Irrevocably You

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My alarm goes off it's Saturday morning 9 a.m. I know by now my mom is waiting on me to leave for the Sweet Briar Fair. It's an annual event for our town in the Spring of every year. First the parade and then all the delicious fair food. I'm going through my closest trying my best to find something to wear. I pick out something quick a vintage Nirvana band t-shirt , skinny jeans and my white converses. I'm usually more girly and well put together but today I'm running so late this is going to have to do. Looking myself over in the mirror. I have an olive complexion, freckles lightly covering my cheek bones and nose, golden brown eyes, dark brown curly hair flowing over my shoulder and down my back, slim figure, and like most southern women a loud mouth. I throw on some mascara and lipgloss grab my jacket then I'm out the door.

Getting into my white sadan I hurry uptown to our usual spot to meet my parents and my siblings. Once the parade is over we walk down Main Street. The fire trucks have already blocked the roads off for the day. We cross over from Railroad Ave. That's when I saw him for the first time since I can't even remember when. Nathan Hail in a red plaid flannel with the top buttons unbuttoned. Nathan is the picture of perfection he's medium build, short brown hair, slightly scruffy beard, contagious smile and deep brown eyes. From what I know of him he's brilliant and so handsome. He was walking with a guy that went to high school with us Tallon. I notice the smile on his face, and how good he looks in that damn flannel with his soft eyes. Those eyes meet mine and I felt this tingle that I couldn't shake. How could someone I've only spoken to in passing make me feel this way?

My mother Lelia's voice pulling me back to reality asking me yet again what I could eat. We settle on Philliy Cheesesteaks and Ribbon Fries. I'm still playing the earlier encounter over and over in my head. Did he feel it or maybe I'm crazy. At this rate I'm going for option two. You see Nathan is best friends with my ex boyfriend Alex Knight and you know guys and their guy code. I dated Alex when I was sixteen he was my first and I thought I was going to marry him. Until Senior year and I felt like if I didn't break free I was going to explode. I wanted to go to college and experience things for myself. Completely be my own person and that ended with me up dropping out of college and excepting a office job. Well here we are back to present day and I'm twenty four years old living behind my parents on my own land in small blue house. So as I was saying yeah for him to even look my direction seems completely out of character he barely speaks to me at parties even though I haven't been present at many lately. We are part of the same friends group but not that we are close by any means. Being from a small town that tends to happen. I can't even remember if we have ever actually had a conversation between the two of us. Honestly I never noticed him like this until now. Maybe because my heart knew that it was completely off limits.

I shoot a quick text to my best guy friend Chris asking if we are still on for tonight our usually Saturday night bonfire behind my house. He texted back "Absolutely! I've got the beer. Brandon & Shane said they are coming too!" I roll my eyes as if I didn't already know that it's been our tradition for years since grad. A lot of people see me differently for having three guy best friends but that's all they are almost like my brothers we are together all the time. I meet up with them at the rides to get a funnel cake.I start telling them about seeing Nathan and how much he has changed since high school. Of course them being guys made it out to be about only one thing sex. And of course it crossed my mind that was my game plan. But I'm not going to let them know they had me figured out. Shane the less preverted of the three looks to me and says "You know that if this is something you want you know you have to go after it.. Besides who tells you no.". I lightly laugh it off but he is right and I don't know how I would react to being rejected. While they are still hyping me up I am scrolling through social media. Noticing he had liked a song lyric I had posted a few hours earlier and decide what the hell I'm going to message him. So me being me I sent something charming and cleaver. He responded back instantly. I get straight to the point inviting him to come over and to my surprise he agrees and told me he would be here in an hour. I am prepared for whatever he could throw at me or at least I think I am.

He comes around back of course my friends were still hanging around after an hour or so of socializing and a few beers later they decided to head home. Leaving us alone at this point all we had accomplished was eye contact and some light flirting. The fire is dying down as I sit across from him staring into the flames. His voice bring me back to his eyes "Kathryn why don't you come sit over here by me ." I quickly move over beside him. I turn to look at him and he's talking to me again. "I'm glad you invited me I was thinking about you after I saw you earlier today. It seems like a lots changed for the both of us since high school." I reply instantly "Oh yeah? Like what?" He lets out a small laugh causing his eyes to squint " Well for starters you have you're own house now.. I picked up playing the guitar I'll have to play for you something. I was however really surprised when you invited me. Cause you know with your history with Alex and he's my really close friend. But I honestly couldn't resist seeing you again." I'm looking down at my hands at this point "Yeah we worked out our differences we are slowing becoming friends now. Maybe we can all go out sometime. It's getting kind of cold out here now. Would you like to come inside?"I say avoiding the last part of his statement. His quick response catches me off guard "Yeah absolutely I would love to. We can watch a movie if you want to. Your choice." I know I'm smiling from ear to ear but I love a good movie.

As we are waking inside the wind has picked up slightly causing my hair to wildly blow into my face. Before I know it his hand brushed my jaw line as he's moving my hair back to frame my face. I can feel the heat rising to flush my cheeks hoping it's to dark for him to notice. I start to turn away from him as a he grabs my face his big hand gently holding my cheek and back of my neck. His scent is so strong it's clouding my judgment and his eyes are locked on mine as our lips meet. We are caught up in the high as his hands trail down my body. My hands finding their way to his collar pulling him in closer. His tongue gently caressing mine in a perfect rhythm. The only things he says as we break free my back pressed against back door of my house. "Are you sure this is okay? You can tell me if this is moving too fast." I manage to nod my head feeling a little more breathless than I thought I would be. We make our way inside and finding the couch a trail of clothing in our wake. He's all I can think about my senses are flooded in only him. His weight on top of me his hand travels between my thighs my ache growing for him more. His touch lights me on fire and I want this moment to last forever. What is happening to me? "Kathryn" he says panting as my hand finds its way into his boxer grazing over his length. He removes his boxer and enters me. He's body on top of mine all that crosses my mind is how perfectly we fit together. Next thing I know we are laying together in a euphoric state. After an hour or maybe two of small talk he keeps lacing his hand in mine. This is the most blissful feeling. Finally I check the clock and its three in the morning. He attempts to find our clothes we discarded entering the house. Walking him out to his green small truck I feel a little sad he's leaving and wondering how this is going to play out if Alex ever finds out. I know it will probably blow up all in my face at this moment I don't care. I have to find out what could possibly happen. But this was not what I had intended to happen.

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