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Tentacle Violation

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The Vine

There were also reddish vines hanging from the passionflowers foliage, well a sort of vine. They were obviously not part of the plant, as passionflowers do not have vines only tendrils.

They must be part of another plant? Nina assumed, entwined with the passionflower?

Nina was taken aback as she examined the vine! The vine was distinctly odd? The tip of the vine well had a corona? It looked like the head of a man’s penis! It even had an eye or a urethra at its centre, and there seemed to be a sticky pink substance oozing from the small opening!

There were also other vines with similar penis style heads, but these had much larger urethra openings at the centre, a wider slit-like mouth, rather than the smaller urethra opening the others had.

The phallic-shaped head seemed to be made of four isosceles triangular red fleshy petals. Which Nina could see moving? As if it was breathing?

Nina watched goggle-eyed as one opened.

The four petals of the penis-shaped head peeled apart, revealing a pink moist inner mouth.

The more Nina looked, the more she realised the four isosceles triangular shaped petals were like lips and gums with small hook-like teeth! They moved, opening and closing.

‘Fuck’ Nina exclaimed!

It was all so very strange! She thought. Not at all thinking, she was in any danger!

Nina had an unstoppable urge to touch a fruit, hold it in her hand, pick it and eat the soft sweetmeat.

As Nina reached out for the fruit, a flower head erupted sending a plume of creamy yellow pollen into the air.

It covered Nina in its sweet-tasting nectar; she greedily licked it from her lips and sucked it from her fingers. Something? Went straight to Nina’s head!

She felt extremely drunk and had the most inexplicable urge to masturbate. Nina’s sticky-fingered left-hand disappeared under her dress to find her now swelling clit!

As her gluey fingers delved into her wet slit, the material of her dress fell off her left breast exposing the now swollen orb with its rock hard nipple.

Nina desperately wanted to hold a fruit a pair of fruits in fact. Reaching up with her right hand, she took one!

It nestled in her palm! It felt delicate, velvety to the touch. And then Nina felt the movement of something inside the soft outer skin!

As the object moved, the phallic-headed vine next to the fruit jerked up and spat a creamy pink liquid from the eye or urethra into Nina’s face.

Nina instinctively lets go of the fruit to wipe the sweet sticky liquid now running down the bridge of her nose and over her lips from her face. But hadn’t seen or realised the plant’s tendrils had wrapped themselves around her right wrist and were now working their way down towards her elbow.

Nina’s left hand immediately stopped playing with her wet pussy as she tried to tear the tendrils from her right arm.

But the tendrils were far too strong and now took hold of her left arm, quickly encasing the limb as it had her right.

Both arms were now held tight by the things coils.

The tendrils now started to pull Nina’s arms up, above her head! Her breasts, lifting off her chest as her arms became extended above her?

When Nina’s arms were fully extended, her feet started to lift out of the pond. She dangled a meter from the surface of the water, kicking her legs frantically. Trying to free herself from her predicament!

Several other of the larger phallus-shaped vines started to move towards the hapless girl! The sight of these, snake-like, deep red penis-headed vines approaching her; seemed to hypnotise Nina!

Two of the phallus-headed vines dropped into the water, emerging just below Nina’s thrashing feet. Nina let out a scream as she felt the first one coil itself around her left ankle, then the other her right.

Both simultaneously lifted Nina’s legs, as they did so the tendrils encasing Nina’s arms released their grip. Nina uncontrollably fell back, her head splashing into the water as the vines pulled her further up into the air.

They stopped when their prisoner was arm’s length from the surface of the water. Nina’s immaculate manicured bright scarlet nails, grazed the surface of the pond as her arms flailed in a bid to right herself!

But to no avail!

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