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Call Me Daddy

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Avery has decided to go to campus for his second year of college. This story involves crazy roommates, sexy teachers, and for bitten relationships.

Erotica / Romance
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I decided to move to campus this year. I mean, I love my family, I really do, but just imagine trying to keep up with everything while little heathens and bratty teenagers swarm around you. Mom wanted to throw a party. I wasn't really into that, but I did it because I knew, even though I wasn't leaving forever, when one of her birds leave the nest, she goes nuts.

I was the second oldest out of 8 kids. Yes, you read right. My parents were straight freaks, and we're not even talking about the twins my Mom is gonna pop out at any time. "Ma, would you stop worrying. It's not like I'm going to London", my oldest brother, James who came back for the 'party' shot me a glare. My mother pouts. "I know Avery, but I'll still miss you. Your my little baby", she muses my hair and I remove her hand gently. "Ma, you have 6 others to worry about, including incoming", I say touching her swollen belly and kissing her cheek.

James swung his arm around my neck as she walked away and I look up at him. "I hate you", he says making me laugh. "I can't agree with you more. I hate me too". He frowns playfully. "I'm proud of you though. Going to college". "As if you didn't", I roll my eyes and lick my lips. Something wraps around my leg. I look down the current youngest, Reyna, hugging my leg. "Avery", she whines. Awww, she's so cute. She's currently 4 and seems to be very attached to me. I pick her up and look around at my family.

"Guys-", I start. Emily, the third oldest at 16, isn't holding a screen in her face for the first time since she learned about IG. Mason (Manny), the fourth oldest at 13, is holding the football I got him last year. Jasmine and Jason, the first twins at 10, are standing side by side with cake icing on their cheeks and sad faces. James, who is 24, is standing next to Mom now. "Damn, I'mma miss ya'll". Everyone "awws" and crowds around me for a hug. I smiled, my eyes watering and grab my bags. I put everything in the trunk and wave as my family stands on the porch and waves me off. I can already hear the complaints from the neighbors about the chorus I was now leaving behind. I sigh and turn on the radio, going down the road of my new found freedom.

I walked into my door with my ID around my neck and sighed with a smile. Non of this was new to me, I had shared my room for years so I was definitely ready for my 3 assigned roommates. The first one I met was "Chance". He was sitting on the couch on his phone with the T.V. low in the background. He looked up at me and jumped. "Oh shit, who the fuck are you", he stood up and flexed, as if to intimidate me. I smirk at his reaction, isn't the first time. "Avery", I respond and his face drops completely. I laugh hard, holding myself slightly. "Damn, for real? That's cool or whateva", he nodded. He started telling me about random stuff while he gave me the "house" tour. Supposedly he got here thinking he was late but turns out he was early because of the time zones.

"Damn bro, you pretty far from home", I drop my bags to the side and run my fingers through my long dirty blond hair. He nods. "Yea, I guess". Chance was a lightskin with curly brown hair that didn't pass his ears and light brown eyes. "Do you know the other two", I asked. He check his phone with a nod. "Yea, I know my man Zayne, we did a few Zooms and stuff. Supposedly he contacted everyone by email". I checked my phone, cause I didn't remember getting an email, but low and behold, there it was. "Oh shit-", I say checking it. He wanted to get to know us. "Yea, I don't know the other guy though", just then we heard the door bust open. We walked to the door to see a dark skinned male standing in the doorway with two big duffel bags. "My bad bro", he smiled, "Darrius".

After Darrius got comfortable the three of us got comfortable. "I like yo piercings bro", Darrius said looking at my face. I had one on the side of my nose, my eyebrow, tongue and navel, not that anyone knew about it. "Thanks, I like your tat". He flashed me a smile, his darker brown eyes twinkling. His tattoo was almost like a sleeve, stopping at his elbow and spreading to his left pec. Finally came Zayne, who Darrius and I just wasn't ready for. Chance laughed at the expressions on our face. Zayne, who looked like a white guy gone bad, stepped into the dorm decked out in all black and leather. He had my piercings and D's tats. His gray eyes were lit with humor and even though he looked like bad news, the man was extremely cool. Since we all seemed to pull up on the weekend we went out to 'celebrate' our 'friendship'. The oldest was Zay, at 24. Since the rest of us were 20 "Please", Zayne said, scoffing as he lit a cigarette, "I got two words for ya. Fake. ID's". He brought a bunch of beers then we got lit at the dorm.

I woke up next to the fridge. "What the fuck", I groan as I stood up and held my head. Zayne laughed as he stepped over D's body on the floor. "How could you be so cheerful", Chance, who was only 2 inches from having his face inside his coffee cup, whined. "Comes with years of practice, my friend". "Years", I raise my eyebrow at him and he salutes me with a water bottle. "Would ya'll shut up", Darrius huffed into the carpet. "How did I end up at the fridge", I said snatching a bottle of water so I could swallow a couple pills. Zayne smirked as Chance shook his head with a low chuckle. "You were so out of it. You went to get another drink and never came back". Darrius laughed as he sat up on the floor, rubbing his head. "Shit was epic". I roll my eyes and walk to my room so I could grab some things for a shower.
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