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three makes for great company this is a work of fiction that is original. my own blood, sweat and tears went into writing this. i would appreciate it if you appreciate the originality of my work. should i find that someone has plagiarised my work, i will report your stolen work and seek legal action. my work is meant to be enjoyed, not stolen.

Erotica / Romance
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The alarm clock on my bedside table blares it’s annoying tone, coaxing me out of a dream that I am beginning to forget the details of. I slowly get up, stretching my body and feeling the cold on my naked form.

Well, I have a thong on.

I rub the sleep out of my eyes, making my way out of my bed and into the bathroom where I go about my morning routine. By the time I exit the bathroom, the light from the sun is shining through the curtains and the city that never sleeps is becoming more active, many commuting to work and starting a new day.

I don a simple lacy lingerie set, one that is white and sheer. The bra is wired but without cups and the bottoms are a thong, for comfortability and a hint of thot energy.

I then grab the outfit that I planned for today and wear that. The outfit is a beige turtleneck with a black blazer and matching pants. The accessories are small gold hooped earrings and a simple gold necklace.

I go back to the bathroom to sort out my hair, deciding to put it in a sleek topnot and lay down my baby hairs. Exiting the bathroom, I grab my phone and shove it into my black Dior saddle bag which is filled with a lot of nonsense.

I should reorganise it when I get back from work.

I make my way into the living room, grabbing my workbooks and laptop from the coffee table and shoving it into my laptop bag. I then make my way to the door, unlocking it, removing it from the keyhole and exiting my tiny apartment, making sure to lock and check that it is locked.

Now I’m ready to go.

I make my way out of the apartment building and into the streets, stopping by a small café and purchasing some hot chocolate and a chocolate chip cookie.

I’m one of those people that don’t like coffee. Sue me.

By the time I make it to my workplace, I am just in time. I greet the security guard and tap my ID to access the building. Once in the elevator, I press the button for the top floor and when instructed to, I tap my ID against the sensor, verifying access to the top floor.

The ride up the building was filled with various stops, having to step aside to let people out of the contraption and having the doors close, ascending further and further towards the top floor.

Once the doors finally open on my floor, I exit them and make my way to my cubicle, passing the other two assistants, one male and one female, greeting them. My cubicle is situated closest to the doors that open to reveal the shared office of the two CEO’s of the company.

Their names are Felix Hudson and Alecander March. They run a successful tech and telecommunications company, creating great systems and softwares as well as products that other tech companies buy, possibly using them for their own products. They are both handsome beyond thought, enchanting one with their otherworldly looks but they seem to be a bit standoffish, never necessarily engaging with many unless it is an emergency and related to their business.

And why they share an office is still a mystery to me and anyone who is interested in knowing why.

I am simply one of their assistants. We are a team of three and help to schedule meetings and co-ordinate their schedule, making sure that nothing clashes. We also answer calls from the floors below us, mitigating what needs to be mitigated, relaying issues from the floor to our bosses and sometimes making personal trips to the various floors, reporting on what is going on there.

There is also getting them lunch, planning company related functions, organising their trips for either business or pleasure and getting in contact with fashion houses when new clothes are needed.

Majority of the latter falls on me, since I am the newest on the team and according to Miguel and Andrea, they like me more and trust me to do so. Also, it’s less of a headache for the other two.

And here come the bosses, right on que and greeting us in their baritone, panty-wetting voices. We greet them back, mine being more of a squeak back, and get up, grabbing our note pads and following them to their office, ready to relay the agenda for today.

We tell them of the meetings that they have to attend, the work that is needed to be done, problems that the other floors are having, future events and their commitments that are needed and anything else that is needed. They dismiss us after taking in all the information and it is back to work for us.

They exit their office after a while, making their way down the hallway to the meeting room where a multitude of their meetings are taking place. People come and go, meeting with the two intimidating men to discuss business. I do not envy those having meetings with them as they are known to be ruthless when it comes to their businesses.

Eleven o’clock rolls around and I lock my laptop, grabbing my bag and getting up. I take the orders from Miguel and Andrea and walk into the office, wanting to know what my bosses would like for lunch. When I enter, the two are behind a desk with Mr Hudson sitting by his desk and Mr March leaning over, looking at something that is on Mr Hudson’s computer. They look up as soon as I enter.

“Mr Hudson...Mr March...I am grabbing lunch from a Korean restaurant today. What would you like from there?” They look at me, pinning me with their intense gazes, studying me like some strange specimen that has landed in front of them.

“Nothing in particular. Just something tasty.” Mr Hudson answers.

“Anything to drink?”

“Just juice. Whichever kind.” Mr March answers this time. I nod and exit their office, walking to the elevator to leave the building.

The restaurant is quite small and a lot of noise is about, indicating that it is a packed service. Quite a few people are queuing but it isn’t a problem for me to join. I plug in my earphones, both in my ears and in the phone, finally getting the opportunity to listen to some good music.

Once I make it to the front, I tell the woman behind the counter that I would like bulgogi, japchae, kimchi, ddukbokki, bibimbap, haemul pajeon, one bottle of sparkling water for me, one Sprite, one Coca-Cola and two bottles of orange juice. I use the card that was specifically for our food to pay and collect the receipt, moving to stand where other people are standing, presumably waiting for their food.

There are also tables where some are seated, talking to their company or simply typing away at a laptop or their phones. It is a thirty minute wait before I can collect the food and drinks. I ask for extra containers, foreseeing the need to portion the food for my bosses. They give me the said containers, charging extra which I pay, begrudgingly. Once I’m back in the office, I portion the food into the containers and grab a bag, placing everything needed for them and enter their office, placing their food on the coffee table in front of a couch.

“Your food is here sirs.” I tell them, indicating with my hand that it is there.

“Thank you Miss Kim.” Mr Hudson stands, walking over to where I am and inspecting the food and giving me a smile when it seemingly meets his standards.

“Is there anything else that you need?” I ask, feeling nervous for the response.

“No, this is sufficient. You may leave Miss Kim.” It is Mr Hudson that speaks again, and I do so, making my way back to my desk where my other two colleagues are sitting and helping themselves. In the thirty minutes that we eat, we devour the delicious food and discuss gossip, both inside and outside the building. It does help that we get along and have formed somewhat of a friendship.

It is back to work after eating, typing away on the laptop, reading over what is needed and planning more meetings, jotting down more notes. Just when I am about to finish with today’s work, more comes in and what is more annoying is that it is needed to be done today so that whatever needs to be done for Monday can be done.

I groan loudly, kicking at the air.

“Ren, is there something wrong?” Andrea looks down at me. She’s standing and packing up her stuff, ready to leave so that she can get ready for a date with someone that she met on Bumble.

“Finance just sent some documents that need to be looked over and need input from the bosses. It looks like I’ll have to spend another hour or two here.” I pout, looking at her with eyes of defeat.

She simply laughs and continues to pack her things.

“Sorry doll. Don’t stress though, it’ll bring around wrinkles however, I am convinced that that is something that’s not in your wheelhouse. Your skin is amazing. Anyways, have a great weekend and wish me luck for my date. I definitely need to get laid.”

And with that, she zooms out of our workspace and out into the world, leaving me and Miguel who soon leaves me alone. Well, my bosses haven’t left but they don’t count. With each word that I read, I become more irritated with finance for ruining the beginning of my Friday night.

Eventually, I manage to read over it, making some corrections and notes, forwarding the documents to Mr Hudson and Mr March. I get up with my notebook and pen, and walking into their office feeling exhausted. I just walk in and close the door behind me and when I look up, the sight shocks me.

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