Irrevocably You

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Nathan's eyes haven't left me all day. He's been completely tuned in to every move I make, every word I say. He's hanging on to them like they will be my last. He's sitting beside me on the floor as we finish eating, my glass of wine running a little empty. I swirl it around in the glass watching the red liquid. As if he can read my mind he refills my glass. Looking up from my glass to his deep brown eyes. "Are you trying to get me drunk?" I say playfully smiling. "I don't know is it working?" He says with a warm smile. My heart swells with how gorgeous this man is. He places his hand on my knee saying "I have missed you Kat... I have missed us and how easy it is when I'm with you. You don't know how bad I want to give you what you want." Tilting my head to the side now I'm curious as to what he thinks I want. "You know Nathan maybe we can have the things we want without losing anything. Things don't have to be complicated." I say as I straddle him so he has no choice but to touch me. "I've missed you and right now I don't want to talk about anything else but what you want from me." His eyes blaze into mine his voice barely above a whisper "I want you Kathryn, all of you." His bottom lip grazing mine. "You never leave my mind. Like you are supposed to be there constantly. I have a need for you that I've never had for anyone." Before he can say anymore I press my lips to his he stiffens then relaxes into my kiss as our tongues intertwine. One of his hands on the back of my neck the other arm wrapped around me steading me, keeping me in place. He trails kisses down my neck to my exposed shoulder. He whispers against my skin "I want you to be mine, and only mine. Promise me not matter what you will be." Breathlessly I reply "I promise, always!" He remove my sweater then I removed his t shirt. His skin warm against mine. Running my fingers down this exposed body I notice the goose bumps in their wake. We are so responsive to each other.

Before I know it we are completely naked and laying on top of the bed. His body pressed against mine. "Don't tease me. Tonight I won't be able to take it." He says still kissing me in between words. I have my hands on his length feeling his arousal. His breathing is shallow he's holding back from me. " I won't tease if you don't hold anything back." I say into his ear. Nathan rolls me over on top of him and says "Have your way with me then darlin" placing his hands behind his head."I'm all yours" I lean up on my hands and knees my hair falling over my shoulder. Lifting one of my hands running it down his chest, past his toned stomach wrapping my hand around his erection, gliding down onto him. He lets out a sigh, the way he shows me he misses me never gets old. I move slowly savoring every minute of this connection with him. His hands gripping my thighs grinding me harder against him. The heat coming from the fire place feels perfect against my bare skin. He leans up to meet my lips with his own pushing him deeper into me. My head rolls back this intense pleasure he gives me. He wraps his arm around my back pushing me fast, harder onto him. I can feel his release as I meet mine.

Nathan's face nuzzled into my neck arms still surrounding me, my arms wrapped around his neck he has me too deep. Leaning my head against his, breathing him in. "You know I could get used to this." He says leaning back to look at me the light from the fireplace lighting his face. A soft smile spread across his face he moves one of his hands pushing my hair over my shoulder, sweeping his index finger across my collar bone then back up my neck. I close my eyes giving into the sensation of this touch. A soft sigh escapes my lips then he says placing his hand on the side of my neck "This spot is my favorite, aside from you lips. Because every single time I touch you here, your body is so quick to responds to me. Knowing this spot is for me and me only." His voice is rough and seductive as he draws closer to me until our lips are almost touching. I can feel his breath again my face. "Watching you, watch me, touch you, kiss you, and please you is the ultimate satisfaction for me." He runs his hand past my breast, down between my legs. His touch setting yet another fire between us. His lips still so close to mine his cock still inside of me, growing the more he touches me. Placing both of my hands on his chest pushing him down onto the bed. The corner of his lip turns up into a smile, still so close to mine. I brush my bottom lip against his he stiffens further. Sliding his tongue into my parted mouth we fall back into sync with each other. Always so in tune with each others needs. I swirl my hips as he pulls me in closer, grinding again each other in a slow torturing motion. He breathing increasing "Kat please don't tease me like that." I pull back from him, his eyes studying me. I lift myself up on my knees and rotate away from him, resettling myself back on top of him. Nathan leans up his chest meeting my back wrapping his hands around me pulling me so close. I continue the same pace as he is pulling me into him, wanting more and more. I pick up the pace my hips rotating in time with him. He now has his arm snaked up the front of my body in between my breasts holding onto my shoulder. Our bodies constantly gliding together. "Kathryn turn around and face me. I can't take much more of this." I slow and do as he requests only for him to lift me, laying me down onto my back. He fills me, he needs to be in control, his body against mine he pushes in deeper and faster. My legs wrap around his waist, his hands tangle into my hair as we both reach our climax.

As we laying intertwined, my mind is trying to wrap around everything that has happened today. I've never been the type to need anyone or not be able to live without someone.. The thought of living a life without Nathan pulls at my heart, even more that I don't know how to tell him how I feel. The whole day has been nothing short of amazing. I don't know how to describe it any other way. We may never actual have the relationship everyone hopes for but the way this feels why would I want to trade it for anything else. Before all of this I was living only to find someone I could see myself with for the stability. Not with Nathan every moment with him is like a new lifetime. I will never grow tired of his sleepy smile, big warm eyes, his cool exterior unless he is wound up and the way he wraps himself around me while we are sleeping. He fits me perfectly, and I feel safe with him. Everyone always looks for their sun but he.. He is my summer moon and all the stars. Every moment spent with him is better than the last even if we are fighting. Does he have any idea how much I love him, how I would give him whatever he wanted to keep this connection between us. I'm telling Alex the next chance I get even if it kills him. For once this isn't about anyone else and what makes them happy. Its about us.. Only us.

Nathan sits up and checks the clock. "It's only 8:30 you want to watch a movie? Or we can go for a ride and I'll bring the guitar." I lean up kissing his shoulder and reply " Hmm.. Let's ride for sure! I've been dying to hear these guitar skills you have now." He smiles and hops up off the bed pulling me with him. We get dressed, he grabs the guitar and we are out the back door.

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