One shots

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Military bar

I walk into the bar that is for people who have been in the military. This bar is usually filled with people who are running from the law or sometimes there are cops in here. When I was in the military it wasn’t easy to leave to turn my back on my country. I mean I got a medal for saving my partner’s life. In the end I lost the one thing that mattered the least: my leg. To see kids of the country I worked so hard to protect now look at me and run away. I walk to the back of the bar and set my bag down in a locker that is next to the bathrooms.

I sit in my usual booth and lean back as I close my eyes for a while. I hear the sound of punches being landed and then I feel hair touch my face. Opening my eyes I see dark brunette hair before the person falls into my lap. I roll my eyes pushing the woman; the beautiful face, thick thighs, plump breast and a waist that has the sexiness of rolls, into standing positions.

She nods her head to me before ducking. Which was a mistake because when the punch collides with my cheek, I stand leaning my head to the side. My eyes shift to the bartender who is also the owner. He just nods. Everything’s happens before anyone has a chance to blink again. I flip the male onto my booth table and beat the crap out of him.

No one Punches me. I mean no one, once I see the man is unconscious and the woman that fell on me earlier is standing there holding onto my shirt gently. I sigh and toss her over my shoulder. How is it I haven’t said a damn thing to her, yet I know what I’m gonna do?

“My name is Imani by the way” she says while she pushes her hands against my back. I groan softly. “Hello Imani my name doesn’t matter, we are gonna put something on our bruises.” I open my locker that I put my bag into and grab the bag heading into the women’s bathroom. “Orson is my name” I say as I sit her on the sink. Imani just looks at me before shifting uncomfortably on the edge of the sink. I lean over opening my bag, grabbing a med kit. I take out a band aid and place it on her cheek. I smile slightly, which felt weird to my face. I look down before standing slowly, Placing my hand on my Knee I stand looking at Imani.

“You might not know this but Imani in Swahili is faith, do you have any faith in humanity Imani” I say. While I fix my bag on my shoulder, I help her off the sink. “Faith in humanity is so hard to have if I can be honest with you. As a black woman humanity doesn’t make anything easy on us but as a Black woman with emotional and physical scars, at that point it’s like there is a sign on my back that says just kill me. Cause lets be honest that is what I have to keep fighting against.” I could hear the sadness in her voice.

“To me you are beautiful darling. I like each curve you have. I like your hair and how it looks so curly and tangled now. I like that fire you had in your eyes when you were fighting earlier. I like how you are so plump that I can never be satisfied looking at another woman. Who gives a fuck if you are a bit scared? Right now all I see is a beautiful woman, who is looking at a bruised man.” I say it with my voice raspy and deep, a bit of my accent slipping through.

I do not agree with Humanity at all when it comes to this goddess. “You have bruises, I have scars. Sounds to me like I found my match made in heaven.” She laughs and this brings me so much joy that I can’t help but smile. I mean who else would look at us and find this amusing. “Hey bruised man” she calls for me. I look over to her. “Orson is my name remember it means bear club in Latin” I smirk slightly cause the name is befitting for a 6’10 male who is built like a bear.

I mean I’m not hairy but I do have a lot of hair. “Hey Orson, how about we get to know each other a bit more. Then maybe it can be Orson and Imani, the couple that changes the world.” I smile at her wrapping one arm around her waist letting my Irish accent through “say less, sounds that we both want each other.” she smiles before kissing my lips. I like how eager she is, her boldness is exactly what I want in my woman.

“Not in the bathroom of a bar of course, let’s go back to my place. I have a bed that is big enough for a bear and a beautiful woman such as yourself.” she smiles nodding. I pick her up walking to the door leaning down. I walk out into the bar. Looking side to side I ignore the looks of awe as I carry Imani on my shoulder. She keeps touching my hair, I don’t really mind. I mean she is all the faith I need right now. As I make my way out of the bar she points to her car. I shake my head, and keep my walk to the Truck that was across the street.

I don’t park in the parking lot of this bar. People get really disrespectful with the way they double park over here. After opening the passenger door I finally slid her into her seat and that’s when I noticed how small she was. Wow she looks to be about 5’3 I like it. It’s cute like my very own little chubby bunny. I wonder does she have the energy of a bunny.

Walking around the truck I hop into the driver seat. Dropping my bag in the backseat, I notice her looking around the truck before hugging my arm. I pull onto the empty street speeding down it. I never cared about the rules of the road. After getting out of the military I became cool with most cops. There are still ones who try to pull me over with no warrant of reason.

I pull into my driveway making sure my car is out of the way of main street. The little marshmallow beside me looks so excited. I turn the engine off and hop out the truck walking to her side. I open her door right when she jumps into my arms. I catch her effortlessly, making my way to my house seemed to take forever. Every step seemed to be a hassle with her constantly kissing my face.

I finally manage to open my door and she seems to notice as she starts to take off her shirt. Closing and locking the door was a bit harder than making sure not to trip on my German shepherd, My husky was harder to avoid.

I step over them walking to the back towards the bed I have set up. Closing the door on my dogs I toss the beauty onto my bed taking my shirt off. Walking over to her and kissing down her neck to her breast. I fumble with her bra before using one hand and unsnapping it.

Based on the gasp I’m guessing that was new for her. Not many guys know that bras are simple if you practice enough. I practiced on a blow up doll for a few years to perfect my movements. I kiss on her breasts while I work on getting her jeans off. Pushing her shoes off her pants slipped off easily.

I lean back to get a good look at her while taking off my shoes and pants. “We should get a condom. Safety right?” I say while leaning over looking at my bedside table. She grabs my face whispering “I’m clean, just do me.” I nod, taking off my boxers while she tosses her panties behind me. I place my finger on her lip and she licks my fingers. I feel like I should use my mouth for something so I start to lick and suck on her breast while my hand moves from her mouth to between her legs.

I spread them a bit and place my thumb where I think her clit is. “Up and to the right-” she moans. I move my thumb and I feel her body shake a bit. I rub in a circular motion, She seems to like that because her breath hitches as her hand moves from the sheets into my hair. Well if she is gonna grip my hair then I might as well let her have god trying to take her soul.

I keep rubbing her clit as I place myself between her legs, Popping a jolly rancher into my mouth and sucking on it. Using my mouth I slide my tongue into her pussy licking and wiggling my tongue. I hope I’m doing this right, based on how her legs tried to close with me here and that both her hands are in my hair I’ll guess this is right.

“Fuck Carson- fuck I...I...F-Fuck” she tries to get out but I was focused on the way her walls seemed to pulsate while I was licking she actually tasted sweet thanks to the candy she tasted like my favorite flavor of blue berry. I slid my tongue as deep as I could and pressed my tongue against her walls. Her back left the bed and I had to grab her hip to keep her on my mouth.

An idea came to my mind, I moved my hands from her clit and hip to behind her flipping us. I lay on my back with her sitting on my face. She uses her hands to cover her face while I focus on licking her clit now. She rocks her hips while I grab her hands holding them to her side, seeing her face was erotic for me.

She starts to move her body down mine and I finish the candy by chewing it till it breaks down enough to swallow. She positions herself over my dick as she slowly slides down, I can see how she is struggling so I grab her hips with one hand and with the other pull her down into a kiss. I push her hips fully down and I feel the tear hit my cheeks. I reach up, wiping the tears away.

“I Know I didn’t get to prepare you enough that was on me I swear. I should have used my fingers doll face” she shakes her head before kissing me again. I hold her while she adjusts to me. I move at a slow pace putting my feet flat on the bed so I can thrust. I hear the gasp that she makes and stop moving. She slowly begins to bounce before I begin to thrust into her at a reasonable speed.

When her moans get louder I grip her hips and start to thrust into her at a speed that makes us both happy. Her moans and my groans fill the room, I use one hand to rub her clit and she has to grip onto my thighs as I feel this wetness spread around my dick and onto my thighs. I smile and kiss her forehead. I then set her on the bed leaving her on her back, picking her legs up onto my hips, she looks to be coming down from her high.

Can’t let that happen now can I? I start off by pulling out till only my tip is inside before pushing all the way back in. She arches her back moaning as I grab a hold of her hips tryna get a better angle. I then keep thrusting when I feel that build up in my stomach letting me know that I’m close. Cleaning my teeth I keep thrusting into her before pulling out and jerking off onto her stomach.

“A-maze-ing” she pants out and all I can do is nod. I feel her crawl onto my chest. “You know...I like it here…” what does she mean by that? “We are dating now if that is what you want to know” I finally say once I catch my breath. I didn’t wanna talk while panting. “That is the question I wanted to ask. I don’t like being a one night stand.” I chuckle and kiss her head wrapping my arm around her waist.

“Nope I don’t do one night stands especially since we did it raw” that was stupid on my behalf cause she could have gotten pregnant or worse I could have caught something. It’s fine, we can worry about that later. I love how her ebony skin looks so good in my dim lit room.

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