One shots

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The boy next door

My neighbor who lives next door is named Kyle and boy is he cute. I hear he is so hard to get with well bitch guess what? He is coming over tonight and I'm so ready.

I walk around my room setting up some rose petals and make sure the lights can be dimmed. Putting handcuffs on the table along with a whip. I run down the stairs in nothing but a large shirt.

Kyle looks at me and sighs pushing his hand through his golden locks. Oml he is fine,I want to eat him up whole. "So I lost my ball in your house, can I get it?" He looks down at me.

"Um yeah I think it's upstairs" I say a bit disappointed that he just came for a ball. I walk up the stairs with him behind me. Feeling something on my legs I swat it away making the shirt wave up a bit showing my ass off.

When we make it to the top of the stairs Kyle looks at my darkened room and I walk past it to look for his ball.

I feel Kyle walk behind me and tie a blindfold on me. Freaking out I wave my arms in the air in front of me. Kyle picks me up, I weigh 220 pounds. How did he get me up off the ground?

I soon feel the bed under my back and the handcuffs being put to use. My hands above my head and my legs spread apart while he sits in between my legs.

The heat of his body tells me how close he is but the feeling of the unknown is so high it is making me dizzy. I can't wait to feel his touch.

Kyle slowly lifts my shirt and I shiver as the old air hits my chest. He gently rubs his knuckles over my nipples and all I could do was moan.

My body being held back and the feeling of his heat was becoming over too much. I lift my hips up and he chuckles before I feel it. His tongue, he slides the wet hot thing between my pussy lips and licks my clit gently like a flick of a light switch.

I shiver but shake my hips for more. His hands grabbing my waist he begins to ravage my cunt licking and sucking on my clit and thrusting his tongue Into my pussy. I start to shake a bit letting my hips falter. He slides a finger in my butt and I push my hips back up surprised at this new turn of events.

After the sounds of my moans mixing with the sound of the slurping noise I felt his heat leave from near me. I pull on the cuffs hoping to get free but I feel a hand stop me. Another hand lands on my side and I feel the heat of Kyle again.

He slowly slides 3 fingers into my cunt and I feel my core burn with delight as my legs tighten the muscles to prepare to squirt he removes his hand. How dare he!?!? Before I can ask I feel something thick rub against my clit.

I moan out as he slides into my core without hesitation. I wrap my legs around his waist as he takes long deep strokes. I whine at the slow pace again I hear the chuckle and he speeds up making my legs tighten around him. He picks up my body, my arms being painfully twisted.

He starts to pound against my womb, the new feeling leaving me speechless. I scream in pleasure as I squirt on his dick. He takes that as a stepping stone and begins so drill my hole.

My pussy still being sensitive with his mmm being aggressive was not easy all I could scream was "oh my god oh my god yes yes thank you please ahhhh!!!" Kyle was not holding back.

When he finally did cum he said "god isn't making you feel this, it's me, now take my kids!!!!!!!" I lay there twitching as he lifts the blindfold.

"Babe next week you should be the sexy neighbor I want to bang" Kyle says before kissing me softly I smile and nodded.

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