One shots

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Happy birthday

My boss told me to come in early today. He will be the death of me one day. But definitely not today it’s my birthday! I wish I could have had a party today but all my friends are busy. I mean they are parents now, married with kids. I could only dream about that at this age. They came together to get me birthday presents. I left them on my apartment floor because how I had to come to work. I work as a hotel manager, it’s not exciting but it’s a good day’s work.

I walk into the hotel in my tight mini skirt that only reaches my middle thigh, my hair pulled up into a high ponytail to show off my neck that had a kiss tattoo on the left side right above my collarbone. As soon as I enter the Lobby my boss was over next to the elevator. He looks up for a split second and points to the stairs. Does this man think I will be taking the stairs while he takes the elevator? I walk over towards him and press the button to the top of the building. He stares at me without saying a word.

He follows me into the elevator and presses the button to his office on the top floor; he then has to show his ID to the scanner before leaning against the side of the elevator. usually, we would be able to get to his office easily but because it is after closing hours security is tighter. To get to the top floor you need a badge that says you are a part of management. I left my badge in my work bag at home. I look over at him while he closed his eyes.

Good I get to look at him with no problem, His outfit usually looked so tidy but today he looks like he was struggling with something. His tie is so loose, his hair which usually is pulled back into a bun is now falling down his shoulders in waves of platinum silver. I have to bite my lip to keep my mind focused on the present.

I look at the floor we are on it’s only the tenth. We still have twenty to go. I look back at my boss, Mr. Hendrix, he usually wears contacts in meetings but I have in the past walked past his office a couple of times. He would have on thin rim glasses that made him look so intelligent. I always wanted to have an intellectual conversation with him but recently I noticed that he refused to even talk to me. I felt like it was my fault but seeing him like this kind of makes me think differently. I mean maybe he is just having a bad day or maybe I’m just horny.

The only thought that comes to mind is him with me across his lap. His hand on my ass, my hands in front of me tied together while he whispers how I have been so bad. I have to cross my legs in this small elevator, I want this man to ravish me like a beast against his desk. I’m sure this call-in is probably just for numbers. But who knows maybe I can get something out of this.

As soon as the elevator dings indicating we are on the top floor I watch as Hendrix steps out into the hallway that leads us to his office door. Where he types in a code on the keypad and opens his door. He turns his eyes towards me as I follow behind him. He sits in his desk chair turning to his laptop. For a split second, it seems he was reading something before typing on his laptop and turning the screen to me.

“You have posted that you had an idea that we have a party for pride month to get couples that are a part of the LGBTQ+ in the hotel. I like the idea but I wanted to work it out with you after work hours. It means we keep making money and no time is wasted,” he says while he folds his hands on his crossed legs.

“Why today though?” I ask with a bit of sadness evident in my voice. “Yes, I will say that it is my fault for choosing a day that is important to you. I meant to choose a random day and today just seemed perfect. I apologize, Happy Birthday” He says and shifts in his seat looking a bit uncomfortably.

I sigh and lean forward in the leather chair in front of his desk. My face in my hands I lean back and give a bitter laugh, “Not like it matters. There is no one that I can share it with anyway. Everyone I know is busy today.” a bitter tear slides down my face and I hear the sound of Mr.Hendrix getting up from his seat. I feel his body heat next to me on the right side of me. I meet his gaze and he hands me his handkerchief. I wipe away my tears and stand up, I must look like a mess in front of him.

I feel his hand on my wrist. “Look, I know I am the last person you want to hang out with. However, how about I take you to dinner and then out to drink. All on me and then on Monday we can talk about your proposal?” he asks. I look into his eyes as he uses his free hand to rub the back of his neck. I smile and nod while he gives me a small awkward smile. I grab my purse off the floor next to the chair while he grabs his coat from the coat rack next to his room door. He opens the door for me and I walk through happily.

I just had the idea that he would force me to work overtime on my birthday. When we make it back to the elevator he pushes the G for the garage. I also get to see his car and don’t have to take the bus? This birthday is starting to lookup more and more. While he walks I shiver from how the cold air hits my exposed chest and arms. He must have noticed because he slides his jacket over my shoulders and opens the passenger door for me. I slide into the seat and he walks around to the driver’s door.

I push the buckle into the slot securing my safety in his car. I have no way of knowing how he drives. It could be reckless and deadly, “I heard the richer people are the more they flaunt their money by crashing cars.” I tease and he chuckles and shrugs.

“I guess I must not be that rich because I don’t crash cars. I find that to be a waste of money, I once upon a time would starve and not know what it meant to have even a single dollar to my name,” he tells and I can feel he is being honest. I look at him before looking around his car.

“Trust me, I have no need for your pity but because I know how it feels to not know when your next meal is coming I make it so others around me never have to deal with that. It saddens me to see people on the street so I help when I can. I might seem heartless at work but that is because everyone there is better off than say this young man at the light.” he points to a man who is on crutches while sitting in a lawn chair that looks to be filthy. He stops at the red light and hands the man a 20 dollar bill.

“That man isn’t homeless because he does drugs, he is homeless because the system that we honor so much is broken.” Mr.Hendrix grips the steering wheel before letting out a breath and turns to me. “Where would you like to eat?” he asks before driving again when the light turns green. He focuses on the road and I look out my window. “Anywhere is fine really,” I say as I think of all that he has said so far.

He seems to ponder on my answer for a moment then turns into this fancy restaurant that is down the street from a bar I normally go to. I usually only go there because it’s a block from my house. This restaurant is much too expensive so I have never been inside. I don’t even think I am dressed for this place. “Sir I could never ask you to take me here” I yell and panic as he opens the door for me. He holds out his hand for me to take I grab it stepping out of the car. I really hate being the center of attention. He smiles “well good thing this is a birthday gift for me and you.” I look at him surprised. “Sir, is it your birthday today too?” I ask looking surprised.

He nods and walks with my hand on his arm into the restaurant and we are sat in a booth that is kinda away from crowds. I feel grateful to him for noticing how uncomfortable I was. “Order anything” he states as he writes his order on the tablet. I kinda stare and pick a light salad. With red wine. He laughs while he picked some sort of stake. I sit and fiddle with my thumbs.

“You are a pretty girl I wish you have as much confidence in yourself as you do when you are arguing back with me in board meetings. I enjoy how you say I’m wrong and then stand looking at me like I have shit for brains.” He says to me placing his hand on his chest laughing.

I blush and sit up a bit straighter smiling. “Thank you, I guess being around you can be a good thing for my confidence. I mean you are very handsome and sometimes I feel like a ball of nerves when I have to speak to you, sir.” I say just above a whisper. “Please call me Anthony,” he says and pulls his tie off his neck fully. I smile and when our food arrives we eat while making small talk. I drink my wine while he tells me how he would use car ties as a bed and a way to get around. I felt bad but seeing him laugh makes me feel warm inside.

He pays for the food and as he is walking to his car I pull his arm pointing towards the bar that I am familiar with. He nods and follows me inside with his hands in his pockets I smile and walk with him. When we enter the bartender smiles and waves me over. I wrap my arms around Anthony’s arm walking to the Stools. We sit down and Anthony looks around and spots a picture of me on the wall. “ I use to stay above the bar before they tore that part down. I still come around when I have time. This is like a second home to me, my mum use to work closely with Sasha here.” I nod over to the Bartender who raises a glass to me.

She sets down two Birthday cocktails. “Of course, I remember my number one client’s birthday. It’s on the house so be care- and she already downed it” Sasha says when she noticed I finished my drink. I smile and give her a peace sign. While Anthony chuckles and wipes away the whipped cream from my lips and licks his thumb. “I have wine in my car, I was hoping to relax and drink it.” I hear him say as I hop off the stool at the mention of wine.

He chuckles again and walks behind me. I notice the bouncer standing in front of the door. “You have to do your birthday chug.” I gasp I had almost forgotten. I walk over to the barrel and pray before doing a handstand on the barrel they bring over a keg of whisky and I begin to chug it till I feel a bit dizzy. I stand and hear the cheers of how I did amazing. I point towards Mr.Hendrix “Anthony, Your turn birthday boy” I try to say and he shrugs his suit jacket off his shoulders and does the same thing I did only with so much swagger.

He finishes my keg and stands back up bowing while people cheer for us. I help him walk to my house while he calls for one of his men to come to get his car from the restaurant. We sober up a bit while walking to my apartment. When we reach my apartment I take the elevator to my floor and fumble a bit with my keys. Anthony helps and opens my door when he trips over a bag I left on my floor, I help him on the couch and grab the bag from the floor.

Upon opening the bag I wished I just left it closed because when I saw the 6-inch dildo in my hand. I hear Anthony laugh a bit before saying in my ear “I’m bigger than that.” I blush and rub my ear he is drunk I refuse to do anything with him. I mean it would feel like I am jumping his bones. That is what I told myself as I lay my lips on his. He pushes all reason out of my mind when he looks so good on my couch. “Where is your bed?” he mumbles against my lips as he slides my blouse off my body I point to my room to the right. He picks me up walking in that direction.

He grabs something from the bag that I was going through but I am much too focused on the taste he has. I taste strawberries from the drinks we had. He slides muy back onto my bed while I pushed the zipper to the mini skirt down. I push the bra off my arms revealing my breast. He smiles and stands back admiring my body, even if I regret this tomorrow I definitely also want him. He kisses down my body slowly while his hands grasp mine above my head. I hear the metal sound before I feel the fur from the cuffs be brought onto my wrists.

He smiles and bites gently on my breast before standing up and taking off his shirt when I see his six pack I focus on that a bit too much. I smile when he slides his dress pants off leaving us in only our underwear. I see that he is indeed bigger than the dildo from earlier. “I must say that the gift that I have right now is way better than spending my birthday alone.” He says when he climbs onto the bed, I nod in agreement. He leans down kissing me again I lean into his kiss happily. He slides his hand into my panties while I bite his lip gently, his fingers first start off with the little nub that is my clit and rubs it in a circular motion. I whine while spreading my legs he chuckles but moves his lips to my neck and collar bone while he changes his hand placement and slides one finger into my pussy rubbing it against the walls. His thumb takes the place of the finger in rubbing my clit.

I gasp arching my back he slides another finger into my pussy curling them and spreading them. I feel how they touch my walls and he sucks on my nipples next while making eye contact. I can’t stop the noises leaving my mouth, “AH, A-A-ANTHONY” I while rocking my hips. I feel the desire in his hands as he beings to add another finger his thumb speeds up and I feel my eyes glaze over as I reach my climax.

He keeps pushing his fingers in till I stop shaking so harshly. He slowly removes his fingers from my panties pushing them off my shaking thighs. I watch through slightly open eyelids as he licks his fingers before pulling his boxers off and tossing them onto my floor, he slides a large condom onto his dick. I blush and open my eyes fully because when he uncuffs me I wrap my legs around his waist and arms around his neck. He smiles and places his hand between my legs pushing the tip into my pussy. When he was halfway in tears began to fall down my cheeks. He gently kissed me and told me I was so strong.

I want to take all of him so I sat down fully and placed my face into his neck my nails digging into his back. He rubbed my back slowly while positioning himself to be able to thrust. Every time he moved I felt a burst of pain and pleasure. I moaned softly while kissing his neck he places his hands on my hips and begins to thrust at a decent pace. I lean my head back moaning out.

“OH fuck a duck yes RIGHT THERE!” my voice rings and he has to kiss me to quiet me down. My mind goes blank for a burst of moments, When I come to again I am on my hands and knees and he has one foot planted on the bed. I can feel him thrusting at a quick pace I lean my face down as he pulls my hips back the slapping of skin fills the room along with my moans and his groans. He pulls out and flips me over, taking the condom off he begins to jerk off while looking at me. He cums on my stomach and I smile up at him.

He helps me up to go shower. He walks to the bathroom that is connected to my room. He turns the water on to a decent temperature. As he uses the Towel to wash my body I admire his body as it flexes while he holds me on his lap. He finishes washing me and sets me on the toilet while he showers. After he carries me bridal style back to bed and places in his white shirt and a new pair of boxers he had in his coat pocket. “Umm?” I ask pointing to his boxers. He looks at them and then places a nightgown on my body pushing me back to lay down.

“At times I stay at the office so long that I have a change of clothes there so I can shower and get back to work, But today I was bringing a fresh pair of boxers to put with the rest of my clothes. I am glad I kept them in the inner layer of my coat though.” He states and shrugs laying next to me. I wrap my arm around his waist laying on his chest. He wraps his arms around me. No clue what tomorrow holds but that is later I will enjoy this moment for as long as I can truly.

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