One shots

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My best friend fucked me

After Kevin untied your arms he set you on the floor and you crossed your arms angry with him. He bends down and sits next to you. "I'm very possessive just to let you know" he lays his head on your lap, You glare at him. "You are annoying man" you say but run your fingers through his hair.

He gets up and helps you up. "I want to try something with you" he walks to the closet as you stand in the doorway of the room you were just in. you look around and the things you see arouse you. There is a cross with cuffs on it, a swing with the seat kinda missing the bed looked to be like a water bed. You really want to be in there but change your mind. His apartment was huge more like a loft than an apartment. You wonder why he never made it seem like he had money. He comes back with a box closing the room's door. "We are not in there today" he says kissing your plump lips gently.

You feel him put something on your head. You open your eyes as he backs away. "My little pup ready?" he says you look at him confused. He holds you as he puts a vibrator in your ass. You look back to see a tail attached he then slides a collar and lease on you.

You look at him and tilt your head to the side. "We are gonna walk down the hall and into the stairwell. There I will fuck you till we cum" you look at him like he is crazy. "Don't worry if we get caught I will make sure everything is fine. Also dogs don't walk on two legs they walk on four" he says before he yanks the leash making you fall to the floor.

He bends down and forces you to kiss him before standing again to walk with you behind him following on your hands. "Bro the floor is filthy" he turns before opening the door and slaps you hard enough to make your head hit the wall. "BRO ON GOD I'M-" you didn't get to finish because he bent down and punched you in the stomach. "I'm not your bro right now, I'm master" he glares. You nod rolling your eyes.

He smiles and kisses your head walking out the door you follow behind him. You watch each door making sure no one looks at you naked and in only ears and a tail on your hands and kneese. You feel so embarrassed but the thought of someone seeing you made you also very aroused your dick drips precum. Making it to the stairwell he picks you up. He bites on your ear; he slides his joggers down along with his boxers. He slides his dick inside you and groans. "You are even tighter with this tail in you than I thought." he whispers to you.

You hear someone coming and cover your mouth to hide your moans. " I can't hear you!" he says looking at you. "Someone is COMING" you try to whisper keyword try because as soon as you move your hand he thrusts into you. He picks your leg up putting it on his shoulder surprising you how flexible you are, you look over and see an older man walking past you both into the door.

He cums inside you and pulls out to jerk you off your toes curl up as you scream while cumming. "I knew you were a dirty little whore." he says while helping you up. He carries you to the door, walking back to the apartment he walks in. While he was thrusting into you on the couch you hear the door being unlocked. He grabs a sheet covering you the way his room was set up no one could see what was happening unless they came closer to the couch. "Kevin I brought soup mom said you were having a sickie" her australian accent strong and clear.

He kept thrusting into you with his hand on your back to keep you down his sister making her way to the kitchen. Starts to put stuff up. "Ta, but mom didn't tell you to call ahead?" she shrugs and walks over to the door. " I gotta go, John is waiting for me, also hello Omari next time hide his jacket dead brother" she says leaving.

Kevin chuckles and pulls you up so he can choke you and the ears fall off your head. He pulls your hips with one hand as his other chokes you making your asshole clench around his dick. He thrust a couple good times before cumming you cum on his couch he pushes your face down. "Clean that shit up this couch is very expensive. You lick up the cum while he pulls out and sits back lighting a cigarette.

He looks at you. "So having people watch you turns you on?" surprised you look back at him. He gets up and makes his way back to the room with the water bed. "After you're done come in here Omari" he closes the door and you can hear him moving stuff around. You finish cleaning his couch then walk into the dark room. He puts you on something cold and you can hear it being locked. He turns on the light to reveal that you are locked to a piece of wood that is on two metal bars holding it up.

"Kevin what are you doing?" you look around to find him on the laptop. He ignores you while you check him out. He has on a mask, no shirt, his sweats hanging loose on his waist. He pulls the paddle down off the wall and he opens his laptop. He types some stuff in and steps back."Omari it's time for work so let's show you what I do." he looks back at the camera " HELLO and welcome to the show of the day the BJ hour. I'm Bj Alex and here is my lovely assistant!"

You look at the screen and see lots of comments coming in fast. "Thank you for the $700 kyle! Anyhow today my little kitten back there has been very bad so I must punish him." he says while waving a paddle in the air.

"So You are a porn star?" you say but instantly regret it as he hits your ass with the paddle. The sound of skin being hit fills the room and you gasp screaming as he hits you 20 more times. He walks over to his laptop leaving a vibrator in your ass on high. "Thank you for the $400 monica like ass" he says to the audience and you become hard knowing thousands of people are seeing you be so naked and being abused.

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