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Thieves of the night. (Husband and wife)

Thank you for the suggestion here it is in my best way.

A young woman stays with her sister the night before her wedding. The woman pushes her golden locks that shine almost as bright as the sun into a tight bun. As her sister unzips the beautiful wedding dress. The white of the dress being shown more with the thought of her sister who on her own has a black dress.

“Sister why on my wedding day do you choose black of all colors” the sister just looks to her and smile.

“Your chocolate skin in that white dress will be beautiful. However, I am not one to walk with white black looks much better on me.” The two sisters smile to each other before nodding.

As the young blond walks down the aisle with her papa holding her arm she looks around making eye contact with all her most loved ones. The man at the end of the aisle never once removed his eyes from the young blond ,with the fair skin and plump lips, face. He held his position and when the time came he held her close.

“Do you take Mark Thompson to be your husband” said the priest the woman looks at the man as though she was thinking. Mark looked scared. “I’m kidding honey of course I do.” She laughs

Mark sighs “yes I do take Mrs. Thompson as my wife” the priest chuckles before continuing. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” Mr. and Mrs. Thompson share a passionate kiss meanwhile.

The older sister who has a short hair style that shows off her plump face. The brown locks swing two and fro as she dances alone on the dance floor a young and handsome man walks over to her. He leans down to whisper into her ear. “Let me have the next dance with you.” she nods softly allowing her body to sway with his to the beat of the music.

As the song ends the brunette makes her way to the forsest that is near by. Walking into them the man follows her. The moon shines on her brown hair along with the ruby that sits upon her finger and the pearls on her neck.

The man catches one of the ones arms and pins her hands to the tree using his belt he ties her hands behind her back he begins to take all the jewels off her starting with her fancy hair clip to the studs on her shoes after he has all in his bag he begins to leave.

“You must of not noticed the one jewel you missed” she says slyly the man looks back at her and how she is naked with nothing on. He walks back over to her.

her restraints.“What do you mean miss you are stark naked with nothing” she smiles and tilts her head. “Untie next and I will show you the last jewel” he thinks before loosing her restraints.

The woman takes the moment to tie up the man using parts of her torn black dress after she steals all his jewels she stands looking him over.

Tying his hands behind his back she pushes him back on the damp forest floor. Climbing onto his lap she pushes her panties to the side.

His dick becoming hard he shakes his legs trying to get her off of him. “Oh come now you wanted all my jewels correct?” He groans rolling his eyes as she slowly slides him into her wet pussy.

Her walls closing around his dick. She moves her hips to rhythm in her head as his hands want to reach for her. He wants to steal her from the top and take her with him.

She feels him staring and begins to bounce her body while her pussy tightens around his thick long dick. He groans holding onto the ground before breaking his ties.

He grabs her waist and slams his dick fully into her causing her to moan out the birds becoming silent to them.

He keeps thrusting in and pulling out slowly only to slam his hips against hers. To Make it easier he pushes her onto her stomach. He then continues to keep a steady pace but when her moans got louder. So he covers her mouth. “Shhh”

She sucks in his fingers which makes his pace speed up more making the sound of their skins being hit together louder. The sound of clapping echo from the trees.

Her body began to spasm as she came he pushed his tip into her womb and the cum over flowed till some leaked out onto the moist grass.

“I’m so glad I married you last year this was great” she says as she fixes her ring from his pants pocket he nods and kisses her cheek taking his out from her purse. “I agree my love”

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