Wolves in the City

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Chapter 9

Elizabeth’s POV

Zeva was getting antsy and I couldn’t tell if it was good or bad. She was pacing in my head panting like crazy for no reason at all. I was looking around to see if there was a threat but couldn’t see anything so I pushed Zeva back in the back of my mind. We kept heading towards Main Street. I watched Lexington making sure we didn’t get separated from all the other bikes driving around. Lexington kept looking back to make sure we were close to him. Another bike got close upon us and pulled next to Envy. We stopped as there was a red light. I heard the guy trying to get Envy’s attention. Envy just ignored him and turned to look at me like she needed saving. I didn’t hear what the guy was saying but I knew it wasn’t too nice. Before I could say anything to Envy I saw Lexington throw his bike on its kickstand and took three steps towards the guy on the bike next to Envy. Lexington had a fire in his eyes and his mouth was pressed in a fine line. He grabbed the guys cut, got in his face saying something so low only the guy could hear. Looking at the guy he looked scared. He was actually white as a ghost. I heard Lexington growl. It wasn’t a normal pissed off growl that all werewolves do. This was more of a possessive growl. Hmmm, that’s a bit weird. It almost sounded like a mate possessive growl. But Envy can’t be his mate, she is human and humans don’t get werewolves as mates. They couldn’t physically handle being mated to a werewolf. Humans can handle just having sex but the mad amount of sex and how rough it can get humans bodies just couldn’t hold up for long. Not to mention the pups. Werewolves are only pregnant four to five months not the normal nine months that humans carry.

Lexington got back on his bike and we rode off. I noticed the guy didn’t move until we were gone. I wish I could have heard what Lexington said. Lexington has a girl and it’s that whore Amber. I assume she will end up being all our Queen. I am not happy about that and I will bet his pack doesn’t like it either. Well, guess the Moon Goddess has her reasons to put Amber and Lexington together. Not that I can figure out that for sure. She is a nasty bitch with no morals at all. Mean to others and I don’t see how Lexington could even be with someone like her. He could have rejected her.

As we turned down Main Street, I started to look around for any empty spaces between bikes to see if I could see where Canagan was at. Looking for the Dungeon Bar. Spotting the sign I also notice Lexington pointing towards the spaces between some bikes. We pull up to the bikes and I start to push back my bike next to Canagan’s bike. Envy then Lexington both get their bikes in position. When all the bikes are shut off I look over to Envy to see her staring at Lexington. I lean over and tap her on her shoulder to get her to stop, thinking that Amber can’t be too far away. Lexington looks at Envy and the look is so sweet and has love in his eyes. I notice his eyes shift from hazel to green. His wolf is trying to take over. I don’t get it. This is so unusual I have never seen anything like this before. He can’t be mated to Envy it just is not possible. I shake my head. I have to just be seeing things. I smile at Envy with a huge smile to make her feel that nothing is wrong.

“Come on Envy lets get this going I’m ready to enjoy myself,” I say to her.

“Okay, I’m ready to do this,” Envy replied.

We get off our bikes and Lexington gets between us. Lexington places his hands one on each of our lower backs guiding us into the Dungeon Bar. I gaze around the bar. I noticed a girl laying on a table while guys were doing body shots off of her. It is dark inside as we walk the stairs and as we get down to the bottom of the stairs the ceiling is lower than normal. It looks like a dungeon inside here. It is a perfect name for this place. There are paper cutouts of bats hanging down from the ceiling, fairy lights all on the ceiling. Lexington guided us towards a bunch of guys. Not knowing any of them but assuming they were part of his pack.

Zeva all of a sudden started jumping around. She was so happy. I started looking around to see why Zeva was so excited. I got a whiff of doughnuts and black licorice. I started looking harder at the males. I saw Amber and Katie. Katie was running her finger up one of the male’s arms and over his chest. She pulled his head to look at her and as he did this I caught his eyes, Zeva flipped out and started screaming in my head "MATE", kill that bitch touching now. I move towards them with ablaze and fire in my eyes. I don’t know who my mate is but Katie better back the fuck off before I rip her arm off her body for touching what is mine. My mate stands up as I approach telling her to get away from him I heard.

“Katie get the fuck away from me now. I’m sick and tired of telling you over and over” My mate says. “I’ve told you I only want my mate. And now I’ve found my mate, now go away.”

“But Cany baby, you know you want me as your mate as much as I want you,” Katie whined. “There is no way you found your mate, there is only me, Amber, and them two fat cows from the ranch around. I’m hotter than them so I’m your mate.”

“Don’t call me Cany baby I’m NOT your baby,” Canagan yells.

“Oh, the fuck you are his mate you nasty whore” I scream at Katie. “He is my mate,” Zeva growls deep inside me with a menacing growl.

“Bullshit there is no way someone as hot as Canagan would want someone as fat as you. He is too good for you. I am a better match for him” Katie spats at me like venom from her mouth.

Canagan pushes Katie out of the way glaring at her as he says “mate finally I’ve waited so long.”

“Katie you are far from what is better for me. I’ve always loved curvy women.” Canagan says. “Thank the Moon Goddess she blessed me with what I’ve always been attracted to.” Canagan has such lust in his eyes looking at Elizabeth.

“If that is true then why did you have sex with me all these years?” Katie asks while she is crying.

Canagan ignores Katie and walks to Elizabeth. He grabs Elizabeth in a hug, his head going to her neck smelling her hair and neck.

“You smell like Bergamot and Jasmine. I thought I smelled it the last night and this morning at the ranch. I assume you are Elizabeth, Envy’s friend I’m to look after?” Canagan softly speaks to Elizabeth.

“I smelled you also the this morning but thought it was just the food Draven had brought in since we had that in the pantry already,” Elizabeth says blushing, while she hugs him tightly.

“Whoooo what the hell is going on Eli?” Envy says as she runs over and grabs Elizabeth pulling her towards her.

Canagan growls at Envy for touching Eli.

“Back the fuck off my friend before I have to kick your ass.” Envy screams at Canagan.

“Envy it’s okay really he is my mate,” Eli says. “He’s only growling because you pulled us apart and touched me.”

Envy has a look of shock on her face when Eli lets her know Canagan is her mate. Then a huge shit ass eating grin comes across Envy’s face while she looks at Eli and Canagan.

“OH MY GOD Eli, I’m so happy for you. I’ve waited for you to finally find your mate. I knew there was a reason for this trip. I told you something amazing was going to happen. See the Moon Goddess knew this was why we needed to come here. Now go to your mate and enjoy yourself. I will be fine alone.” Envy says with an open-mouth smile, wide eyes and raised eyebrows.

“Thank you so much Envy for making me come on this trip!” Eli replies, giving Envy the biggest hug smiling with a smile that reaches her eyes.

Elizabeth goes back into Canagan’s arms kissing him softly on his lips. Canagan licks her bottom lips and nips it. Elizabeth opens her eyes wide and a gasp escapes her mouth. As she does this Canagan slips his tongue into her mouth so he can taste her while he has a little smirk. Their tongues move around each other like they have been doing this for years. Canagan pulls Elizabeth into his arms tighter while deepening the kiss. Moaning comes from Canagan as he takes in her sweet taste.

Canagan moves backward pulling Elizabeth with him as he takes a seat. Never breaking the kiss. He pulls her on his lap. Rubbing her arms and down her side to her thighs. Elizabeth’s eyes open as Canagan runs his thumb over her nipples through her t-shirt.

“Umm, I don’t think you should be doing that here with all these people here” Elizabeth whispers out of breath.

“It’s ok Precious, it’s all pack members here and they won’t pay us any attention,” Canagan replies.

Canagan kissing Elizbeth’s downs neck to the crook of her neck. Kissing her neck softly nipping at the spot he would later mark her at. Sucking softly on the spot while slowly increasing the pressure makes a dark purple mark on her. Elizabeth panting with the feeling of warming growing in her abdomen. Moaning louder Elizabeth smacks her hand over her mouth so others might not hear her. She can feel Canagan smiling knowing the effect he is having on her. Kissing up her neck moving towards her ear.

“Oh, Precious do..” Canagan gets interrupted before he can finish.

“Oh, you got to be fucking kidding me Cany baby. How can you stand to kiss that nasty fat cow and call her Precious.” Katie spits out with most disgust in her voice she could muster.

Canagan tenses up under Elizabeth. Elizabeth rubs Canagan’s biceps to try and calm him down.

“I’m not going to tell you again to NEVER call me Cany baby again. You have never had the right to call me that and I’ve told you over and over. And as for your earlier question. I have not fucked you in years. Not to mention it was 2 times and only because I was so drunk I didn’t even realize it was you. So I do not get where you ever thought it meant more to me than just sticking my cock into your loose pussy. You were the worse female I have fucked and I’m so glad I used a condom. I probably would have caught something I couldn’t get rid of. Now get the fuck away from me and my mate.” Canagan was yelling at the top of his lungs at Katie.

Katie’s eyes opened wide in shock and disbelief that he would speak to her that way. Katie’s eyes had a glossy look with the tears swelling in her eyes ready to fall down. Katie starts to cry and sob really loud.

“Canagan, how dare you speak to your girlfriend like that. You know she’s the one that is right for you. What has gotten into you? You have never spoken to her this way before.” Amber spits at Canagan rushing towards him and Elizabeth.

Just before Amber gets into striking distance of Elizabeth she gets jerked back with a pair of strong hands. Whipping her around to face the pair of hands. Amber’s eyes get big as saucers and an innocent smile like she’s done nothing wrong.

“Hi, honey, how’s my future mate doing today? So glad you got here sooner rather than later” Katie says to Lexington while throwing her arms around Lexington’s neck kissing him on his lips.

Lexington grabs Amber by the arms and puts her at arm’s length. His eyes wide and a look that would kill if looks could kill.

“Amber I suggest you take your little friend and remove yourself out of this establishment before you piss me off more than you have already today. As you can see Canagan has found his mate” Lexington says in his Alpha tone. “And STOP fucking calling me your future mate. I’ve told you more times than I can even count that you will NEVER be my mate. I know my mate is out there and I will never be yours. You are not even worthy to be my mate.”

When Amber throws her arms around Lexington’s neck and kisses his lips Envy puts her hands over her mouth while gasping. She turns around running out of the bar. Tears stream out of Envy’s eyes as she’s running down the sidewalk not even paying attention to where she is going.

I knew he had a girlfriend. I just didn’t really want to believe it. But you can not deny something that you have seen with your own eyes. I just can’t get why I am so drawn to him. I’ve never been drawn to any man like this. Let alone a werewolf and he’s the King of all werewolves. I just have to stay far away from him. I can’t let my heart get broken. I won’t disappoint my father.

Elizabeth sees Envy turn and runs out as Amber kisses Lexington. Jumping out of Canagan’s lap Elizabeth tried to run after Envy. Canagan grabs her arm pulling her back into his lap.

“Where are you going, Precious?” Canagan asks.

“Let me fucking go. Envy just ran out. I need to see if she is ok. She can’t be left alone, not in a place like this that she doesn’t even know anyone.” Elizabeth says as she deadpan looks at Canagan gets up and runs out the bar.

As Elizabeth runs out she hits Lexington’s shoulder and keeps running in search of Envy. She gets to the top of the stairs looking around the place upstairs but does not see Envy around. Running out the door looking around not seeing Envy anywhere but notice her bike is still there.

Oh great how in the fucking world am I going to find her in all these people. There are too many smells to track her. I guess I will just head this way and start looking. Draven is going to kill me for her being alone. How am I going to explain this to him if something happens to her? I need to get my emotions under control or my defenses may drop and he will know what I am thinking and feeling. This is not good. I can’t even see her. She is so short I won’t even see her around these people.

Lexington looks around and not seeing Envy he looks towards Canagan who is now pacing around with a pissed off look on his face.

“Where the fuck is Envy and Elizabeth?” Lex yells at Canagan.

“Envy ran out when she saw Amber on you and then next thing I know Elizabeth says she’s going to see if she’s ok. And she ran after.” Canagan replies.

“Oh for fucking sakes you just let them both go out there alone. You know damn well we are to make sure they are protected.” Lex says in a low growl voice.

“I’m sure they are just outside talking. Our guys are out there. If something happens they will let us know.” Canagan says. “But I will go up there and get them. I just wanted to give them some girl time.”

As Canagan gets upstairs he sees no sign of Elizabeth or Envy. Walking outside he looks around. No sign of the girls anywhere and their bikes are still here.

“Bruce, did you see two women come out of here in the last five minutes?” Canagan asks

“Yea Hawk one was crying and she ran East. Then another came out not long after her and she went West.” Bruce replies. “Why what’s up? Do you need me to do something?”

“Uh, yea go downstairs and tell Savage that Envy ran East and I’m going after her. And let him know that Elizabeth went West.” Canagan tells Bruce.

"Yea sure Hawk I can do that," Bruce replies with a serious look on his face.

“Hey Savage, Hawk asked me to come let you know he went after Envy who went East and the other girl Elizabeth went West I assume to look for the other one. They are all on foot.” Bruce let Lex know what Cana said.

“Thanks a lot, Bruce!” Savage replies to him.

As Lex turns around to head towards the door he sees Amber trying to comfort Katie. Looking at them with raised upper eyelids and lower lip, wrinkled nose, flared nostrils, and closed mouth since he is disgusted with both of them and also highly pissed off for trying to come between the mates.

“Amber, Katie I will be dealing with both of you tonight back at the ranch!” Lex states in no uncertain terms.

Amber and Katie both look towards Lex with wide eyes, open mouth, and eyebrows that are raised and drawn together in a look of shock. Neither could believe what has happened. They both just knew they were for sure going to be with the top two men in the pack.

“Amber what are we going to do? I love Canagan so much. I just can’t accept the fact he has chosen a fat cow over me and my perfect body that I have worked so hard to get it this way for him. I have starved myself and worked out so hard.” Katie says in a whiny voice.

“Well, I can tell you that we are NOT going to just give up and let her have him. You deserve him more than she does. We will come up with some kind of plan to get her away from him even if I have to kill her. She is just a fat weak werewolf. I know I am much stronger and better trained than she is. So she will be no match for me. You will be with Canagan in the end.” Amber states with so much hatred in her voice.

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