Wolves in the City

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Chapter 14

Lexington’s POV

As I get back to the ranch I transform back into my human self and dress in the clothing I stripped out of. I look around and see most of the pack is back.

“So did anyone get a track on Envy?” I shout in a concerned voice.

“No Lex so far all that has returned hasn’t found any sign of her,” Bruce informs me.

“Dammit this can’t be happening, We have to find her. The pack will get a bad name if we lose someone I am supposed to be protecting” I say sighing.

“She will turn up pretty soon since her friend is here. I can’t imagine someone leaving their friend high and dry like that” Bruce pipes in.

“True from what I can tell from what Elizabeth said she has never gone out on her own like this. This is actually out of character for her” I state looking around hoping she will pop up.

The sun is starting to rise over the mountain. I think how perfect a view this is and how much I would love to be with Envy in my arms leaning back into my chest. My chin on top of her head. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I have never had these romantic feelings towards anyone before. This is not who I am. This mate bond is something that is crazy. I guess I should go inside the house and see if possibly she has returned and the others might have missed her. Or at least let me check the barn to see if the horse has returned. I walked over to the barn opening up. I see that Envy’s bike is still in the same place. Looking over I notice the stall of the horse she took off on is still open. My shoulders slump down and I am at a loss. I have never had this happen before and I just don’t know where to go from here. Walking out of the barn I look around shaking my head while wondering what I am going to do to fix this whole situation. I want my mate back and I have to win her heart over. Women have never been this much trouble for me in the past. Hell if they didn’t want anything to do with me so be it. Which never has happened. Now I have a challenge and I will meet and beat this challenge.

Holding my head down I make a beeline for the main house.

“Wait, Savage, I want to talk to you,” Amber shrieks.

“Ugh what the fuck do you want now Amber?” I state in a flat voice. Rolling my eyes at her as I look up.

“Savage, why are you so damn worried about a nobody? She is not part of this pack nor is she a werewolf. She is just a fat ass human that is worthless. She thinks that because she has money she can do what she wants and get away with her childish ways. It is bullshit you are worried about her” Amber spits it out of her mouth like she has been given something sour.

“Who the fuck do you think you are to speak to your Alpha in this manner? I will do what I want and worry about who I want. You may think she is worthless but she is worth a lot more than you are. You are the one that is a worthless piece of shit. I am about on my last bit of nerves with you. If you keep up this attitude that you have then you will find yourself as a rogue. I do not want to ever hear you call her a fat ass again. You are the most disrespectful wolf that I know. She is a very beautiful woman in every way there is!” I tell her in my Alpha voice so she gets the point that I am very serious.

“Yyyyeessss Alpha, I am sorry Alpha, please forgive me,” Amber begs, trying to make tears fall from her eyes.

“One more thing Amber I don’t believe what you just said. I know you are just trying to appease me and it won’t work.” I tell her as I am walking away.

I hear her scoff and snicker. I know she is still going to be a problem as soon as Envy comes back from wherever she is. I just hope that I can intervene before Amber upsets her again, or before Envy attacks Amber. I need to talk to Elizabeth and find out what kind of damage Envy can deal to a wolf. Knowing that she has a wolf that is just suppressed makes me wonder if she can take Amber. I better get back to the house fast and get more information before Envy gets back.

Envy’s POV

Rubbing my eyes to get the little bit of sleepy dust out of them. I look around seeing all the leaves that are circling the area. Hmmm, last night was a really good night’s sleep. I didn’t think I would sleep this sound, but I did see all these leaves around the outside of the area that I was sleeping. As I get up I notice the horse I rode out here is calm. Looking at the ground I wonder why there were no leaves on me seeing that leaves are piled up just away from where I made my bed. I shrug my shoulders and roll up the sleeping bag and get everything else together. Walking over I saddle the horse and put everything on the back of the saddle. Pulling myself up on the horse. I head back to the ranch.

I slow to a walk from the trotting I was doing to get back to the ranch. Looking around I see a lot of bikes that were not here when I left last night. I try to get back to the barn without anyone seeing me but then I hear someone yelling for someone called Savage saying she’s coming riding up now. Ugh, why do people have to get into my business like this? I don’t know these people. Shaking my head I kick the sides of the horse to make it run to get back to the barn faster. As I ride into the barn I jump off the horse and close the barn door and pull the bars down so the doors lock closed. I don’t want to deal with any of these people. I just want to be left alone. I pull the tack and saddle off the horse walking it back into its stall. Taking the saddle and bridle over to the storage area I grab some hay and feed for the stallion I was riding. After I feed and water the horse I go back for the pick, curry comb, hard brush, soft brush, damp washcloth, and fly spray throwing it all into a bucket.

As I am brushing the horse down from the night out and the hard two rides there and back I thought he deserved it at least. He is a very well behaved horse. All of a sudden there is banging on the barn doors. I hear someone yelling my name. I ignore the male’s voice. I could care less who is out there. If that is Lexington then he can just kiss my ass. He has a woman he needs to worry about. I am not about to let him get to me. I am on the verge of just saying fuck this trip and go back to Venice. I’ve never felt so strong for someone before and I don’t like how this is making me feel. I am not that type.

“Envy open the damn door now. I don’t want to have to break it down to get in there.” Lexington screams while banging on the door.

“Go away I don’t need anyone here to bother me, now just fucking leave me alone already,” I scream back at him.

“I am not going anywhere and I am going to break this door down in about 2 minutes,” Lexington shouts.

“Bruce I need you to go and get Elizbeth and Hawk,” Lexington says in his Alpha voice.

“Sure sure on my way now Savage,” Bruce says as he runs towards the house.

“Look Envy I’ve just sent someone to get Elizabeth. She is extremely distraught that you disappeared” Lexington says into the door sounding defeated.

“Well, when she gets here I will only let her inside. I don’t have any reason to see you or anyone else as I don’t know anyone of them nor you” Envy spit back at Lexington with so much hate and distaste.

“Fine, I’ll let her go in alone. Maybe she can talk some sense into you about what you did last night and yesterday” Lexington says matter of factly.

I continue to brush the horse down. I still need to use the pick on his hooves. I don’t want to take the chance of this beauty going lame because something got stuck in his shoes on the ride. I pick up his right back leg to get it set between my legs so I can clean out the shoe. I continue to the next hoof. As I am about to clean out the third shoe and there is a softer knock on the barn door. I look up toward the door putting the horse’s leg down. Walking towards the door to see who it is now.

“Yea who is there?” I ask in a stern voice

“It’s me Envy let me in sweetie” Elizabeth states softly

I walk over and remove the bars to let her inside. Pulling open the door just enough for her to get inside I slam the door back closed. Elizabeth jumps as I slam the door. Snickering at her because she is so jumpy all the time.

“So where did you disappear to yesterday?” Elizabeth asks

“I went to watch the bands play for a bit then walked back and left,” Envy said like it was no big deal

“Hmmm want to tell me why you ran from me? That is not like you to just leave me like that. We always run together. You had me scared to death. I had to keep my walls up so that Draven didn’t come running. Goddess if he would have shown up, there would have been some dead wolves” Elizabeth states.

“I needed to get away from Lexington. And you were all cuddled up with I assume your mate. I did not want to come between you both. I know you have been waiting to find him. So I just went off on my own. No big deal. I just want to be rid of him.” Envy says flatly.

“Well, I don’t know why you are saying you need to stay away from Lexington. He has only been trying to look out for you. I think he likes you. You could have some fun with him while we are here for the next nine nights.” Elizabeth states.

“There is no way in hell I would even think about having fun with him. He has a girlfriend. You know I would never get involved with anyone that has a significant other. Draven would have my ass.” Envy states flat out.

“Oh, you think that nasty slut is with him. Well, sweetie, you are so wrong about that. He can not stand her at all. He has to put up with her because she is part of the pack. She’s been told to stay away from both of us. Canagan told me that Amber has been after Lexington for years.” Elizabeth says.

“Pfft, whatever. I don’t have to listen to what you are told by members of his pack. You know as well as I do that pack members stick together. And if Lexington wants them to make me think he doesn’t have a girlfriend he can. Elizabeth I have these feelings for him and I don’t understand why. I’ve been drawn to him since the night he woke us up arguing with that nasty bitch. And she has made it clear they are a couple not only telling us but also how she hugged and kissed him right in front of me at the bar. I could not stand there and watch him with another female. It hurt me so badly, I just don’t get why I feel this way. I know there can never be anything between him and me since he is a werewolf and I am a human. Elizabeth please tell me what to do!” Envy states with hurt in her voice with tears welling up in her eyes.

“Oh Envy come here, sweetie. Sit down, please. Yes, Canagan is my mate but I can guarantee that he is not lying to me about Lexington. That other one said that she was Canagan’s girl and she also lied. These two are just hungry to move up in status and also try and get our men. And yes I say our men because I think there could be something between you and Lexington. You are not a normal human. I am not sure about what isn’t normal but there is something. There is no way a vampire would adopt a baby unless there was something in it for them and that means you are special. So I will bet that you and Lexington can have something longer than just these few days.” Elizabeth states matter of factly.

“Elizabeth you still don’t get it. He let it happen. He let her hug and kiss him. I wanted to punch her in the face when she was all up on him. So I just ran.” Envy said while crying into her hands.

“Envy please stop crying, sweetie. You just need to stop thinking like this. This is not a drama on tv we watch. This is real life. You know I would never tell you this if it wasn’t true. I love you like you are my sister. Hell, as far as I am concerned you are my sister. I would never let anyone hurt you deliberately. I can link with Draven and let him feel my feelings and he will come running without us calling him. If you want to leave for Venice we can leave. I will go with you. I will do whatever you want Envy. I just can’t take you being hurt and running away again.” Elizabeth says.

“I know I am sorry about that Eli, but I just could not process what was going on. My brain just took over and I just ran. This is all so new to me to have these kinds of feelings. I can tell you that I won’t let him hurt me. He is going to have to prove to me that he does not have an interest in that nasty skank. I am just so drawn to him. I know I keep repeating this but I do not understand why I am feeling this. I know that werewolves and humans can’t be mates. So these feelings have to be wrong. I will not go out of my way to be around him. I will keep my distance as much as possible. And to be honest with you Eli I wish that Draven was here. He would know what to do. He always has guided me and not let a man near me that would not be good for me. I am just going to go up to the house and get in the bath and relax. I want you to just go spend the day with your mate and not even worry about me. I won’t go and run and hide or anything like that. I promise you that.” Envy states while looking at the ground like it’s the most important thing that there is.

I go back and finish the last two hooves, then do one last wipe down. Grabbing all the supplies and putting the stuff back where it belongs. I grab the feed and water to give this gorgeous animal a proper meal. Walking out of the stall I close it back up and head to the door. Looking at the doorway I notice that Lexington is standing there just staring at me with lust and worry in his eyes. I just look at him and keep walking past with my head held high. Pushing back my shoulders so I don’t look as small as I am, I hate to be looked down upon. I notice so many people staring at me which makes me so uncomfortable, but I am not going to let them know it is bothering me. I won’t let anyone push me down. I am a strong woman just like Draven raised me to be. I shake my head at the people snickering at me which I know exactly who it is but I do not care. Their day will come and I will beat their asses into the ground like I was trained to do. Werewolves do not scare me. Hell, nothing scares me. But if I’m being honest with myself I have to say there is one thing that does scare me. And that is that I don’t want to get hurt. I’ve never been hurt like I was yesterday and I did not like that feeling at all. So I will make sure that I keep my walls up.

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