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It all started with an advertisement for a puppy. I clicked on it and messaged the owner because I wanted to buy him and my life took off in a crazy direction that was out of my control. It works out that I was targeted by a hacker. A really crafty one, an assassin who knows everything about me. He knows where I live, what I do and all of my personal details. He is demanding and needs to know what I am doing. He knows me but I don't know him. I don't know what he looks like, his voice, his likes and dislikes and he can get inside my house, my mind and destroy my life with the press of a button. He is dangerous and I am intrigued by him. His name is Ace, well that is what I think. He has access to everything and is my friend. I am friends with the world's most dangerous person and if I'm not careful, I could either be killed or sent to jail. Is it worth taking the risk? I don't know. Scarlette is playing a dangerous game with a man who is apart of the Dark Web. She is a poor innocent woman who gets dragged into a dangerous world with a man who has everything that you could possibly want in life. The only problem is that she doesn't know him and she may fall in love with the man with no identity. Could Scarlette's risk help her enjoy her life or could it get her killed? MATURE CONTENT, SEXUAL CONTENT, VIOLENT SCENES, BAD LANGUAGE. RECOMMENDED FOR 18+

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

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In this book, I will not be giving out full details on how to get on the dark web or any dangerous websites. Whilst I have done all of the research, I have been able to keep myself safe so that I could write this story for you. I do not recommend searching the deep web for people who are the same as my characters because you will not find them there. People on these sites are extremely dangerous and you can end up in situations that are impossible to get out of. Stay away from this area of the internet!!!

This story is written from my imagination using real information that is used in this area of the internet. You will not find your prince charming, but the way that they access your key information, details, background information and how they do jobs are as accurate as I could get it. These people are not the types who make friends or will give you second chances, they are true to their word and mean everything that they say.

This is a first draft. Editing will be done once completed.

Now let’s get to the story and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. This story took a lot of research and drafts to get right and I would appreciate it if you could comment, vote and share if you enjoy it. Thank you.


It’s a rainy day. It’s always a rainy day in Britain. I’m laying in bed on my phone scrolling through my newsfeed listening to a beautiful piano instrumental thinking about my life. I am twenty-five years old and still anti-social but that doesn’t stop me from being nosey and looking at everyone’s statuses as my mind wanders through all of the what if’s and should I’s. I have my baby pink pyjamas with white love hearts on and my fluffy socks have been kicked off and left underneath my duvet.

“We’re going out tomorrow night if you want to come.”

I text my friend Lucy back telling her ”yes I’ll be there” and open up the online videos to watch the tarot card reading that I watch every day. I can see my notifications pinging and going crazy at the top of my small five-inch screen. I feel relaxed and surprised that my Nan hasn’t come in to tell me that I need to get up for the day. I can hear her humming along to a song on the radio in the kitchen as she does her morning cleaning up routine. I moved out of my parent’s house when I was twenty-two because we couldn’t get along with each other. They would always complain that I needed to go to work and need to stop acting like a spoilt brat when I’m not interested in working at all. Why should I do something that I can’t stand the thought of doing right now? Plus I’m not a brat or spoilt, I’m poor if they want to be realistic.

My phone slips from between my hands and smashes against my face making me jump and pause what I am doing for a moment. That hurt and scared the hell out of me!

A message pops up in messenger and I open it up.

Joanne “What time are we all going out?”

Violet “Not sure. About six o’clock.”

Lucy “Perfect!!”

Joanne “What is everyone wearing?”

Me “I’m wearing my black dress with heels.”

Lucy “I’m buying a new outfit tomorrow.”

Violet “Blue skinny jeans and red crop top.”

Lucy “The one you got weeks ago and never wore?”

Violet “That’s the one babe.”

Me “I’m so jealous. You got the last pair of jeans in our size.

Violet “Winners keepers.”

Me “Haha, no I’m only joking. You deserve them, babe.”

Clicking off the chat, I swipe my screen up and stop to look at my friend Sasha’s status. “It’s too hot today in Magaluf. Brianna has her head down the toilet. It’s safe to say that we had a great night last night.” Leaving a love emoji, I take a sip out of my fresh bottle of drink when a ping comes in telling me that I have a new message.

This will make your day. The best video ever!!!!!

Clicking on the link I see a picture of puppies for sale. I have wanted a puppy for months now and seeing baby pomskies make my heart flutter. I carry on looking through the pictures until I stop on a puppy looking for a home.

This little fella is looking for a home. Open to offers.

Clicking on the message me button, I start typing because there is no way that I am going to carry on with the rest of my day without buying him.

“Hi, I am interested in buying your puppy. Can I have more information, please? Thank you xx”

Pressing send I exit the page and weird music starts playing. Clicking on the tab that has shown up, I watch as my screen starts typing random numbers and letters. Grabbing my laptop off the side table, I switch it on and go back on to the internet to find out that it has the same problem.

“What the actual hell?” I whisper to myself as it stops. The previous message that popped up is still there, but instead of it being blue, it is pink. Clicking it, I stare at the screen.

Ace “Hey, how’re you?”

Me “Who are you?”

Ace “I’m Ace.”

Me “So you’re the fuck boy who speaks to every girl online?”

Ace “Sure about that? You’re mistaking me for a kid who loves to whack one-off in his bedroom at night.”

Me “No. I’m used to boys like you messaging me randomly and it’s annoying!”

Ace “Dangerous. Blind predictions aren’t my favourite. You know that huh?”

Me “Go away you creep!”

Ace “Sorry Princess, but that ain’t going to happen. You need me and I need you.”

Me “You seem confident about that statement, but I’m sorry you’re wrong.”

Ace “Confidence is the key and I think you need to look deeper because you kinda fucked up and entered the place that I call my playground.”

Me “What playground?”

Ace “Oh, you know. The area on the internet where you wanted me to give you more information about my dog. Not sure I want to let you have him now. His names Rocko by the way.”

Me “Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise.”

Ace “See where my confidence came from babe? You need me for my dog and I need you for my payment.”

Me “How much do you want for him and that is such a beautiful name. I love it!”

Ace “I don’t want anything now because you accused me of being a fuck boy!”

Me “Whatever.”

Ace “Never judge a book by it’s name sweetheart because it can get your ass shot.”

Me “Have a good day.”

Throwing my phone down on my bed, I stand up and grab a shower before entering my room again. Today I want to be lazy and stay in my bed because it’s the first day off gardening in months and I want to enjoy it. Getting in my tracksuit bottoms and a black crop top with ankle socks, I make my bed. Climbing on top of the sheets, I lay down and pick up my phone again.

Ace “Ok I’m sorry. Give me an offer for Rocko if you’re still interested.”

Me “I don’t know how much dogs are worth. Do you have a price in mind?”

Ace “Hmm, let me think. What about a bottle of your favourite perfume.”

Me “You want a bottle of perfume for the dog? You do know that what you’re asking is creepy right?”

Ace “It’s not a big ask though is it?”

Me “I guess not. I will check online now.”

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