Wolves in the City

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Chapter 15

Envy’s POV

I hear feet walking behind me. I don’t dare look back. I can feel somehow that it is Lexington. I hope that I am just making this up that it is him. How in this world could I feel that it is him? My senses are on hyper overload after yesterday’s events. I can’t let my heart get hurt again. I thought it was going to burst when that slut grabbed him for a hug and kissed him. I just wanted to rip her arms and head off. I feel that I am in love with him.

Wait what huh, how can that be?

That is not possible. I can’t think like that.

He is a werewolf. I’m a human.

Things that can’t happen more than just sex and/or friendship.

And I for one don’t want to just have sex with him since I have feelings.

That will make things too awkward.

There could be no friendship.

But do I want to be friends with the King of all werewolves?

No, yes, I don’t know.

Do I want more than just friendship that is impossible?

Yes, maybe, I don’t know.

I don’t even know his man/wolf.

I just know the rumors that go around about him.

He’s ruthless, hard, strong, no shit taker, cruel to women (I’ve heard him speak to the slut).

But then he’s been nothing of these things towards me. Even when I have deserved it like just a bit ago.

I could have sworn I heard worry and a bit of caring in his voice.

Maybe I was just wanting to hear that. Yes, that is what it was.

I ended up walking into the bushes outside of the house since I’m so involved in my head. Dammit, I need to stop doing this. I hear a female laughing at me as I look up and see no other than the skank sitting on the porch. I glare at her.

“What the fuck do you want?” I say in a nasty tone.

“Oh, I just want to make sure you know your place still and to tell you don’t even think about Lexington. He is mine and has been for years” Amber states in a snarky voice.

“Look you fucking bitch I don’t want him, he’s a werewolf. So why don’t you take your nasty smelly self off this porch that you are not welcome on and go find someone to shove a dick down your throat so you shut the fuck up and then I don’t have to hear your nasty voice.” I say in a serious voice.

“Oh ya, you fat bitch you think that you can tell me what to do. You’re the nasty smelling human here. I’m going to have to put you in your place it seems since I am the soon to be Luna of this pack.” Amber states as she gets up and walks towards me.

“Bring it on bitch I’m not scared of you. You may be a werewolf but that doesn’t mean shit to me. And being Luna of this pack, big fucking deal for you. I am not a werewolf so if you think that I have to listen to you, then you are sadly mistaken. If you keep your shit up I will make sure that Lexington makes you get off the property.” I say matter of factly.

Amber walks towards me like she is going to do something. I stand my ground, not wavering one bit, and show I am not scared of her. As she starts to raise her hand at me something streaks past me and I hear a thud. Looking forward I see that Lexington is holding Amber by the throat and pinning her to the ground growling at her.

“Amber I’ve already told you more than once to stay away from Envy. I refuse to tell you one more time. If I even hear of you coming near her, you will be off this property faster than you can blink an eye. Then you will have to find your way back to the Pack House. Do I make myself clear?” Lexington uses his Alpha voice while growling a menacing growl of possessiveness.

Amber lays on the ground gasping for air as tears roll down her face. Grasping at Lexington’s hands to try and get them off of her neck so she can breathe. “Yes, Alpha I hear you and understand. I am sorry.” Amber squeaks out barely audible.

Lexington lets go of Amber’s throat as he gets up from her. Turning around he looks at Envy with sadness in his eyes.

“I’m so sorry she said that stuff to you Envy. That is not how my pack members act. She will be kept in her place so you shouldn’t need to worry about her any longer.

“I’m not worried about her at all. I can handle myself” I state as I walk past Lexington.

“Envy please talk to me,” Lexington asks me so very softly.

“I have nothing to say to you. I am going to go get a nice long bath and relax” I say to him as I walk by and go into the house.

I make my way up the staircase into my room. Closing the door and locking it behind me. I go into the closet and pull out a new pair of jeans and a black Harley Davidson t-shirt. Going over to the dresser I pull out a pair of the crotchless panties and a bra that will closely match it. Throwing everything on my bed I strip off the dirty clothing I am wearing. Walking into the bathroom I reach over and turn on the jacuzzi tub. I look under the sink to see if anything is in there to put in the jacuzzi. I see a bottle of bubbles with a note on it. Grabbing the bottle of Apple Cinnamon bubble bath so I can read the note on it.


I thought you might decide you need a bubble bath and knowing how much you love this brand and scent so I had it purchased for you and put here. Enjoy your vacation.

Love you,


I have to say I have the sweetest most considerate dad on this earth. I know a lot of girls think and say that but in all honesty, he really is. He thinks of my well-being way before he thinks of his own. Yes, he is not my biological father but you could for all measures say that he is. He adopted me the same night that the firemen found me on their doorstep. It is almost like he was waiting for me or something. I miss him so much on this trip. He is usually with us when we go. I had insisted that this just be a girl’s trip. Of course, he said no until Elizabeth spoke with him.

I pour some of the apple cinnamon-scented bubble bath into the warm water. The smell is something I can never get enough of. I just love the smell of apples, freshly cooked apples, apple pies, apple turnovers, you name it the smell is wonderful. I even make it a point to have an apple scent in my Jeep and one in our house. I pull off my dirty clothes and put them in the hamper. I brush my hair and teeth. Turning off the water to the jacuzzi, I step into the warm apple cinnamon-scented water. Feeling the tension start to ease from deep down into my inner being as I lower myself into the water. Leaning back in the tub I know I should get something to eat when I am done here but I’m not really in the mood to eat. At least since Eli is with Canagan I won’t be forced to eat. As I am thinking of what I want to do today I fall into a light sleep.

BANG BANG BANG. I was just in the tub from getting the shit scared out of me. What the fuck who is banging on my door.

“Who is it?” I scream from the bathroom pissed off from being taken out of my state of complete bliss.

“Envy it’s me Lexington, are you okay in there. You have been in there for over three hours without a sound.” Lexington shouts back at me with worry in his voice.

“UGH yes, I was just great till you had to ruin it for me,” I yell back.

I pull the plug out of the tub for the water to drain. Reaching over grabbing a big fluffy body towel I step out of the tub. I wrap the towel around my body. Grabbing another smaller towel I start to dry my hair as I walk towards the door. As I fling open the door Lexington is leaning on the door jam. His eyes just about pop out of his head as he looks me up and down. I smirk at him. As he takes a step back away from the door.

“Okay now, what did you want now that I am out of the tub?” I ask him.

“Oh um yeah about that. I was wondering if you would like to go for a ride on my bike with me tonight?” Lexington asks in a soft unsure voice.

“Well, Lexington to be honest with you, I would rather not. I have other things I am planning on doing alone tonight. So you don’t need to go out of your way to ask me if I want to do something. I am capable of doing things on my own. I am actually looking forward to more alone time while I am on this trip. You have a good day/night I shall get dressed and then decide what I will be doing alone I emphasize the word alone.” I look at him in the eyes and step back slamming closed the door as he goes to say something.

“Well...BAM...ok.” Lexington says.

I giggle to myself because I know for a fact if anyone else did that to him he would break down the door and put them in their place. But I know for a fact he won’t try that with me or he will have to deal with Draven. I walk over to the bed. Pull the towel off of myself and finish drying what the towel and air haven’t already dried.

I pull on my panties and hook my bra. I sit on the bed trying to get used to these panties. Thinking to myself there is a first time for everything and this is for sure the first time I’m wearing crotchless panties. Such a strange feeling. Leaning over I grab my socks, put them on, pants and t-shirt next. As I go to stand up I feel my jeans rub on my folds. Oh, damn what a strange feeling. How can Elizabeth wear these all the time? Guess I will see how this goes today. If I hate it I will trash them and move on to my regular panties. Leaning down to put on my boots I feel the sensation of the jean material rub between my folds right against my clit. I jump up from the feeling. Hmmm, interesting I might just enjoy these panties. Grabbing my phone and headset I pop the earphones in my ears to turn on some music. As I make my way down the hallway to get some food, I smell pumpkin spice. My mind starts to go hazy from the smell. I don’t get it, I’ve always liked the smell but I do not understand why I keep smelling it. I put it out of my mind. I keep walking down to the kitchen.

I am enjoying the music playing Enya and Enigma at the moment. These songs can be uplifting while also calming to me. And right now I just need some calming music. I have decided I will make an egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. It’s the fastest and easiest meal I can possibly make. Grabbing all the ingredients I start to make the meal. I hear voices and I know for a fact that one of the voices is Elizabeth’s and I will assume the other is Canagan’s. They sound so sweet together the giggling and chatter they are doing. I just shake my head and smile. I am so happy for my best friend. She deserves this more than anyone. I look up and see both of them pop around the doorway into the kitchen.

“Hey, you two,” I say with a huge smile on my face.

“Hi, there,” they say in unison.

“So what do you two lovebirds have planned for the day,” I asked, wiggling my eyebrows at them.

“Oh, we are planning on getting to know each other a bit better today,” Elizabeth states with a flushed tint of light pink on her cheeks.

“Yea, we have not had a chance to really talk and get to know one another.” Canagan replies

“Sounds great you two enjoy your company together” I state with a happy tone in my voice.

“Canagan sweetie, can I have a minute here with Envy and I will meet you upstairs,” Elizabeth asks sweetly.

“Sure I will be upstairs waiting patiently,” Canagan says as he kisses Elizabeth on the cheek and walks away.

“Um, so what gives? Why did you want to talk to me?” I ask Elizabeth with a quizzical look on my face.

“I’m just checking to make sure you are okay is all. And to see what you have planned to do today? I know you have something scheming in that cute little brain of yours.” Elizabeth states matter of factly

“I’m okay. I was planning on going for a long ride solo today. I decided I want some alone time while we are here. I just want to stay out of the way of all the werewolves and especially them two nasty whores. So I will go and take a ride alone and come back later to have dinner with you if that sounds like a good plan for tonight. I’d like to get to know your mate also.” I say with as little sadness in my voice as I can muster.

Elizabeth walks over and hugs me.

“Envy please don’t be sad. I know you will find someone, but I still think you should give Lexington a chance. I know you don’t think it is possible he would like you but I can tell he does by the way he’s been acting since you went poof yesterday. I’ve never seen a man so concerned about someone they don’t like.” Elizabeth says with a hopeful voice and a grin of mischievousness.

“No, it’s ok. I just want some me-time. You look exhausted and I know that is because of me. So you go upstairs and spend the day getting to know Canagan better. You both deserve this time together. I will eat my sandwich and then be on my way.” I say smiling with happiness as much as I can muster in my voice.

“Okay fine I will be looking forward to dinner tonight. Love you Envy. Be safe and if you need me call me and I mean it I will be right there for you no matter what is going on.” Elizabeth states walking towards the upstairs.

“Oh I know you would be but I won’t be calling you or disturbing your time with your mate today” I yell towards Elizabeth.

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