Wolves in the City

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Chapter 11

Elizabeth’s POV

Oh, fuck this is not good. I can’t believe Envy would run off and ignore me calling her. I know she saw Amber on Lexington and it had to hurt her feelings. As I am running down the street I remember that I need to make sure I keep the walls up so that Draven doesn’t sense that I am worried about Envy and call me. If he finds out about this I am so dead. I’ve never been so distracted before that she was able to run off without me. Damn having a mate messed me up. I am glad I found my mate but this is a distraction and Draven won’t care. I have to find her before she gets too far. There are so many people this is not going to be easy. I can’t even use my werewolf smell to find here; there are just too many smells. Zeva is freaking out over not being able to smell Envy. She is so freaked out she is trying to make me change to be able to hunt her down for herself. I can’t let her take over. I have to use all the tricks I’ve learned to keep her at bay. Man, I hope she went this way when she got outside. I don’t even have the slightest idea of where she would run too. I’m thinking this was a bad idea to come here without the guards or Draven. Draven is never going to trust me again to keep an eye on Envy. I guess I just need to keep running until I can find her. I swear to God I have run around this whole city. The only place I didn’t go was the fairgrounds. I know she would never go there. Too many people for her. It’s starting to get dark and this is so not good. I guess I will head back to the bar and see if she has been found. I am going to assume not since she hasn’t called me. I guess I should have gotten Canagan’s or Lexington’s numbers. But I was just too worried about Envy. If they haven’t found her either I will head back to the ranch and hope she is there. That would be the only place but she didn’t take her bike or I would have caught her with all the people. And I’m pretty sure they would have that prospect keeping an eye on the bikes.

As I come around the corner of the buildings heading to the bar I see 4 girls surrounding the prospect. I look past him and notice Envy’s bike is missing. Oh, fuck she’s gone. I’m going to kill that piece of shit. I run-up to the prospect.

“Hey you, where is the bike that was parked next to Lexington’s?” I scream at him.

“Um, it was there like 10 minutes ago.” He states.

“So you didn’t see who took it I am going to assume?” I scream at him some more.

“Naw I sure didn’t. I wasn’t in charge of keeping an eye on that bike. Only on Savages and Hawks. So not my problem.” He states glaring at me.

I punch him in the face and run inside of the bar. As I am running inside I hear someone unfamiliar to me.

“Hey you, stop I need to ask you something.” The female’s voice yells.

I stop dead in my tracks.

“What do you want? I don’t have time for this, I have to find someone!” I state to her.

“Are you looking for the owner of that bike that is missing?” She asks.

“Yea I am! Why do you ask that?” I reply.

“Well, she stopped me and the girls and asked for our help so she could get out of town. She paid us to keep this guy busy saying she had to get away from an ex-boyfriend,” she states flat out.

“What the actual fuck. She doesn’t have an ex-boyfriend, shit shit shit I’m in so much trouble. Thanks for letting me know.” I say to her with a half-smile trying to show some gratitude.

“You are welcome. Like we told her us girls have to stick together yea know.” She says.

“Yea I get that for sure. Now I have to figure out where she went when she left. So I have to run.” I state as I run back into the bar.

As I get downstairs in the bar I look around and I only see the two sluts. Damn, I can’t ask them to call Canagan or Lexington. Guess I’ll have to go get that stupid fucking prospect to call them. As I make my way up the stairs I see the prospect standing alone. Guess them girls did their job and it seems they did a good job since Envy was able to slip away on her bike without him noticing. I walk up to him with a pissed off look on my face.

“Hey, I need you to call Canagan or Lexington now. They need to get back here ASAP.” I told him giving him a deadpan look.

“Pfftt who the fuck do you think you are giving orders to bitch?” He scowls at me.

“Look here you a little piece of shit pup your Beta Canagan is my mate and I don’t think he will be too happy if you don’t call him as I told you too,” I tell him flat out.

Next thing I know he falls on the ground laughing and rolling around.

“What...laugh...did….laugh…..you….laugh...actually…laugh....say? There...laugh....is....laugh...no….laugh….way…..laugh….you….laugh...are...Hawks...laugh...mate.” he says.

I reach down and grab him by his shirt by the collar and pull him up. I punch him in the face and start to beat the hell out of him for laughing at me and not calling as I said. All of a sudden I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist and I feel myself calming down. Zeva is even calming down. My mate coos in my ear for me to let the guy go. Canagan turns me around to face him as I drop the prospect. I see Lexington standing next to him.

“So did you find Envy?” they both ask at the same time.

“No I did not but I know she is gone now. Look, her bike is gone. I say as I scowl at the prospect.

“What wait when did she leave and we didn’t notice it?” Lexington asks with a confused look on his face.

“Well, let’s see this prospect that I was beating the shit out of when Canagan grabbed me. He was down a bit with four girls not doing his job of watching the bikes. Envy paid them to distract him so she could get out of town. Then I told him to call you guys and he told me, no calling me a bitch, and laughed at me when I told him Canagan is my mate. He fell on the ground and rolled around laughing.” I say looking at Canagan with a sad look on my face with a mix of highly pissed off in there.

I start to cry in Canagan’s arms. He puts my head on his chest so I can dry into it, while he strokes my hair. And tells me soothing things to calm me down.

“Oh, what am I going to do? I have no idea where she would go. I can’t call Draven, he will flip out and be here in a matter of hours.” I say sobbing into Canagan.

“It’s ok baby, we will find her. She has to go back to the ranch at some point so I’m sure we will see her when we get there.” Canagan says softly to me.

Canagan walks me over to his bike as he leans on it and pulls me between his legs while he rubs my back in circles and holds me tight up to him. Next thing I know I hear Lexington using his Alpha tone on the prospect.

Lexington’s POV

FUCK FUCK FUCK what am I going to do. I cant smell my mate anywhere in this whole damn town. Harou is getting restless knowing that Envy ran off. He wants to rip someone’s head off. We don’t even know why she ran off as she did. One minute she was right next to me next she was gone. I would have never dreamed she could run that fast. I went everywhere in the town and even paid money to get into that stupid concert area. Not that money is a big deal but damn I would have thought that is where she would have run too since it has the highest concentration of people there and she could have hidden there much easier. I never dreamed she would come back here and pay some girls to distract the prospect. Hell, he should have never been distracted. He is going to be so punished for this shit. I hope she went back to the ranch. I don’t know what I will do if something happens to her. She is my future Luna/Queen. This is hurting me so bad but I can’t show this to my pack since they think she is just a human. I surely cannot call Draven; he will kill me for letting her run off alone.

“Prospect, get your fucking ass over here right now,” I yell at him in my Alpha tone.

He walks up to me with his head held down in a submissive way showing me his neck.

“Yes Savage?” he says in a cowardly voice.

“Did I not tell you to keep an eye on all the bikes here or what?” I say

“Yes you did but I thought you just wanted me to keep an eye on yours and Canagan’s bikes. Not the others also.” He says as he looks at the ground.

“You were told to do one fucking job and you couldn’t even do that. Now we have someone missing that was under my care because you were too worried about some females rather than doing the job you were instructed to do.” I scream at him.

I reach out and grab him and throw him into the wall to show that I am not pleased with what he has done. He looks up at me and then backs down knowing that if he stays looking into my eyes I will kill him as that is a show of defiance.

“I will deal with you when we are all back at the ranch,” I yell at him some more.

“Hey, Elizabeth do you have any idea as to why Envy would have run off like that?” I ask her with concern in my eyes.

Before Elizabeth could even open her mouth to answer me Amber pops out of the bar and grabs me around my waist with a death grip. My blood starts to boil as I know this is not my mates arms and hands around me and there is not one person that should be touching me like this other than my mate now that I have found her. I reach down and grab the arms that are around me and pry off the fingers. As I turn around I see Amber trying to look up at me with a look of seduction.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing touching me? Did I not already tell you that I will deal with you at the ranch and to never touch me again!” I am screaming at her in my Alpha tone.

Amber shutters like I’ve just poured scalding hot water all over her. As she tries to back away from me, but I am holding her arms so she will get the full brunt of my tone. Her head automatically drops showing me her neck. As she whimpers, I hear her.

“But Savage you are my mate and I am the future Luna/Queen. Why have you not accepted me yet?” She whimpers

“You have got to be kidding me. I have told you that you are not my mate and never will be my mate. I will find my mate. I am sure of that and you are not her. I would never make a slut that will fuck anything to try and get power to be my Luna/Queen.” I yell at her more.

I let go of her as I do not hit women even though she deserves every single bit of me lashing out at her, not just me yelling at her.

“Um, well Lexington I am going to venture to say that right there is the reason for the departure of my ever so sweet and loving best friend Envy,” Elizabeth remarks back to me. While she points at Amber with an extremely pissed off face.

“Oh fuck, did she not hear me tell her that she is not my mate earlier?” I said.

“I have no clue but she had a look on her face I have yet to ever see on her face before and I don’t want to see it again. Elizabeth replies. “That being said I am going back to the ranch to see if she has returned there.”

As Elizabeth moves from between Canagan’s legs she gets on her bike and starts it up and heads out. Canagan throws his leg over his bike and starts his. I look over at him as he is about to pull out and follow Elizabeth.

“Sorry, Lex but I have to follow her. She is too upset to be alone right now. And Marcel, won’t let me let her be alone.” Canagan tells me with a look like he wants to kill someone.

“Yea by all means follow her back and check and make sure Envy is there. I will be on my way in just a couple of minutes.” I tell Canagan.

I turn around and look at the prospect and glare at him more along with Amber.

“Both of you get back to the ranch now. You both will have a shit ton to do when I get back there so be prepared. Prospect, Amber will be riding bitch with you for now on. Amber if I see you on anyone else’s bike you will be out of the pack and everything” I state matter of factly.

Amber scoffed like it was the worst thing to have to ride on a prospect’s bike. Which it technically is since they are the lowest in the MC and he is just an omega so that makes it worse for her. This is the first way to start to put Amber in her place. Which I really should have done years ago. I regret it now that Envy has run off because of her. There is only one good thing that has come out of this bullshit of a mess that has happened. I know for sure that Envy has some sort of feelings for me. She may not know exactly why she does but I will win her over. Then Draven will have to remove the spell over her. I look around to see if I can spot any Pack members so I can let them know I am headed back to the ranch to check on Envy. And to keep their phones close as I might need them if she isn’t there. Spotting a few members I motion them over.

“Hey, guys I have to get back to the ranch. Envy has run off and I can’t have her on her own since she is under my protection. I need you all to make sure you keep an ear or feel out for your phones in case I need you back at the ranch to search for her. This is not up for discussion, it is how it will be. Yes, we are technically on vacation but I gave my word and I will keep my word as you all know this is how I run things.” I look at them all with seriousness in my eyes.

“Yea sure Savage we surely will do that.” one of them mutters off. We hope you find her safe so we can enjoy our time.

I walk away from and get on my bike to head back to the ranch. Harou is not happy at all. He is on total edge with worrying for Envy. If I have too I will shift and let him find her. Looking around this is going to take forever to get out of here it seems. I know that if she isn’t at the ranch that Cana will call me or message me to let me know. I am just really hoping she is there. I am also learning that my little minx is very high spirited and resilient. I would have never dreamed that of her from how Draven spoke of her or how she looks. She came up with an excellent plan to get her bike and bolt out of town. I have to give her credit for that. Not many would have even thought to do that let alone go through with it. The more that is revealed about her the more I am so glad the Moon Goddess picked her at my mate. She is going to make the perfect Mate/Wife/Mother/Luna/Queen. There are very few that are even good mates/Mothers not to mention to throw in being a Luna. Some just can not handle them three but I know my Envy will handle all five just perfectly.

As I get out of town I feel my phone vibrating on my ass. I pull over to look at the message. Seeing Cana’s name pop up I get a very bad feeling I am not going to like this message.


Hey, Lex, I hate to tell you this man but Envy isn’t here. Her bike isn’t parked in front of the house either. So she might not have even come back here. Elizabeth is freaking out. You need to get here as soon as you can so we can figure out a plan.


Dammit Cana where could she possibly be, I just knew she would head back to the ranch. I am on my way. I will text the pack and tell them to get back to the ranch. Also the prospect and Amber are on their way back. I want them to start making lots of sandwiches, we will need them. I am pretty sure before the night is over. See you in a bit.


I want all of you back at the ranch as soon as you get this message. Do not question or reply just get your asses back to the ranch as there is an emergency. Savage.

Okay, I sent out the mass message they should be on their way soon. As soon as they get there Cana and I should have a plan in place to find Envy. This woman is going to be the death of me. But god I love her already. My little minx. I get back on the road heading towards the ranch.

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