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this is for all. we will have the gay ones and the straight. some of wives some of simple kiddie love the story is endless and best yet i want to involve you the reader so send me a story line and I will do my best to type it.

Erotica / Romance
myrA Little
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husband x wife x friend

The song is so loud "I'm gonna do it no matter what your girlfriends say" in my head as I make my way down the street. The little ghost with the scythe following me, looking over at him my eyes rolled, who knew because watching porn my wife's life would be in danger and I would have to suffer the consequences of having her sleep with other men.

Hatred was not something that I understood till this guy rolled into my life. "Either you both die or just go this last day without touching your wife. Simple" the ghost says. I know he is there cause the first month he made my sweet Nico have difficulty breathing till we found someone to sleep with her. That is when I knew the curse was real.

I enter the apartment and see Nico is making tea seeing her plump butt makes me hard. Oh it has been six months since I last touched her. I miss her sexy body, six months of watching the same guy who is supposed to be my friend ram my wife's tight pussy. I miss her so much I want to touch her but I can do nothing more than hold her hand.

"Sean is later than usual" I say and she turns to me smiling. "Want dinner before he arrives honey?" I shake my head just the fact that I have seen Sean fill my wife with cream pie after cream pie makes me angry. His tongue and hands all over my lovely Nico angers me. But anger has no place here, I have no choice but to watch and see her enjoy it.

There is a knock on the door and I get up to open the door, Nico stands next to me and smiles at Sean while I look tiredly. His eyes making their way all over my wife. "Hello I'm here for our weekly treatment." I turn away walking to the front room.

"Well come in and let's get into this." I sigh and sit on the couch. Sean closes the door and locks it while kissing Nico this part always hurts the most. "Is this ok mike?" I nod not wanting to see this time then we are done and I'm free. I am free after this.

Nico looks at me and I give her a nod before sliding down my pants. I have to make this look like I'm enjoying it. I keep playing the scene as if I was the one on my wife but I know I'm not and that makes this harder. Sean picks Nico up, putting her on the table, she keeps looking at him while he goes between her legs and licks the lace panties I bought for her.

Nico moans, I see how she is getting into this. Why does it hurt so much? His tongue wiggling in and out of her pussy I see how she is dripping wet. I want her to get wet for me only. I have to focus on the scene, Sean stands up and takes off his pants and boxers sliding them down to his ankles.

Without looking at me or Nico he slides his dick into her without a second thought. Nico arches her back and moans as she looks up to see him looking down at her gown. Tearing it open he leans down sucking on her large breast. He used to ask if she wanted him to wear a condom but today he says nothing. We always ask for raw anyway so I can't blame him.

His hands grip Nico's delicate skin leaving a handprint, his mouth holding nothing back he pushes his dick deeper into her. Nico moans more and her eyes start to water. She puts her legs he grbas he picks her up while his dick stays inside her. He walks to infront of me and sits on a chair.

He turns her body to me and puts her legs up so my view of her pussy and the little bush she keeps trimmed is on full display. I grip my dick harder, rubbing faster, wanting to cum in her. Nico eyes begin to roll back and her toes curl up as she gips the arm of the chair. Sean smirks "who do you want to cum in you?" she screams incoherent words.

"Speak properly for me or I won't let you cum" she bites her lip before screaming "YOU, SEAN PLEASE CUM IN ME!!!!!!!" he smirks at me then positions her so her legs were up further then he proceeds to push deeper into her and then thrust into her relentlessly.

The heat of the moment made me cum into my hand and I watch his hips buck a couple times before I see the cum leaking from her pussy around his dick. He stands with her a bit wobbly but makes his way over to me and has his and her cum dripping on my dick with my cum now mixing with theirs.

I want to be angry but this is the last time I ever have to watch my wife have another's man cum filling her pussy. I see the ghost nod with a thumbs up hinting I'm done. I smile and watch as Sean pulls out of Nico only to push back into her she wakes with a moan and he kicks up the thrusting again.

Enjoy you bastard we won't call you ever again is all I can think. I sit back as Nico leans down kissing me I slide my tongue into her mouth feeling her moan from him thrusting into her. I rub her nipples between my fingers hearing the swears come from his mouth. I know she has tightened up her pussy from the extra attention.

I lean forward holding her up as he thrust faster pushing in deeper. I know he hit her womb when her back arched again and she started to scream. Grabbing her arms he keeps thrusting into her relentlessly till she squirts and slumps over but him going onto the floor with her didn't stop him.

He gripped her ass cheek and kept thrusting till his eyes rolled back and he leaned back to push deeper and he mumbled a few swears before cumming inside her womb. I waited till they recovered and then helped Nico clean herself up.

A couple hours later me and Nico, who is still naked, waves goodbye to Sean. He leans back walking with his hands behind his head down the hallway.

If you ever wonder what happened to us come visit in apartment 2B.

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