One shots

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Demon x summoner

It’s hard being a 19 year old male, who is also a virgin in college. But what really pushed me over was when everyone in high school said college was different. That in college no one cares about anything. I didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I only realized once I was here how bad it could actually be. I mean the constant being picked on was bearable. But I couldn’t handle being bypassed by the people who once were in my situation in high school.

Looking back at the book I bought off the dark web. It’s said to be able to call forth a demon to help you when you need it the most. I could have sworn a month ago I didn’t believe in such nonsense. However, I really do need some help from a demon right now.

As I pick up the book and chant some words I use a magic marker and draw the symbols on the floor. Starting with the pentagram I then whisper the last part “demon lord send the help I need in exchange for my soul.” I look at the book and it says to cut my palm. I take the kitchen knife that’s small and cut my palm letting the blood drip onto the circle. There is a puff of smoke and I jump back.

I cough and rub my eyes, taking my glasses off to see if it worked. I was so excited that when I saw an empty space my face fell in disappointment and I tossed the book onto the floor. That was a waste of $30! “I knew demons weren’t real! That was so stupid.”

As my legs start to move up the stairs to my bedroom I start to yawn. As I enter my room I grab my porn magazine from under my bed, sitting on the side of my bed I slide my shorts down. I wrap my hand around my soft small dick, rubbing my dick to a young adult Johnny Depp shirtless. I lean my head back and feel my head land onto a hot chest.

I freak out and fall onto the floor with my shorts around my knees. “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!!??” I scream while pointing at the being whose skin is red. He just looks from me to the magazine before laying his eyes onto my dick. I put my hands over my crotch looking away.

“You called for me, now you refuse to acknowledge me? How messy are humans?” He sighs. I watch as he Snaps his fingers and his form changes into a nice lining with a small frow, he has on a suit that was really nice the pants squeeze all the right places. Then his shirt was slightly unbuttoned. I looked at how the skin on this demon turned a soft petal pink before settling on a hot latin brown.

I was so caught in the chiseled cheeks and the way his eyes had this deep red fire in them before he blinked and they were this warm brown. He had little to no hair that was brown. Then his lips were so full like they could just gobble me up. I noticed him smirking that had a peek of a fang and I knew for a fact that he was definitely not good.

He leans over me and his shirt stretches to match his body while he pulls my shirt towards him. I gasp and try to pull away. “Hello human, they call me Rio. But tonight you are only gonna call me master. I’m in charge.” I nod scared but excited of what could happen.

“My name is Kyler.” I mumble looking anywhere but at him. He rolls his eyes and whispers in a husky voice “first after today Kyler is dead your name will be Tony. And second you will be a man after tonight” I had no idea what he meant by that but I felt really turned on by the way he was speaking to me.

Rio walked over to me, his height towering over me. I watch as he walks around the room and I see how he keeps touching different things. I can’t help feeling annoyed at how he pulls open one of my drawers. “Excuse me!” I run over closing my drawer back and he just smirks and places his hand on my waist before walking back over to the bed. I scoff, pulling my shirt down.

I feel his eyes on my butt as I slip the shorts the rest of the way off. “You know most demons make a contract that insists that there is a way to get out of selling my soul” I say, placing my hands on my hips. He does a low chuckle and in a blink of the eye Rio is no longer human. His claws are extended and all I see around my room is fire. He points one finger at me and I feel the air leave my body.

He takes slow strides towards me “as long as I say you are necessary then you live. As of now? I say I like you alive. When that desire ceases so does your existence. As long as we are clear” he lets my body hit the floor while I gasp for air. “You are a pleasure not a necessity, remember that.” he whispers in my ear.

I nod stuck in how his breath felt against my ear. I could feel my dick twitching yearning to be touched. I tried to push him away but he placed me onto the bed and snapped his fingers. I felt chains being wrapped around my arms. I pull on the chains trying to wiggle free. I feel a bit of fear but mostly excitement building in my chest.

“Um sir, are the ties really necessary?” I ask, looking at his face the lights begin to dim and I notice how little flames from scented candles filled the room. I can’t help the way I keep looking around. The feeling of petals brings my attention back to the bed. Rio licks his lips, grabbing my neck. His hands feel so good the warmth they have radiating off them.

He placed his hand onto my chest running a finger from my chin down to my belly button. I bring my legs up trying to hide my growing erection. I mean come on he took the form of someone so good looking. I feel like if he even licks his lips again I might just burst.

Rio stands up walking back over to the door. I try to sit up but the chains make it hard to move, seeing as my arms are in front of me and chained to one side of the bed. I hate this I hate being this weak it’s just like school! Rio, as though he can see through me, leans against the wall next to my door “you know it would be better if you just opened your mouth.” He says with his arms crossed over his chest.

I swear if I didn’t know any better I would say his tattoos moved but I know that’s false. He flexes a bit and all I could do was rub my legs together. Does this demon need to breathe? Cause the way his chest comes out and falls is so in rhythm that I almost want to cry.

Rio chuckles and I pull on the chains and lean over to look him in the eye. “What is the contract?” I ask, well it was more like a whine. Rio just pushes himself off the wall walking over to me and pushes me back down with his finger tips. Yep definitely gonna be a bottom to this man. I can’t really say I mind tho cause oh my gawd he is what I want right now. No, I need to get my mind together.

“You like that?” He asks while his fingertips gently touch my tip. He rubs one of his nails down the side and I feel my hips jerk forward. “I am using my pheromones to make you submit to me. It’s not easy cause I see how your mind is fighting to stay above the horniness. Just submit already” he grumbles and puts his face in the side of my neck.

Inhaling was so hard to do his scent was thick and it made me feel intoxicated. Fuck… Let him in… FUCK ME!! My brain screamed to have him inside of me. I have to resist, I just have to fight back. It was all over when he leaned back wrapping one hand around my throat and the other around my dick. It felt like electricity was shooting through my dick.

He tightened his grip on my neck. I arch my back, thrusting my hips into his hand. I can’t focus anymore. It's getting harder to have consistent thoughts. His hand is so hot it feels good the way it’s rubbing my dick. He leans over spitting into his hand and when he placed his hand back onto my dick it felt like the pleasure was increased. My eyes water, making it harder to see as the black dots fill my vision. I feel the pressure building in my stomach. I am so close just a little more.

Rio must have felt me building up because his hand starts to rub my dick faster. I cum in his hand covering his hand and my chest. Rio removes his hand from my throat. I gasp,coughing trying to regain my air in my lungs. He had other plans though, the way he flips me onto my stomach and lifts my ass up told me I was on the way to some more fun.

I feel his hands on my ass cheeks, the warmth felt nice till it disappeared. I look back at the same time I felt the pain on my left ass cheek. “What the hell man!?” He looks at me tilting his head to the side before pulling his hand back and hitting my ass cheek again smiling. I bite my lip to hold back the scream.

Rio rubs his thumb across my ass before sliding his hand up to my mouth snapping his fingers he puts a ball up to my mouth. “Bite on that” he nods to the ball. I shake my head but when he hits my ass again, I scream and he shoves the ball into my mouth before he clips it to the back of my head. All I could do was glare at his smug look, he shrugs and snaps again his hand has something on it.

I lean forward, he fingers my ass and the clear gel he has feels so cold inside me. I put my face into the pillow knowing I’m probably loud based on how I want to moan. He hits a specific spot and I moan into the gag. He removes his fingers and I push my ass back towards him. “Don’t worry my lost baby bird, I'll give you a treat for being so good.” He whispers in my ear and I feel something hot and thick being pressed against my hole. I gasp, shaking my head, it feels painful, it's too big.

I can feel his hand on my face turning my head to the side to look at him. The pain begins to grow as he pushes the rest of the way. The tears fall down my face dripping onto the soft red pillow. I want to cry out but Rio kisses my forehead holding me up. He wraps his arm around my waist and places a hand on my stomach. I'm confused till he pulls out slowly and pushes back in. His dick is so hot inside of me. Right where his hand is his dick touches inside of me. I wanted to be impressed but my brain wasn’t doing as I wanted anymore.

He reaches up and removes the gag and the loudest moan leaves my mouth. He pulled me back with his hand on my throat again not enough to choke but enough to hold me up. He kisses on my neck while rubbing my hips. The room is filled with music. He mumbles into my neck “you can be louder now.” A demon that cares? That’s not possible. “Don’t get it twisted I just don’t want others to know my name you twerp” he thrusts into me and all I can do is moan out “MASTER!” He chuckles from behind me and keeps up his thrusting.

My brain feels hazy again, Rio reaches up and pinches my nipples. I gasp while he smiles, the way he has me I feel so defenseless. He unchains my hands and I take that opportunity to use one hand to hold his head while we kiss and the other hand to jerk myself off. I feel his dick twitch inside of me. As I move my hand up and down on my dick feeling the pressure from earlier reach its peak he pulls me down one last time before I release my cum onto the bed and he releases inside of me. The warmth of his cum spread inside of me. I feel a bit of myself changing in a god given good way.

He grabs my face again, kissing my lips and smiling. “I like the words master coming from you little caged birdy. But let’s hear you say Rio.” He shifts his body so he is on his back. I sit there out of breath trying to come down from my high. He tilts an eyebrow up before lifting me up by my hips and pulling my arms back down. My voice calls out before my brain processes what just happened. Tears fill up my eyes before falling down the side of my face. He placed his feet flat on the bed and I feel like he is hammering me into the air. He has a grip on my arms in a good grip pulling my body back down. My hands grip onto his wrist while my eyes roll back.

“Oh fuck… Rio… slow ….down you …..damn demon!” My words come out broken as I moan out every few times. He is the definition of a demon! He didn’t even give me a chance to settle myself down. The pleasure was too much for me. There was something that was building up that was bringing me back to reality fast. “Rio, master, stop please I need to rest” I say as my vision starts to have black spots. Rio doesn’t slow down but speeds up and my body can’t handle anymore.

I begin to slump back against his chest which he takes as a gift and holds my body close to his thrusting faster into me. He cums and pulls out, letting my body slump to the side onto the bed. “Humans' stamina sure is weak. But Tony, your stamina will be better when you wake up. Welcome to club demon.” Is the last thing I heard before passing out.

Waking was harder than usual. I’m so used to needing my glasses but I stretch and feel the pain in my lower back. I wince and lay on my side. I see Rio come out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. Following the v in his hips I feel myself eating away at the way he is. I really like this view, more than I should be saying.
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