Wolves in the City

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Chapter 13

Canagan’s POV

I can’t believe that I’m sitting here with my mate. She’s leaning on me asleep. I want her so bad it is killing me. But I can’t give in to my wants with Envy missing. The first time would be ruined. I want this to be memorable with her. This is the start of our new lives together. But I also want to feel and taste her. Harou keeps pushing me and it’s so hard to fight him right now.

I move my hand to pull up Elizabeth’s shirt so I can slide my hand over her tits lightly rubbing feeling her nipples start to harden. Rubbing my finger pads over her nipples one at a time making them grow beneath my pads is such a turn on. Listening to her softly moan. Taking my thumb and forefinger and lightly pinching them between them. She starts to move her hips some. I kiss the top of her head smelling her sweet smell of bergamot and jasmine. It takes so much for me to not moan along with her. Sliding my hand barely over her soft smooth honey-colored skin. Sliding my hand over her animal print baby short. Rubbing her between her legs I can feel the heat coming from her pussy. I feel how wet she is pushing a bit harder to make her shorts wet for me to feel. Sliding my hand down a bit more moving her shorts to the side I slide my fingers over her panties to find that they are crotchless. Slipping my finger between her folds feeling the warm wetness around my fingers as I find her hard clit waiting for me to just touch it. Rubbing around her clit in circles while I continue to take in the sweet smell I have already become to love on her. I bring my other hand across me to slide it over her soft skin. Taking her nipple between my fingers and rolling it around. Rubbing her clit, sliding my fingers to her entrance getting my fingers wetter. Slipping just barely inside her pussy to feel even more wet start to slide out of her pussy. I know she is going to be more than ready when I finally take her and claim her pussy as mine. Pinching her nipple Elizabeth gasps and moans arching her back forcing her tits to move forward more into my hand. I slide my whole hand over her pussy and feel how she has just a bit of hair on a line on her pussy, like it’s there just for me to follow down from her lips down to her pussy for me to devour and eat tasting her ever so sweet cum. Slipping my middle finger inside her pussy while my thumb massages her clit. Elizabeth starts moving her hips to meet with my finger thrusting in and out of her. Moaning louder with each thrust. I hear her whimper my name “Canagan”, it’s like she knows it’s me getting her off while she sleeps. I know she’s exhausted but I am still surprised she hasn’t woken up. I am so uncomfortable right now. My cock is trying to push out my jeans. It is so hard for my mate. I can feel my head making my boxer briefs wet from my precum. I won’t be surprised if my jeans get a wet spot. Listening to Elizabeth moan and whimper my name is about to make me cum right in my jeans. Fingering her faster as she gyrates her hips with the movement of my finger in and out of her. I feel her walls tighten around my finger. I know she is about to cum. I lean my head down and whisper in her ear softly for her to cum for me. I want her to feel so good even if it’s a dream to her. I pinch Elizabeth’s nipple as she cums for me soaking my hand. I cup her pussy and take what I can in my palm and bring it to my mouth to get a taste of her I’ve been dying to taste all day. She tastes sweeter than I could even imagine. I pull her shorts back over so if someone was to come in they wouldn’t see anything that is mine. Pulling her shirt back down I pull her closer into my side.

I move around my jeans some so that my cock will hopefully go back limp. I had a hard time making sure I didn’t cum. That would have been something that would have embarrassed me to cum without being touched. I look down and see a wet spot from all the precum that was released listening and making my beautiful mate cum for me. I notice she isn’t as tense as she was when she was awake and first asleep. I hope she doesn’t get upset with me for doing that to her. I know earlier I told her it was about her and I surely made it all about her. Other than the taste that I got from her. I won’t ever forget this first taste of her. I lean my head on her head taking in more of her essence.

I hear footsteps outside the door. I reach up on the back of the couch and pull a blanket down and throw it over Elizabeth. I don’t want anyone to see what is mine. She is dressed so sexily and I am sure they will be able to smell her. The door opens and I look up seeing Katie. I am now pissed off. This bitch has some fucking nerve to just walk in this house without knocking and being told to come in. I move Elizabeth off, me, and lay her down gently on the couch so I can go deal with this bitch. Elizabeth moans out and I can already tell it is not a good moan. I get up and walk over to Katie grabbing her arm and dragging her back outside away from the house. I have my lips in a tight straight line, my eyes are turning back and forth from Marcels’s and my eyes. Katie is tripping over her own feet as I drag her away from the house. I don’t want Elizabeth to wake up from me going off on Katie. Elizabeth needs her rest. I can hear Katie scoffing she’s not happy but I really don’t give a flying fuck.

“What the fuck is your problem? I already told you to stay the fuck away from me. And now that I have found my mate I for sure don’t want you anywhere near me.” I spat at Katie yelling at her at the top of my lungs.

“But Cany I want to be with you. You know that you love me deep down and we are meant to be together, that fat cow cant give you what you need. Only I can. I know what you like. She will never know how to please you and keep you happy.” Katie says to me in a sexy voice.

I cringe at the thought of her saying these things since I know they are not correct. I want to throw up right here. It is making me so sick.

“Look here, Katie. For one do NOT ever call me that again it is either Canagan or Hawk. You are not to shorten my name ever. You know I’ve always told you that. I’ve never liked it and never will if it’s coming out of your mouth. My mate already makes me the happiest I have ever been in my life even with this mess that is happening because of Amber and you. I knew you two should never come on this trip. I can guarantee that if you even attempt to come between Elizabeth and me, it will be the last mistake you ever make. I know if she doesn’t kick your ass then I will. Elizabeth is a werewolf and you should know that you can not come between two mates. And if Amber told you differently then she lied to you to keep your hopes up. It seems you just won’t get it into your head that we are nor ever were meant to be more than the few fucks we had years ago. If I had wanted more then I would have fucked you more. So you should realize this. So next time you come to the house which I would rather you didn’t. Because I know Lex already told you that you are not allowed at the house. You are to never just walk into it without knocking or being told to come inside. That being said, you need to take your ass back to Amber and help her get the stuff all prepared. The Pack and Savage should be returning soon and they will be very hungry.” I tell her in a very serious tone of voice not even giving a slight bit of possibly mistaking this talk for anything more than what it was to tell her to basically fuck the hell off.

“Hawk, I know you do not mean what you are saying. I may be just a human but I know I can be the best mate for you. I love you so much. I will always be waiting for you to see that she can’t make you happy the way that I can.” Katie says in a whimpering voice and her eyes are swollen with tears falling from her eyes.

“Oh for the love of fucking god Katie. You do not love me. If that was the case then you would have not been jumping from member to member to get fucked on a nightly basis. So don’t even think that I would give up my mate for you that is a fucking piece of shit slut. You and Amber are just looking to get a higher status in life and that will NOT ever be with Savage or me. So as I already said go back with Amber now. Also, let her know that no matter what she is up too you won’t ever become between us. And remember she is a werewolf so you have no chance against her. And Amber won’t have a chance against her either. Elizabeth is a lot stronger than Amber is.” I snapped at her with a very stern look on my face and a serious voice.

As I turn around to head back to the house I see my beautiful mate sitting on the porch looking at me with a bit of hurt in her eyes. Oh, this can’t be good. I would never hurt her. I walk right up to her. I kneel down in front of her so I can make sure I am eye to eye with her. I want her to know exactly what just transpired between that slut and myself. I place my hands on her knees and look her right in her eyes so she knows I am not lying.

“Babe, please don’t look at me like that. It hurts me and Marcel for you to have that hurt look in your eyes. I drug her out of the house because I didn’t want her to be near you. You are too special to me to let that slut near you.” I say to her with a serious look on my face.

“Well, what was I to think when I woke up to you not being here and I see you with her. She told me that you were her boyfriend yesterday when we got here. I can see why you would like her with that body and all. When I look like this. And you don’t have to be with me just because we are mates we can reject each other so you can be with her.” Elizabeth says with hurt in her voice while looking to her left.

I take her chin in my thumb and pointer finger and turn her head to look at me.

“Oh hell no she was never my girlfriend. She wants to be, but that will never ever happen. I do admit that I slept with her a few times years ago but it was the worst mistake of my life. I regret it but at the time I never dreamed I would ever meet my mate. You are perfect to me baby. You are exactly what I wished for from the Moon Goddess. I never wanted anyone like her; she was just a means to relieve myself back then. But for the last four years, I’ve not been with anyone hoping to find you.” I say to her with as much love in my voice as I can.

I lean in and kiss her on her lips softly but with a bit of passion in the kiss. I want to show her I don’t want anyone else but her. She kisses me back and lets out a sigh.

“Babe I already can warn you that Amber will be trying to get Katie to come between us but I am not going to put up with it. I’ve already told Katie that she doesn’t have a chance no matter what she and Amber try and come up with. So you don’t ever have to worry. I already am falling more in love with you every minute. I want you so much but not until we get this matter sorted out with Envy.” I tell her matter of factly looking into her eyes.

“Awe Cana thank you for that I really needed to hear that. I’ve not had any problems for years about how I look. I’ve been very comfortable in my body. But you look so damn sexy and buff it is a bit surreal for me. I never thought the Moon Goddess would pair me up with someone like you. And you being a Beta is for sure not something I ever dreamed of. I don’t want to feel jealous but I already know that it will take me some time to get over this. Please just bear with me for a bit till I can get over it.” Elizabeth tells me in a very soft voice just above a whisper.

I can hear in her voice just how unsure she is that I will be faithful to her. I never dreamed this would be something my mate would ever wonder about. I am going to just have to show her how devoted I am to her. I will not even let females flirt with me without me letting them know I am not interested. I only want one woman in my life till we die and that is Elizabeth. I look at my watch and stand up and take her in my arms and pick her up. She wraps her legs around my waist so I can carry her back inside the house. I carry her upstairs to her bedroom and place her on her bed. I lean down and kiss her on the cheek.

“Babe there is still a few hours before the pack is back. So I want you to get some sleep so when we get Envy back you won’t be tired.” I tell her as I stand back up to walk out of the room.

“Cana please come lay down with me and hold me. I don’t know if I will be able to sleep so if you could just hold me I would feel much better.” Elizabeth says softly with a shy voice

“Of course anything for you. You just have to ask.” I tell her with a smile on my face.

I crawl into bed behind her and reach over and pull her by her waist into my hard chest. I feel her snuggle up to me and let out a breath. I hold her tight so she feels comfortable. I listen to her breathing, and as her breath evens out I know she has fallen asleep. I let myself fall asleep with her.

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