Wolves in the City

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Chapter 12

Canagan’s POV

As I pull up to the ranch I see Elizabeth running around the house looking for what I will assume is Envy or her bike. This does not look good. I don’t smell Envy around anywhere either. Lex is so not going to like this one bit. I pull up next to Elizabeth’s bike turning mine off and dropping the stand so I can get off and grab her to comfort her. As I walk up to Elizabeth she is hysterical.

“OMG, she’s not here what will we do? This is not like Envy to do anything like this. Yes, she has run off to get away from the guards but she’s never run away from me.” Elizabeth cries.

“We will find her babe don’t worry about that. Lex is on his way and he has contacted the pack to get back here to search for her.” I whisper to her as I hold her in my arms.

I look around and I don’t see Envy’s bike parked anywhere. She can’t be too far. At least that is what I am hoping. I hope that Draven doesn’t hear about this. He will kill us all if he thinks we can’t keep an eye on one person. He is the only vampire that terrifies me. Others we can takedown, but he is too strong and has powers we don’t even know about. He is very private, unlike most vampires that love to flaunt what they can do. Which makes it a lot easier for us to kill them.

“Babe, have you checked inside the house for her? She might have hidden her bike and went into the house and went to bed.” I ask.

“Oh no not yet. I did not even think of that. I’m sure that is what she has done. So that we won’t bother her. I will go check now. Thank you for thinking of that. I am not thinking straight right now.” Elizabeth says as she kisses my lips softly and walks into the house.

I heard a bike coming down the road I can tell it is Lex’s bike. Wolf hearing makes us be able to tell who’s bike it is. I step back off the porch and wait for Lex to pull up and park his bike.

“Hey, Lex have you heard from Envy yet?” I ask him.

Lex pulls out his phone to check for missed calls or messages.

“Nope, not a one. Man Cana I don’t know what I’m going to do if we can’t find her. You know I take my responsibilities very seriously and this is a major one. This could put our pack in a lot of trouble.” Lex states.

“ Yeah man, I know. I sent Elizabeth up to check Envys room hoping shes up there sleeping.” I reply.

I hear cries coming from the house that doesn’t sound like happy ones. I rush into the house with Lex right behind me running up the stairs towards Envy’s room. As I run in the room I see Elizabeth on the floor next to Envy’s bed holding something.

“Babe what’s wrong what do you have there?” I ask her

“Its (sob) Envy’s (sob) phone (sob) she left (sob) it here (sob).” Elizabeth tries to say.

“Shit man now we are for sure fucked. I was thinking we could track her cell phone. Damn this girl is smarter than I would have thought.” I say to Lex.

I kneel and pull Elizabeth up into my arms hugging her tightly while cooing in her ears telling her softly it will be ok. Elizabeth is so heartbroken and Marcel is starting to freak out because our mate is hurting so badly. I hear the roar of bikes in the distance. Good, the pack is almost here so we can find this girl, and then I can get to spending time with my mate. It’s not that I can’t wait to spend time with my mate but we have both waited so long. I know that Envy means the world to her from how she is reacting to her being gone. I just didn’t know the extent of how close these two are. How are Envy and Elizabeth going to react to what I want Elizabeth to move up here to be with me? I can’t and won’t be apart from my mate ever again. I just sit here holding and rocking Elizabeth and wait to hear Lex call for me when he needs me so I can comfort her. I kiss her temples softly and whisper-soft cooing into her ears to try and get her to calm down some more. I for sure do not like seeing her crying and being upset. I know this is one thing that I don’t want to ever see on her again. I am going to do everything in my power to keep her from crying like this again.

Lexington’s POV

I just can not believe that Envy ran off like that. I was sure that she would have come back to the ranch and stayed. I would have never dreamed she would have left her cell phone on charge. I can’t call Draven or he will come here and take Envy away from me. Thinking that I am not a worthy mate for her. I can’t let that happen. I need my Mate/Luna/Queen/Wife there is no way around that. I won’t be able to handle it if she does not accept me. I have to figure out how to keep Amber away from me but that is not something that I can do without saying that Envy is my mate and of course with everyone else thinking she is just a human then that still won’t work. As soon as the Pack gets here I will send them out on foot and their bikes to search for her. I also need to deal with that stupid fucking Prospect that fucked up so bad and Amber for not keeping her hands off me. I am so sick of her touching me. Now it is even worse. It makes me sick to my stomach for her to touch me. I’ve heard of this happening when you find your mate but I’ve never seen it before. All my Pack members never had anyone come between them and their mate so I guess I’ve finally got to see more sides of finding your mate than others in the Pack. Oh good, I heard the Pack coming now.

“Hey, Cana I’m going to head down to get things in order and send out the Pack. I think that you and Elizabeth should stay here in case Envy shows back up here.” I state Elizabeth looks at me with upwardly slanted eyebrows and a frown showing how sad she is.

“Sure Lex we can do that, that’s a great idea. I would rather Elizabeth be here for Envy than someone else.” Canagan replies to me with hope in his eyes.

I start heading down to the Pack but I can hear Canagan telling Elizabeth that she doesn’t need to worry so much. The Pack has some of the best trackers along with myself being the top tracker for the Pack. Elizabeth replies to him saying she hopes that he is right. This makes me gain more confidence knowing that Canagan has such confidence in myself as a tracker along with the Pack. As I walk outside I see the last bike getting in. Walking over to the Pack I yell at them to all gather around.

“Okay, so we have a bit of a problem. Envy has run off and we need to find her. This is extremely important that we find her as soon as possible. She ran off this morning and it is now after dark so it’s been already way too many hours.” I state in a very serious Alpha tone. Deadpan looking at them all.

“Who really fucking cares if that fat bitch is found or not. She’s just a human not like we have to find her. She’s not a werewolf so it’s not for us to worry about.” Amber yells from the back of the group with so much venom in her voice.

“Amber, you need to tone down your attitude. I’ve already had enough of your fucking antics on this trip. I already have punishment coming to you. And if you keep on with your mouth running it will be worse and you do not want to know what that will be.” I say as a matter of factly.

“Sure Hawk we will find her. Can you tell us what she looks like since I know we all didn’t get a look at her yet.” Bruce says with confidence in his voice.

“Envy is 5’3”, she is a curvy lady, with straight blonde hair halfway down her back with streaks of black in it, she has blue eyes. I am not sure what she is wearing as she more than likely changed when she was here earlier. With that being said I want 15 on bikes going to search for her and the rest of you all besides Amber, Katie, and the Prospect in wolf searching for her. Start on the property to see if you can find anything of use. Then spread out in a circle from the house out to look for her.” I tell everyone.

“Amber, Katie, and the Prospect I want you all to get to cooking up food that will be ok to reheat or keep on warm for the Pack as they return. They will all be hungry and need to eat. Also, get as many drinks as you can on ice, get the coffee ready to be made also.” I state in a firm voice while I deadpan at them all.

The guys head out on their bikes. I start to walk around the ranch looking for any signs of anything. Some of the guys search the cabins and bunkhouses for her. As I open the barn door I see her bike parked there. Well, she left her bike here and she’s not inside as I cannot smell her wonderful scent of Apple Cinnamon. I walk around the barn and notice a stall is empty. Maybe she took a horse but I don’t even know if she knows how to ride she could be hurt from falling off somewhere. I walk in the tack room and see a saddle and bridle is missing. Okay, so she is on horseback. I reach in my pocket as I am walking back out of the barn and pull out my cell phone. I text the guys on the bikes that she is on horseback so keep an eye out for that. I yell for everyone to get back. When they get close I let them know that she is on horseback and to hang on a second so I can find out if she even really knows how to ride. I ran to the house and up the stairs to find Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth does Envy know how to ride horses? We have a horse missing from the barn.” I ask her with a look of concern on my face.

“Actually yes she does. She raised her Arabian from a colt and she has blue ribbons from cross country rides along with other things. I can see her taking off on a horse that she took a shining too.” Elizabeth states.

“Okay great one less thing to worry about not falling off since she is experienced. She hid her bike in the barn. She took a horse and left. All the ranch has been searched and I sent 15 of the guys out on their bikes to look for her. I am going to leave Amber, Katie, and the Prospect here to get food ready for when people are returning. So they should not bother you two. The rest of the Pack will fan out in a circle from the ranch to search for her. It won’t be too easy since she is using the horse to cover her scent and tracks.” I let them both know and head out of the house again.

“Okay, she knows how to ride at a professional level so unless something spooks the horse too bad she should be fine. But she is using the horse to cover her scent and tracks. So keep an eye out for her on horseback, I want everyone back here at dawn or just after. Everyone heads out now.” I state.

I pull off my clothes and transition into Harou. Harou is very happy about how our mate is very smart about using the horse to try and cover her scent and tracks. I have to agree with him because most humans would never think of this. Well, technically she isn’t just human. Then again I would think that she should think of this since she knows werewolves have better senses than humans do and can track her. Harou starts to sniff around the outside of the barn heading inside to get Envy’s scent along with the horse that she is riding. I notice my other trackers have yet to do this and just get Envy’s scent off her bike. I make a mental note that this is one thing that will need to be addressed if they don’t keep getting more of the various smells that will aid them better in searching for her. We head out the door towards the East. Harou thinks he’s picked up the horse’s tracks. We run for about an hour heading dead East when Harou makes an abrupt stop. He’s looking around a little bit confused. I’m sensing he is getting very anxious. He is not liking something but not sharing with me. He turns back around and starts to run back West for a bit then turns North heading to a dense treeline. I try to get him to tell me what he thinks he’s doing. That’s not a place a horse would willingly go with trees so close. Harou is getting very agitated now. He’s never been in this position to not be able to find anyone he is meant to find. He keeps running basically in circles from smells. I can understand as I can smell her but I just can’t seem to be able to get a fix on the direction she is in. I try to make him feel a little calmer so that he can focus on the task he has. He wants to find our mate as much as I do. We keep running looking all over but just can’t seem to find her with all this wind that has picked up. Stupid trees are just mixing up all the smells. Harou ran around till it was just before dawn. I made him head back to the ranch even though he was fighting me each pace he took. I knew I had to get back to meet up with everyone.

Elizabeth’s POV

As soon as Lexington left Canagan and me in Envy’s room I just stayed in his arms crying. I don’t know what I will do without my best friend if something happens to her. I don’t know how I will ever face Draven. He will kill me and I will let him since this is all my fault. Canagan stood up and pulled me up into his arms picking me up.

“NO NO NO put me down I’m too heavy for you, you will hurt yourself.” I was sobbing while I told Canagan.

“NO way you are not too heavy for me to carry you. I will carry you forever if I want too.” Canagan said flatly.

I tried to fight for him to drop me but he was stronger than I was which was normal being he is a Beta and I’m not. I gave up and let him carry me. He took me downstairs to the couch. He sat down and had me straddle facing him. I was hugging him with my head in the crook of his neck. I was taking in his wonderful smell of doughnuts and black licorice. He smelled so good. How could the Moon Goddess give me such a good looking werewolf? I don’t understand how he could even accept me since I’ve seen what he has slept with. But for now, I will push that aside and just relish in his wonderful scent and the feel of his muscles on my body. I was craving my mates' touch and to be one with him. I used to listen to other werewolves talk about their mates but I never dreamed they were not just a fantasy, for me to dream of. Is it happening?

He pushed me back looking into my eyes. I saw he had love, worry, and concern in his eyes. He started kissing my neck softly while he wrapped his arms around my waist. Canagan whispered to me that he is there for me and I do not need to worry again about ever being alone. He was running his hands up and down my side softly while he butterfly kissed my neck. The kisses were giving me goosebumps all over my body making my nipples hard. He kissed down my neck towards my earlobe making me shiver from the soft kisses he was leaving. I was moaning with his kisses. I’ve never had any man give me this feeling before. He was being so gentle with me. This is not something when looking at Canagan that you would even think he was capable of. He kissed the crook of my neck where my neck and shoulder meet. Making me moan even louder indicating that was my spot that he would be marking me later if he did choose to keep me as his mate. He nibbles on that spot sending sparks all through my body down to my bits inside. I was getting very heated from all this kissing and fondling Canagan was doing. I could feel his cock starting to get hard between my legs pressing against my jeans. The heat from my pussy was getting a bit too much for me. I started moving my hips pressing against his hard cock. Canagan put his hands on my waist to push me down on him as he moved up to meet me. I looked him in the eyes with so much lust I knew my eyes were flickering between my dark jade eyes and Zevas light brown amber eyes. Zeva was on the verge of coming out but I wanted her to wait so I pushed her back. I could see that Canagan’s eyes were flicking between his wolf’s dark green/grey eyes and his light green/grey eyes. I looked between his eyes and his lips wanting to kiss him so bad. He leaned up kissing me softly on my lips. I pressed into the kiss pressing my tongue between his lips asking for entrance which he gladly gave me. Our tongues played with each other moving slowly at first while we increased the kiss to a more intense longing kiss till we were both moaning and breathing heavily. I pulled away to catch my breath while I just admired my gorgeous mate. Still grinding on Canagan’s huge hard cock I laid my head on his shoulder kissing the side of his neck leaving love bites on it.

Canagan slid his hands up my shirt and undid my bra with such ease that I had no clue he was even doing it. He brought his hands around to the front of my bra and pulled it up to let my tits fall out of my bra. He pushed me back up while I was still in pure bliss over his hard cock rubbing on me. Pulling my shirt up he gazed on my tits looking at them like they were the best he has ever seen in his life. He grabbed them feeling the heaviness of them and took the left one in his mouth and sucked making my nipple grow harder in his mouth. He nibbled on my nipple giving me so much pleasure and pain mixed that it shot right down my body making me wetter. He took my other one in between the pads of his thumb and pointer and rolled it pinching and rolling over and over. Blowing cool air on my left nipple to make it even harder. I was moaning like crazy. “Oh Canagan that feels wonderful” I was saying in a husky voice. I reach down and try to unbutton his jeans. He stops me looking in my eyes.

“No baby we aren’t doing that now. I just want to help you relax. This is about you, not me. You are too stressed. I want to enjoy the first time with you. I don’t want it to be under this circumstance.” Canagan stated in a soft loving voice. “Why don’t you go upstairs and get into something more comfortable. I will wait here for you so we can cuddle and I can comfort you.”

“Okay, I’ll go even though I don’t want to. I was enjoying myself with the distraction.” I tell him.

I’ve never seen a man look so lustful while also holding back because he wanted me to relax. This is all so new to me. Most men would take advantage of a woman that was willing. But he wasn’t doing that. He was showing me so much respect and being a gentleman. I proceed upstairs to get changed.

“Canagan sweetie I’m going to get a quick shower as I am all sweaty from today’s events,” I yelled down to him.

“Okay, babe take your time I’m not leaving this spot unless Envy comes back.” He replies.

I get a quick shower and grab a pair of crotchless panties that are nude so they don’t show through my baby shorts. I have pulled them on. I can’t help but think about how shocked Canagan will be if I can get him hot and bothered again to touch me. Pulling out my matching baby shorts and nightshirt they are animal print. I throw them on. I also pull my animal print robe. I make it back down the stairs. I notice Canagan is staring at me like he wants to devour me. His eyes are huge with lust in them.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD” Canagan states. His mouth is hanging open.

“Babe you might want to close your mouth, a fly might enter it,” I say as I giggle while looking at him.

“Sorry but I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman in my life before. You have just taken the breath out of my lungs and left me speechless.” He says matter of factly.

“That’s just rubbish, these girls here are way better looking than I am,” I say to him meaning it with every fiber of my being.

“SHUT UP! I don’t ever want to hear you say that again. These bitches could never hold a candle to you in my eyes. You are all I’ve ever wanted in a woman. I never thought I would meet my mate. But here you are. Here we are. Now come sit with me and cuddle here.” He says while reaching for my hand to pull me towards him.

I take his hand and sit next to him. He puts his arm over my shoulder and pulls me into his side kissing my temple. I snuggle into his side feeling his warmth. He is so relaxing for me. I relax right into him and my eyes are heavy and I fall asleep.

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