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Tentacle Violation

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Following the Fragrance

The fragrance was now so powerful it was making her feel drunk. Nina’s mind was overtaken by the overwhelming need to find the source of the pungent odour! Which was now making her feel so warm, hot even, her skin was starting to become sweaty, the heavy pollen in the air making her perspiration sticky.

The dress she was wearing, now stuck to the outline of her body. Defining her perfect tits and neat camel toe.

Nina stumbled across a small path that ran through the wispy grasses and shrubs. It eventually led her to a small wooded valley. At the edge, the pathway continued down onto the valley floor.

The nectar in the air now started to make her feel happy, euphoric even. Nina even began to feel horny. An urge to fuck consumed her, any passing random cock or pussy would do!

She looked around her, thinking! Why have I not stumbled on this secluded spot before, it’s perfect?

She knew the area so well. This place looked different, smelt different, and had a whole different feel to it.

Then she saw it!

At the very far end of the valley was a large pond or small lake and on the far bank was a plant, a massive hanging. “Passionflower like plant!”

Its primary root and foliage seemed to be at the edge of the pond, but its tendrils with masses of flowers and fruits were hanging from the branches of the trees that overhung the water.

There were also reddish vines hanging from the trees, which seemed intertwined with the passionflower.

Nina felt compelled forward to see this beautiful plant. She had never seen one with such giant flower heads before.

Nina pondered to herself. That maybe, she had stumbled on a new species of flora? Maybe it might get named after her? “Nina passionis fructus?”

Arriving on the floor of the valley, the path continued to the edge of the water. The pond didn’t look deep, so urged on by an insatiable desire to get closer to the plant she slipped her pumps off and walked into the water.

The water was warm maybe hot even! It certainly wasn’t cold as expected! By the time she had waded into the middle, the water was up to her mid-thigh. The bottom of her flimsy summer dress had become sodden. The water weighed the hem down, pulling the dress lower, straining the material against her breasts.

The tension on the floss like straps holding the garment to her body was at breaking point.

The strap on her left shoulder slipped off and lay against her arm. The material on the left side of the dress slowly slid off her breast.

The wet fabric teasingly held on by the stalk of her erect left nipple!

When Nina arrived on the other side of the pond, she was standing ankle-deep in water and surrounded by the passionflower, it’s fruits, flowers and tendrils.

The flowers were huge the size of her open hand, and the fruits, well there were pairs of fruits!

She contemplated. How large they were and how much they resembled a man’s testicle sack!

The passionflower’s fruits were not perfectly round and seemed to be held in a soft pinkish green scrotum like sack!

Hanging like a pair of men’s balls!

Minus the cock!

The cock was there, Nina just didn’t realise it yet!

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