Irrevocably You

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After a week in the mountains with my family I'm so thankful to be back home. Apparently there is a party tonight at the Mill House our frequent party location. Alex has reminded me every other day since I've been gone. It's how we celebrate the opening of football season. Scrolling through social media I come across her new photo on the beach. So I guess I won't be seeing her tonight. We have texted a little since I've been gone but she seems distant. I've thought about calling her several times I don't even know what to say. After a shower I dry off going to the closet to decide what to wear. The weather is finally cooling off a little it's early September. Grabbing a pair of jeans and a red button neck T-shirt I throw it on and pull on my boots. I reach over for my my guitar out of the closet. I sitting on the edge of the bed strumming thinking of a song to play while I'm dreading tonight. I don't even feel like going through the motions of another party.

Grabbing my keys off the counter I head out the door getting into my truck. Once I get to Mill House they are grilling out only a few hours till the sun goes down and this house is crowded with bodies. Alex pulls me aside as soon as I walk up Miller Lite in hand. "Damn dude texted you while you were gone. What the hell is going on with you?" It's true I hadn't really responded cause I really don't give a damn or even want to be here. "I've been busy working on some new material to play on the guitar and we just got back last night." He grabs my shoulder "Are you sure you are okay? You've been weird lately and not coming around." I shake him off "Yeah I'm sure. I'm good." Walking off from him to find Max or Tallon so he will stop his interrogation. Instead I see Jaxson he owns this house and he's what he calls "a ladies man" but it's true they all love him regardless of how arrogant he can be. He's blonde shorter than me and a little thinner. According to girls he's mysterious it really he just don't give a damn.

Tonight is gonna be like any other party with random girls making flirty comments and a ton of beer pong. This place gotten old still feels kinda like high school except Kathryn never comes. I don't know why in the hell I still hope she will be here everytime. Tallon walks up to where I'm leaning against the counter smiling from ear to ear "Hail where you been. Man you missed a killer party last week oh and Kathryn was here." Trying to keep my mouth from dropping open she hasn't been out here in years. "Damn who did she come with?" Trying to sound uninterested but he knows better. "She was with Sarah but she didn't stay long she's changed since high school. Jaxson was trying his damnest to get her attention. She wasn't buying it and Sarah was pissed." Taking a sip from his beer Sarah is Tallon's sister. Kathryn and Sarah used to be really close once Kathryn stopped coming around because of endless fighting with Alex every Friday and Saturday. Sarah became the only girl who was around the five of us guys. She's crazy about Jaxson but he couldn't careless.

Tallon almost chokes on his beer "Damn two weeks in a row it's a damn miracle." I turned my head to see what he was referring to only to see Kathryn coming in with Sarah. She's wearing a black fitted ruffle top with high waisted jeans. Her dark hair flowing down her back and around her shoulders. She's smiling at something Jaxson said when he greets them at the door. No matter how many times I'm around her she effects me. "Tallon do you think that she's only coming because of Alex?" He laughs and elbows me "No I think she's coming because of some other stud." I brush off his asshole comment still looking in her direction she spots me her smile widens. "That's my girl." I think to myself.

They make their way over to us. Sarah making a snarky comment that I didn't even catch Tallon speaks to her first "Kathryn you are venturing back out here we are honored." She smiles at him and only says "Oh yeah? Y'all should be." I laugh before I can catch myself she's got fire in her. Tallon and Sarah walk off leaving us alone he's probably fussing about something she's wearing. She turns her attention towards me "I didn't know you would be here. Sarah has been insisting I come." I give her a smile and grab her hand before I can think squeezing it just a little saying only "I'm glad you did. I thought you might be avoiding me." Before I finished she had already let go of my hand. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to pull away from you it just well you know. I'm not avoiding you." I want to pull her into me and breath her in but I know this isn't the place for that. Alex comes in and straight for us "Kathryn I didn't know you were gonna be here. I'll be on my best behavior." She smiles and walks away. "Damn dude she hates me. What were y'all talking about!" Here's my opportunity but instead I only reply "Nothing she was talking to Tallon before he walked off with Sarah." Sometimes I swear he knows or that he's setting me up. He thinks he has his claws so deep in her that she will come back and everything will be as it was before. Little does he know she's not going to not if I can help it. My mouth is before my brain "You know Alex there are a ton of girls here. Have your pick of one and let it go." He pauses as he was drinking his beer and busts out laughing "Damn Hail I like the enthusiasm. Nice pep talk though. I might just take that offer." I don't find him amusing tonight he's pissing me off like she's property to be had. I come back with "Alex I'm serious. She just started coming back around after that last disaster a few years back. Let her move on you owe her that. There will be over a hundred people here in the next hour. Let's enjoy ourselves." I give him a cheesy grin so he will shut the hell up already. "You know what Hail you are right!" Slapping my shoulder he walks off. I'm already ready to get out of here so I make my way out the door speak to random people on my way out. The cool air hitting my face is refreshing taking a seat in one of the chairs around the fire running my hands though my hair. Damn it I've got a mess on my hands. I look up and there she is laughing it up with some preppy dude I've never seen before. Ah hell its gonna be a shit night.

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