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I pick my phone up. W: Do you want me to go over now? C: School isn't even out yet. W: So? C: So, you should still be here. I send him a picture of my outfit. With the caption 'do you really want me to come back to school in this, because I will.' ****** Willow Chaviro is a bad high school girl. She is eighteen and she has her eyes set on none other Colt Zapher who is not just older than her but is also her art teacher. He is also the president of one of the most feared biker clubs in the area. They are supposed to be rivals, but she stopped caring about that when her parents left her on her own when she was twelve. What's a girl to do when she is just about to graduate and is bored? ******* Warning: this book is for mature audiences only, it is an age gap erotica story. There will be sexual content that may be a bit much for some people.

Erotica / Drama
Cora Morris
Age Rating:


"Bitch! Are you even listening to me?" Miranda asks bringing me back into reality.

Shit! What was she yelling at me about again? I kind of zoned out when I saw her walking up to me.

I remember something about staying away from her boyfriend? Maybe? I don't know.

"Nope." I admit. My mouth kind of talks before I am even ready for it to speak.

Miranda huffs "whatever." She says and then turns and walks off.

Miranda is the "it" girl here at this school. Everyone does what she says, no one touches her guy, even though everyone knows that she fucks any guy that she can get. Her boyfriend, also happens to be my best friend.

He and I grew up together. Sometimes people think we are a couple because of how much we hang out and because of how similar we are. We are the bad boy and girl.

However, whereas, Mason it the popular bad boy. I am the loner bad girl. We smoke, ride motorcycles, drink, and get into stupid shit. Oh and we fucking cuss more than a drunken sailor.

I look over to Mason to see on if he knew what Miranda was saying.

"What was she talking to me about?" I ask with my pierced brow lifted.

"Something about messing her car up. You really need to learn to actually listen to what she says." He says chastising me.

"I will only listen to her when she stops talking shit to me or about me." I say with a smirk.

Mason smirks back at me knowing full well that I hate that bitch.

The bell rings signaling the end of lunch.

I stand up and grab my bag.

"Besides, you should know that it isn't in me to listen to people." I say smiling and turning and walking inside.

I go to my locker to switch my books out and then head to my favorite class. Art.

Not necessarily because of the course, but mainly because of who teaches it.

Colt "Reaper" Zypher. Also known as one of the badasses motherfucking president of the most bad biker club. He is also fucking hot with tattoos and shit.

I kind of have a thing for older hot guys with tattoos. Don't get me wrong, guys my age can be hot too, but they are immiture. Besides Colt's not that much older than me, only twenty-four, while I am eighteen.

But whatever.

I walk into the classroom to see that it is still empty except for Colt.

I call all my teachers by their first name so hopefully Colt doesn't think anything of it of me calling him by his first name.

"Where is everyone?" I ask surprised to see the class empty, because let's be frank, I am not the only one at this school that thinks he is fucking hot.

He looks up to me from his desk and I set my things down and sit on the edge of his desk.

"It's a free period today. So more than likely, left the school." He says while leaning back in his chair and I look him over.

"Well, I don't have anywhere to be." I say with a shrug, trying, and failing, to act nonchalant.

"Willow." He says warningly and I look back up to his face from his chest.

"Yes?" I question innocently.

Colt let's out a snort with a smirk and he leans forward and moves a little closer.

He looks to the door, which is closed, and luckily has no window to be able to look through.

Colt grabs my hand and pulls me into his lap and I can instantly feel his hardened cock in his trousers.

I look up to him surprised since he never seemed to show any interest in me before.

"Not going to happen." He whispers in my ear and then pushes me off of him.

I smirk at him.

"Your mouth says one thing, but your cock." I say pointing at it, "says another." I say triumphantly and go to my bag and bend down at the hips so the he can have a peak under my skirt and see that I am not wearing any underwear.

"Fuck, baby. You can't torture me this way." He says and I hear his chair squeak as he gets up and stands behind me. He pulls me into a standing position with my back against his chest. "Come to my house after school, don't let anyone see you. Give me your phone so that you can have my number." He says and lightly rubs my pussy over my skirt.

I instantly hand him my phone and he enters his number in.

W: Here's mine 😉

His phone buzzes on the desk and he picks it up.

C: Don't be late. 😏

I smirk up at him and flash my pussy at him one last time before picking up my bag and turning and leaving the classroom.

I decide, if I am going to Colt's later, then I am going to go home and change into something sexy. Except for underwear, I always go commando unless I am on my time of the month.

I walk home since I had gotten a ride from Mason and I also don't mind the walk.

It takes me twenty minutes to get home and I go into my house. I live on my own now, since my parents left when I was twelve. No one besides Mason knows that about me.

And maybe that's one of the reasons why I like older men to fill that void. And maybe that's also why I don't like making friends much, because I don't like people knowing about my private life.

But I don't mind I love it. I can do whatever the hell I want.

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