Wolves in the City

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Chapter 10

Envy’s POV

I just had to get out of there. So I just started to run. I didn’t even consider jumping on my bike to ride away. Not that it would have made one bit of difference as this place is so packed they would have caught up to me on foot. I just need to run and get away from everyone. I keep running into people since my eyes are so blurry with all the tears that are just pouring down my eyes. I had heard Eli calling out my name but I couldn’t stop. She has her mate now and I am happy about that. But there was no way I am going to stand around and be near that slut with Lexington. I can’t believe this is happening to me. I knew he had a girlfriend but I guess I just didn’t want to accept it. My head is spinning and I have no idea where I am even headed. Hell, I’m fucking lost. Which would be expected since I’ve never been here before in my life. As I am running I hear music playing. I look around and notice I have run so far that I am at the fairground where the bands are playing. I run-up to the payment booth as I am wiping my tears away. I am sure I have red swollen puffy eyes and tear stains down my puffy cheeks. I pull out my wallet and pay the attendant the amount to get in and to see the band. I don’t even know who is playing. I just want to be in a crowd so that I won’t be found.

I am looking around to make sure that Eli or Lexington hasn’t spotted me. I am feeling a little bit better since I am in this huge crowd of people. It is not something I would normally be comfortable doing but it is a lot better than what was happening back at the bar. As I look around I see a spot I can sit down and catch my breath a bit before I get lost even deeper in this crowd. I am pretty sure they won’t come in here looking for me. Eli will tell them I would never go into a crowd like this alone. At least I am hoping she will think that. I take a seat on the ground leaning up against a building. I pull my legs up to my chest and hug my legs with my head on my arms. I have more tears just coming down my face. I don’t understand why this is even bothering me. It’s not like I have any feelings for him. I know there was some kind of pull towards him last night and today but it isn’t anything it can’t be. I don’t even know the man/wolf. I just know he is the King of all werewolves and he is a very ruthless leader. At least that is what Eli was telling me that she overheard all these years from her pack.

I need to come up with some sort of plan to get to my bike and get the hell out of here. I need to get back to the ranch and just crawl into bed and stay there till I can get a handle on my emotions. I am not an emotional person by nature so I don’t even know why I am actually crying over this beast of a man. Who is clearly another females? Draven would be so disappointed in me for acting like this and especially over a man that has a female. He always brought me up that it is wrong to cheat. That is the main reason he is a vampire today. He caught his wife the love of his life with another man. He went to a bordello and met a woman there that was a vampire. He was so drunk that while they were having sex she turned him into a vampire. After that he went back to his wife and told her he was done with her there was no way she could ever fix what she had done. And that she should go be with her new lover. After leaving the house he went and found the man and killed him. Knowing that he had killed him he made sure to make it look like his wife had killed the man and when she got to the house the police were there and she was arrested. She was found guilty and they cut her head off in the town square. Draven always says he does not regret killing the man or framing his wife as what she did was beyond anything he could ever forgive. He still to his day after centuries has never forgiven her. So that’s why I am feeling so bad for these feelings I am having.

I lean back on the building trying to come up with a plan to get my bike without anyone knowing it’s me taking it. The first thing I need to do is get a change of clothing. I need to either get a hat or a do-rag for my hair. Then I need to get back to where my bike is. I just hope that none of the pack is around my bike. Eli knows what I am wearing, that’s the only reason why I need to change. I’m pretty sure Lexington won’t even remember what I am wearing. He is probably all tucked up somewhere with that slut on his lap with her all hugging him and kissing him. God, I want to just beat her ass. Whoa, stop thinking that Envy he’s not your man remember that. He is just supposed to keep an eye on you and clearly, that was a failed job. Why did Draven think a damn werewolf would be able to keep an eye on me when I clearly lose his guys all the time. HAHA, that is funny. His men know me and they can’t do the job but he expects a complete and total stranger to be able to do the job. Why does my life have to be so fucking complicated? I just wanted a nice vacation without the hassle of Draven’s men up my ass. And now look I have l clearly lost my ever-loving fucking mind. I want to know what the damn pull is that is towards Lexington and I want it stopped NOW.

I pull myself up now that I have figured out what I need to do. I start walking around looking for vendors to buy a new shirt and hat or do-rag. I will have to get something other than black since Eli will clearly not expect me to be wearing anything else. And I don't do-rags so that is what I will get. I do wear hats so that’s a no go. Ah, spotting a vendor I walk over and start looking at the shirts. I found a pink shirt (God I hate pink) and a pink do-rag. Eli will never think twice at this. She knows I can’t stand pink and would never purposely buy this color. I pay the vendor with the cash I have so that if they call Draven and he checks the credit card he won’t know I bought something. I’m so glad I decided I needed to have cash on me.

“Hey, do you know where the restroom is so I can change my shirt?” I ask the vendor.

“Well, there are only port o potties not sure you want that. But you can pop into my trailer right here and change if you like.” the vendor replies.

“Oh, thanks a lot, I appreciate that a lot,” I reply.

Normally I wouldn’t do this but seeing she is an older lady I don’t think she will do anything to me. I go into the trailer and change my shirt and put on the do-rag covering all my hair. Tucking my other shirt around my belt so it hangs I walk out of the trailer.

“Thank you very much for that. You don’t know how much this has helped me out.” I say

“You are welcome, dear. Is everything okay with you? You look like you have been crying and are upset about something clearly. Would you like to talk about it?” She says to me.

“No no I am fine. I just saw something that I shouldn’t have apparently. I will be fine once I get back to my bike and get out of here. But I do appreciate that you are concerned for someone that is a stranger to you.” I say as I walk off.

Looking around making sure I don’t see any of the Bledig pack members around so they can tell where I am at. As I am walking past another vendor I realize I have not had anything to eat or drink since breakfast. I stop and grab a hotdog with ketchup, mayo, and sauerkraut, a bottle of Pepsi, and a bag of Cheetos. Yes I know I am getting looks from people for the mayo on my hotdog but I don’t really care two flying fucks. It’s mine, not theirs. I eat the hotdog first and then some Pepsi while I eat my Cheetos. All the while I am scanning the crowd of people for pack members. I know this place is full of people but I am sure by now Lexington has everyone out looking for me. I just hope Eli keeps her emotions under control so Draven doesn’t feel her upset and gets in touch with her. He will be here in no time flat. That is the last thing I want. He will end up making me go back to Venice before I am ready. As I am slowly walking towards the bikes. I spot an ATM. I decided I should probably get the max amount of cash I can get just in case I need more cash. It will be the only way to keep anyone from being able to figure out what I am buying or where I am. Pulling out the max $10,000 for the day that I can get. I know it’s an excess amount but hey I might need it. I’m glad Draven has it set this way since they normally have a max of $1,000. But because he has so much money in the bank in various accounts they have it set this way.

Wow, I ran further than I actually thought I did. It’s taking me almost an hour to get back to the area my bike is located at. I stick close to the walls of the building across the street from where I am parked. I am a few businesses away and I only see one guy. That same prospect that was there this morning. Looking around I see a few really pretty girls alone. I formulated a plan in my head. I walk over to the girls. They seem a bit tipsy but not quite drunk yet.

“Hello, there ladies,” I say to them.

“Hi, there,” they say in unison.

“I was wondering if you would like to make a quick $500 each for just a few minutes of your time. Of course, it will be cash paid upfront.” I say.

They all look at each other like they are having a conversation with their eyes.

“Um well that all depends on what it is of course but if it sounds on the up and up then sure.” The short brunette says.

“ Well, I need to get my bike and get outta here before my ex-boyfriend finds me. And he has a guy near my bike watching it. So I was wondering if you would distract him and get him away from the bikes so I can get it and get outta here for the night. I have the cash on me right now.” I say with pleading eyes.

“Oh wow, is your ex abusive or something like that?” the black-haired girl asks.

“No, he isn’t but I just don’t want to be in a heated argument with him tonight I just want to get out of here,” I state.

They all look at each other again and back at me.

“Sure we will help you out. Us girls have to stick together of course. Just point out the guy and we will distract him for you for sure. We have ways no man has ever refused us for very long.” the blonde states.

“Wonderful, follow me, please. He is the tall blonde haired guy over there.” I say as I point him out.

“Oh wow he is hot as hell we can do this huh girls? Since we all have different color hair most men don’t know which one of us to choose so it will for sure distract him and we will pull down some so he doesn’t see you.” the redhead says.

I pull out the $2,000 and hand it to the girls.

“Thanks, I really do appreciate this so much. You have no idea.” I tell them

They all split the money and grab me and hug me telling me they got this and to get on the bike and get the fuck outta town for the night.

I watch the girls parade over there to the prospect. They get him all turned around away from the bikes. Slowly touching him and making him walk away from the bikes slowly without him even realizing it. I walk in a group of people that are walking right towards the bikes headed to the bar I assume. I stop at my bike and put the key in the ignition just turning it on so that I can push the bike out before I turn it on so that the prospect doesn’t hear me. I am straddled over my seat as I am walking the bike into the road and get into a bunch of other bikers and start my bike. I look back and see the prospect hasn’t even noticed my bike is gone as the girls are all over him. I just laugh and shake my head thinking how stupid I guess its all species of the males that are stupid when it comes to females. I head to the ranch so I can get some alone time and get my head on straight so I can enjoy the rest of my vacation. As I pull up to the ranch I decide I will park my bike in the stables so that if they decide to come back to the ranch they won’t look for me so fast.

As I get off my bike in the stable I notice there are some horses. I walk over to this beautiful black stallion. He walks up to me and I pet his nose. While petting him I decide that I will run, grab some stuff and take him out for a ride and possibly stay the night out, the whole night, and enjoy this nice fresh cool air. I run-up to the house and grab a sweatshirt, looking in the closet I see a nice sleeping bag and grab that. I take my jacket with me also just in case it gets too cold. Before I walk out of the room I take my phone out of my pocket and place it on the nightstand and plug it in to charge. I don’t want them to trace it. I know Draven has done that before to find me. I walk down to the kitchen and grab some water bottles and Gatorade the frost cherry flavored one, and some snacks. I make a few peanut butter sandwiches since they won’t go bad. I throw it all in a bag so I can put it in the saddlebags on the saddle. I look in the drawers and find some matches that have wax on them so they don’t get wet in case it rains or gets dropped in the water. When I get back to the stable I saddle the horse and throw the drinks on one side and the food in the other of the saddlebags. Tie my jacket and sleeping bag on the back of the saddle. I look around and see a bit of rope hanging and grab it knowing I will need it to tie the horse up so he doesn’t runoff. I also grab a brush and comb so I can brush him down knowing all horses love the feeling of being brushed. I grab a hoof pick also you never know if something will get stuck and I don’t want him to go lame. I walk the horse to the stable doors and close them behind me. I jump up on the horse and take off running so I can get away from the ranch as fast as possible.

While I am riding I think about nothing. I just ride. I love how the feeling of being weightless on the back of this majestic steed feels as he runs. The wind in my face and hair. It feels a lot different than on a Harley. I slow him down to a canter from a full run so he doesn’t get too tired. I think about how much I miss riding my horse every day. It seems like it’s been forever. I need to get back to riding at least every other day. It’s not fair to keep him in a stable or just out in the runs. Afterall I raised him and he will only respond to me and not let anyone else ride him. I made sure that he was only my horse to ride. Some people just don’t know how to treat these wonderful beasts. They will ride them into the ground. Slowing down to a walk I look around and see a treeline and head towards it. There is no trail or anything but I don't want to be out of the open so my fire doesn’t get spotted by anyone and they find me tonight. I walk the horse into the trees and hear water flowing. I head towards the water and we follow the bank. As we keep walking I hear water getting louder.

As I look up from fixing my pant leg I see the most beautiful site ever. It is a waterfall with bright flowers all around it. I notice a bit of a clearing and figure this is the best place possible for me to relax and stay the night. I jump off the horse and grab the rope first thing. I tie the rope around two trees so the horse has some room to walk and will be able to reach the water so he can drink if he wants. I tie him off. I take the sleeping bag and my jacket off the saddle, then the saddlebags. Next, I remove the saddle so I have someplace to put my head while I sleep. Also removing the halter so that he gets some relief from the bit since he has another that is standard for leaving on and tying off. I decided the first thing is to get some wood to make a fire. I walk around the edge of the treeline and find plenty of wood to make a fire so I can be warm before I fall asleep at least. I grab some rocks from the water’s edge to make a circle for my fire. I don’t want the fire to spread that is for sure and the rocks will keep it enclosed. I make a fire then grab the brush, comb, and hoof pick out of the bag and walk over to the horse.

I decided to first check his hoofs since I am not familiar with the terrain. There are a few rocks stuck so I get them out. Then as I am brushing him he is making noises that I assume mean he is enjoying the brushing and combing. He keeps rubbing his head on me and at one point he licks my face. I pat his side and kiss his nose. It feels like velvet. I give him a hug and smell his neck. I love the smell of a horse. The sweet smell of oats mixed in. I tell him he is a good boy and thank him for letting me ride him. Not really sure he understands but it makes me feel better to know I’ve told him he is appreciated.

I go back over the stoke the fire some more as it’s dying down. I open up the sleeping bag and place it near the fire and then over the saddle some. I grab the saddlebags and take out one of the Gatorade's and my sandwiches and snacks. I lay back on the sleeping bag and put my head on the saddle looking at the waterfall and just admire its beauty. There is nothing like a natural waterfall. I gaze up at the sky and see all the stars. This is for sure a very different site than back in Florida. It is so peaceful here. I am going to assume that is because I am alone with no guards nearby. I can’t believe I’ve never been alone like this before. This is so surreal. I actually enjoy this alone time. I know I have thought it was good alone time with guards nearby. But now I know how wrong I was. I finish up my food and drink and put the trash back in the saddlebag taking out a water bottle to keep it near me in case I get thirsty in the night. I don’t even want to think about what happened today. Laying back down I close my eyes and let sleep take over me. Knowing I have to go back and face Lexington in the morning. That should make for a very interesting morning.

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