Trish glares at me with an open mouth. Throwing her hair out of her face, anger is apparent in her expression.

“Why sell it in the first place if you don’t need the money?”

“They need it, Trish! I want to help people and prosper myself.” She stares at me confused and I understand why. Who would sell their virginity in the first place? Me that’s who and I can see the situation from both my point of view and Sheila’s.
“By selling yourself off?” She places her hands on her hips shaking her head.

“I’m not selling myself!” I shout back irritated.

“That is exactly what you are doing. How is that safe? A man you’ve never met before!” Rolling my eyes, I stand up and walk over to my white gloss desk.

“I’m going through an agency.” Picking up the papers, I turn around to face her.

“That will be a long and gruelling process. I hope you know that. ”
“I do.” I smile at her and grab my certificate to take to the office.

“What are you holding?”

“My certificate and papers.”

“Certificate?” She questions me with a raised eyebrow.

“Virginity certificate. I need to hand it in to prove that I am a virgin.”

“They need that type of document to process your sale?” She raises her right eyebrow again and takes out her phone to text someone. Routinely, it will be her mum.

“They do, and for your information, I am not selling my body, it’s a cherry jeez.” I roll my eyes and walk out of my room, slamming the door behind me. We have names all of the time and this is how they all end. Me slamming the door behind me as I go out to clear my head. We wouldn ’t be best friends if we didn’t argue once in a while.

I live at home with my mum and dad. Yes twenty-five years of age and still living with mummy and daddy. I have a sad life! Trish, on the other hand, attends university and lives away from home.

Pushing the door open and entering the agency office, I step inside the waiting room and watch the receptionist type away on her keyboard. She looks up at me with a friendly smile and I feel welcome.

“Hello. How may I help you?”
“I have my certificate,” I reply in a whisper as I hand the certificate over the desk to her.
She takes it in her hand standing up “you may take a seat.” Stepping out of the room with the certificate she leaves me staring at the empty doorway. She returns as quickly as she left and takes a seat quietly. The squeak makes me scrunch up my face as it slices through the silent room.
“I’m sorry miss, but we cannot accept your application.” She gives me a sincere smile.

“Why?” I inquire. They said that I could sell my virginity as long as I could show proof that I still own it. I have gone out of my way to bring it to them after a long gruelling process. I wouldn’t mind,but I had to let a doctor examine me and that wasn’t exactly a comforting moment.

“This agency is for men and women over the age of forty and you are twenty-five. I apologize for the inconvenience.”
Why couldn’t they have told me this at the beginning instead of making me wait for over two months? I showed them identification, for christ’s sake!

“Not a problem,” I reply nicely because it’s not exactly the receptionists’ fault. She’s only doing her job. I take my certificate and add it to the pile of papers that I have stacked in my arms. Smiling I turn and walk out of the building quickly.
Before I turned eighteen, I thought that I could do anything because I would be legal. I was wrong and every time I tried to do something I was rejected. The perfect example was on my eighteenth birthday when I was excited to get a mobile phone on contract. It worked out that my credit score was too clean and they wouldn’t allow me to get one. Life is never fair.

Finally entering my bedroom after having a conversation about pancakes with my mum, I sit down and type into the online search engine.

“Selling my virginity.”

I click on a website that doesn’t include a third party. I register on the website, add my personal details, upload a picture and send my application off for publication. Twirling around on my chair, I wait for my application to be verified, which is accepted fairly quickly considering the number of applications that they must receive daily.

I run down the stairs for my dinner with a gigantic smile on my face, I am pleased with myself for taking the first couple of steps. My parents are sitting at the table eating pizza and I join them scoffing one slice in two bites. I’m super hungry especially after my tiring trip to drop off the certificate. Excusing myself from the dining room table, I smile at my parents who aren’t interested in a conversation. My Dad is always working and because he is work orientated, we never did have a father, daughter relationship. Me and my mother have always been close, but when my Dad returns home from work, they spend time together and I stay out of their way.

Opening my bedroom door and sitting back down on the chair. I am ecstatic to be able to finally talk to people regarding my virginity. I have joined a forum chat with others who are the same as me. They asked me why I am selling my prized possession and I told them that I want to help women around the world and by selling it, I will do that.

I lost my aunty to cervical cancer two years ago. The most unexpected illness to come along and destroy a beautiful soul, breaking everyone’s hearts in the process. I remember watching as she left her family behind. She had two beautiful children and a husband who she loved more than anything in the world. I promised her that I would do everything in my power to help others who are suffering the same way that she did.
I want to lose my virginity and give the payment to charity to help families in need of support. I’m not exactly rich, but I do have a heart and other people are worth more than pieces of paper.

Moving my computer mouse and signing back into the system, I am distraught to find that my virginity has been put into the auction listing. I don’t want that!

“Oh shit no.” I stutter, clicking my name, trying to remove it.
I wanted to be able to choose who was going to take my virginity away and I have been selected for an auction. Any person who visits the website can choose to buy it.

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