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Wolves in the City

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Envy is one of a kind she is a very powerful werewolf/angel and has no clue. Her adoptive father Dravin is a vampire and he has made sure her powers have been hidden from the monsters that are after her. Envy has the power to kill anyone and everyone so her powers are wanted by the Jinn so they can take over everything. Envy is paired with the Werewolf King (Lexington) by the goddess so that they can rule and make sure that mankind and all other living and nonliving beings are protected. The Werewolf King does not know about this prophecy. When Envy and Lexington meet for the first time things are not what either of them expects. Envy and Lexington will have to overcome magic and others to be together even though they have been paired together.

Erotica / Romance
Opasan Ouprie
4.8 17 reviews
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Name - Envy Reznik Werewolf/Angel (main female)

Age - 31

Birthday - October 31st

Hair/eyes/skin - Straight Blonde halfway down her back with streaks of black, electric blue eyes, ivory skin tone

Height/weight - 5′3" (160cm) 185lbs (83kg)

Favorite Flowers - Queen of Night Tulips, Black Iris, and Bat Orchids

Scent - Apple Cinnamon

Wolf - Indigo - White with electric blue eyes

Name - Elizabeth Stark Eli for short Werewolf/Vampire (best friend of Envy)

Age - 32

Birthday - July 10th

Hair/eyes/skin - Dark brown hair to just below her shoulders and dark jade eyes, honey skin tone

Height/weight - 5′7" (173 cm) 200lbs (90kg)

Favorite Flowers - Blue Moon Wisteria, Purple Orchids, Purple Hydrangeas

Scent - Bergamot and Jasmine

Wolf - Zeva - Dark brown with a white star on her chest with light brown amber eyes

Name - Draven Reznik Vampire (Envy’s adopted father)

Age - Uncertain (ancient)

Birthday - November (only know the month)

Hair/eyes/body - Blonde halfway down his back, sapphire blue eyes pale whitish skin, 6 pack, broad shoulders, build like a shit brick house.

Height/weight - 6′8" (203cm) 310lbs (140kg)

Name - Lexington Bledig (Savage - MC name) Lex for short Werewolf (alpha - mate to Envy) cousin/best friend of Canagan (Bledig Pack/MC)

Age - 34

Birthday - September 9

Hair/eyes/body - brown hair with sun lighten highlights down to just past his shoulders, trimmed mustache, and beard, hazel eyes with specks of gold by the iris, 8 pack, broad shoulders, tattoos all over his tanned body.

Height/weight - 6′6" (201cm) 225lbs (102kg)

Scent - Pumpkin Spice

Wolf - Harou - jet black with jade green eyes

Name - Canagan Blaz (Hawk - MC name) Cana for short Werewolf (beta - mate to Elizabeth) cousin/best friend of Lexington

Age - 34

Birthday - August 15

Hair/eyes/body - Brown hair shaved on the sides (military cut), light Green/grey eyes, 6 pack, broad shoulders, tattoos all over his tanned body

Height/weight - 6′5" (198cm) 220lbs (99kg)

Scent - Doughnut and Black Licorice

Wolf - Marcel - Dark grey with white feet and tip on the tail, dark Green/grey eyes

Name - Amber Werewolf (head slut of the pack/MC) thinks that Lexington is hers

Age - 28

Hair/eyes/body - Black hair cropped, forest green eyes, she size B tits, small waist, and a bubble butt.

Height/weight - 5′8" (176cm) 130lbs (58kg)

Scent - Lemon and Peppermint

Wolf - Tippi - Dull brown with dark brown eyes

Name - Katie Human - thinks she has a claim to Canagan

Age - 26

Hair/eyes/body - Brown hair that is shoulder length, Dark Brown eyes, size D tits, toned stomach and legs, tanned body but not naturally

Height/weight - 5’10” (177cm) 140lbs (63kg)

Name - Jessie Werewolf (delta mate to Cherry)

Age - 31

Hair/eyes/body - Black short hair, hazel eyes, sleeve tattoos, muscular

Height/weight - 6’ (182cm) 200lbs (90kg)

Wolf - Blitz - brown and white mixed, green/yellow eyes

Name - Cherry Werewolf (delta mate to Jessie)

Age - 30

Hair/eyes/body - Red bobbed hair, jade green eyes, slim body

Height/weight - 5’7” (170cm) 125lbs (56kg)

Wolf - Ash - Reddish brown with a white chest, jade green eyes

Name - Bruce Werewolf (omega)

Age - 24

Hair/eyes/body - Shoulder length brown with natural red highlights, blue/green eyes, tattoos on his left arm

Height/weight - 6’ (182cm) 210lbs (95kg)

Wolf - Dire - Brown with white paws, green eyes with brown specs in them

Abbreviations and other things might need to know

CPS - Child Protective Services

MC - Motorcycle Club

Jinn - Are any class of spirits, lower than the angels, capable of appearing in human and animal forms and influencing humankind for either good or evil. They are said to be created from a mix of fire or smokeless fire. They are invisible to humans but can take human form or other forms, they also live and die, able to have babies, they live for thousands of years, unlike angels they have free will.

Gossip Table - it’s a mini table with a chair you sit at and talk on the phone back in the day

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