Tentacle Violation

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Nina went out that summers day for a walk in the forest. She hadn't expected or wanted to encounter a sex hungry plant. That snared her with its scent trapped her withs its tendrils and violated her with its tentacles. Nina was impregnated with its seed.

Erotica / Fantasy
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A Day Out

Nina arose at nine that Saturday morning, the day after her twenty-fifth birthday.

Pulling back the curtains she thought to herself. “Wow! What a fantastic spring day!”

The sun shone through her bathroom window as she ran her morning bath. Waiting for the tub to fill Nina picked up her hairbrush and started to tidy her silky brown mane. She stood there naked, in front of her full-length mirror. Standing to her full, five foot nine as she regarded her body.

34 c tits, she believed them to be her crowning glory, a tight little arse and long slender limbs. Oh, and a cute little cuff pointed the way to her neatly trimmed pussy!

Her pussy she thought was especially gorgeous! With pouty soft lips, that she just loved to be sucked nipped and licked!

She’d been single for two years now but had a select group of male and female lovers. There’d even been the odd transgender lover, and of course the time on her last trip to Thailand and the sex party she had, with the ladyboys.

Nina particularly liked to watch a boyfriend fuck one of her female paramours while having a threesome. Nina was addicted to sex! All forms of sex!

Slipping into the foam Nina laid back. Soaking in the warmth of the water, her mind drifting to the previous night and the date she’d been on with Rex.

They hadn’t fucked, but as she laid in the soapy foam her fingers found her pussy, and she began to gently masturbate, imagining what it might have been like rutting with Rex? Nina had not encountered many men like him! Tall, dark and a little dangerous!

Maybe she fancied, to be even forced by him! The idea of being bound, unable to stop him from exploring her body and her secret, most intimate places; excited her! Sliding further down into the tub she worked on her clit, her orgasm arriving slowly throbbing deep in her brain.

Determining not to waste the day, she decided to go out into the forest for a walk. Nina dressed in her favourite summer frock.

It was a pastel shade of bluish-green, and gossamer straps held the chiffon fabric to her body. The hem floated on her knee, as her firm full tits filled the bodice.

She felt a little naughty so left off the small white thong she was going to wear; a pair of white pumps finished the outfit.

Nina jumped into her Porsche and headed off to a favourite spot. It was deep in The New Forest, near to the sleepy port of Lymington, close to where she lived.

Nina parked in the secluded Knightwood Oak car park, and started to walk towards a little stream she could see in the distance.

One she knew well.

The Knightwood Oak was over five hundred years old. The tree was shrouded in mystery, for many women have disappeared in its vicinity over the years. But Nina dismissed such nonsense as an old wives tale.

Nina sat looking into the water for what seemed quite some time but was probably only minutes. She noticed a sweet fragrance on the air. It was a pungent, delicious smell, intoxicating even?

Deciding to see if she could find the source of this magical odour, Nina followed her nose. The smell seemed to be drifting from a spot Nina had never explored! An area of ground surrounded by shrubs, small trees and soft wispy grasses.

The closer Nina got, the sweet smell grew spicier, more stimulating!

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