Wolves in the City

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Chapter 16

Envy’s POV

I grab my sandwich and place it on the counter. Grabbing a glass I fill it with white grape juice. Walking over to the counter I pull out a stool and plant my ass down and continue with my breakfast. A feeling of happiness comes over me as I think of how lucky my best friend is that she has finally found someone. I knew something good was going to happen on this trip. That is probably why I had this overwhelming feeling to be sure to come on this trip. I always expect to be ridiculed over my weight but these two bitches just need to get off me already. I am over the snide remarks coming out of their traps. I shake my head to get out of my thoughts. Looking down I notice I have finished my sandwich and drink. Wow, didn’t think I was that into my thoughts I wouldn’t realize I was done eating. Oh well, I clean up my mess and proceed to make a few peanut butter and jam sandwiches, pack some Cheetos in a Ziploc baggie and wipe off the counters. I grab a few bottles of water along with a few bottles of Gatorade the Lemon-Lime kind this time. Throwing them into my bag so I can put it all in my saddlebag on my bike.

I walk out of the house to head to get my bike and go for a scenic ride. As I was walking I heard loud footsteps coming towards me from behind. I have this overwhelming feeling that it is Lexington. I get shivers up my spine and the hairs stand up on my arms. I walk a little bit faster to keep ahead of whoever it is so I can jump on my bike and get out of here. As I reach the barn the doors are open wide. I thank whoever left them open in my head. I jump on my bike, push it out of the barn and start it. As I look up Lexington is standing in front of my bike. He has his hands on the bars straddling the front wheel. He reaches down and shuts off my bike.

“Hey, why the fuck did you turn off my bike?” I ask Lexington with a scowl on my face.

“And where do you think you are going?” Lexington asks me with a stern look.

“Not that it is any of your business I am going for a scenic ride ALONE!” I state matter of factly.

“Like hell, you are going alone. I will not have you going out there Draven would have my ass. We can always call him and see how he feels about you going alone” Lexington states.

“UGH, seriously you would call my father to see if I can go alone. I am a grown-ass woman that can take care of herself.” I shout at Lexington.

“Yes, I would call him because it is my ass on the line with him. He hired me to keep an eye on you and after yesterday I plan on being right by your side unless you are in the restroom or bedroom. It is not up for discussion.” Lexington says flatly.

“Fine, as long as you stay behind me I want to feel like I am alone. I don’t need you ruining my peaceful ride” I say with sarcasm in my voice.

“Okay let’s meet at my bike. It’s parked on the side of the house. I just need to let the pack know that I’m leaving and they can go enjoy their time” Lexington says flatly.

I start my bike again and drive up to his bike and wait there very impatiently. I notice that I am getting scowl looks from them two nasty whores. I can’t wait to get out of here. All I wanted was a nice peaceful vacation. And I get these crazy-ass bitches pestering me. I see that Amber is heading for Lexington. I knew she was his girlfriend. I’m not waiting around here to see these two make out before we leave. If he wants to follow me that is what he will be doing for sure. I push back on my bike and start to drive down the driveway. I’ll wait at the end of the driveway since he won’t see what direction I am going and I don’t need him calling Draven.

Lexington’s POV

“Hey everyone, I am going to go on a ride with Envy. I want you all to go and enjoy your time either here or in town at the Rally” Lexington yells out to everyone.

As I start to walk away from the pack I get grabbed by my arm. I stop and yank my arm out of Amber’s grasp. I give her a nasty look. I roll my eyes at her and keep walking.

“Lexy baby, why are you going for a ride with that fat whore?” Amber asks me with venom in her voice.

“Look stop calling me anything other than Lexington, Savage, or Alpha. Those are the ONLY names you are to call me. I don’t have to give you a response as to what I am doing with Envy. It is none of your fucking business. And if I hear you calling Envy that again it will be one of the last mistakes that you make. Now you keep your paws off me and do not touch me again.” I tell her in my alpha tone.

I hear Envy start to drive off from behind me. Oh, what the fuck. Where is she going? I told her to wait for me by my bike. Can this woman not listen to what I tell her? I run over to my bike to jump on to catch her before she gets out of my sight. I am not letting her get away again. I’m going to be her shadow whether she wants me to or not. She is going to see that it is only her that I want and not some trampy she-wolf. I just need to come up with some stuff to get close to her. I am all out of sorts having to chase after what I want. Well, at least she stopped at the end of the driveway. What in the world is she thinking? I will just have to make sure I keep a safe distance so that she does not get all mad at me and drive off faster than she should. The last thing I need is for her to get into an accident. I would lose my life. Draven would make sure of that even if I was dead already. Pretty sure he would bring me back to life just to make sure he got to kill me.

As I follow behind Envy I wonder what she is thinking about. Harou is getting very restless and I know it is because he wants his mate to recognize him. He does not understand why Envy isn’t over the moon about us being mates. I’ve tried to explain but he isn’t understanding. It is rather hard to try and explain when a wolf is set on something and nothing will deter them from what they want. And Harou and I having Alpha and Royal blood make him even more determined to get Envy. I have to keep pushing him down as he wants to take over and mark Envy. There is no way in hell I can let that happen until she gets her wolf or I get her to fall in love with me. One way or the other it will happen. It was so hard on him when he couldn’t find Envy while she was out last night. It is like something was keeping us apart. I don’t know where she is heading but it surely isn’t towards Sterguis. I guess she was wanting to be alone. Something that is not what werewolves do as we need packs. I assume it is because her wolf has been suppressed by the spell she doesn’t require a lot of others. She did grow up without a pack. It was Draven, his men, and Elizabeth along with her family that Envy has been dependent on. I find that kind of funny since she is so strong-willed. The more I see how Envy reacts to things the more I wonder how she is going to react when her wolf is finally revealed to her. I am going to make it my mission to be sure to be there for her when her wolf appears. If I have to get Canagan to watch over the pack for a bit I will be with Envy when she needs me.

I know I have a meeting that will be needed to set up for when I get back to St. Paul with the Russians so I will have to get Elizabeth to talk Envy into at least coming back to the pack with us until I can sort things with the Russians then Canagan can handle the pack for a while or call me if something happens then I will go there.

I like watching Envy ride her bike. She handles it very well. It’s not very often you see a woman of her caliber that can handle a bike that size. She is not very tall, which I love. I will be able to pick her up and fuck her against the wall with ease. I can’t wait till I get close enough to her so that she will accept me. I will figure out a way to get close to her with the help of Elizabeth. Right now I just want her to know that I am only interested in her and not in that stupid bitch that keeps trying to come between us. I have to get her to believe that Amber means nothing at all to me. She has never meant anything to me. I never thought I would regret sleeping with someone as much as I regret sleeping with her. Funny how it is referred to as sleeping with someone when we only had sex nothing more. She never spent a night in my bed. No female has ever slept in my bed not even for sex. I was always hoping for a mate. This is something I have to tell Envy when she finds out she is my mate.

Envy’s POV

This is such a beautiful area. I guess I should find a spot and pull over for a bit. It's been about 4 hours and I need to get something to drink. Oh nice, there is a place a bit away. That will be a perfect place to stop and rest. I’ll pull over and let Lexington know what I’m planning on doing.

“So there is a State Park just up the road I’m going to stop there and take a break.” I let him know.

“Sounds like a good idea to me. I could use a break also. And we could have an actual conversation with no interruptions.” Lexington states.

We pull back on the road and head to Park. As we pull up to pay Lexington, makes sure that he pays for the entrance fee to the park. I drive up to the picnic area and find a spot with the least amount to people. I grab my pack out of the saddlebag that has the food and drink I brought. Walking over to the picnic tables I notice the women all staring at Lexington. Ugh, will women stop staring at him? Goddess, I never thought it would make me feel this uncomfortable. I just want to punch them all in the face and tell them to stop staring. It's kinda creepy. I take a seat on the bench and pull out the food and drink I’ve brought with me.

“So would you like to have the extra peanut butter and jam sandwich?”

“Sure that sounds rather tasty at the moment.”

“No problem I have an extra one. I wasn’t planning on anyone being with me after all.”

“Now what would even give you that idea? I know I told you earlier that you are not going to be out of my sight. I will be right with you.”

“Yeah well, it’s not like I should have believed you.”

“And why would you not believe me? I don’t plan on letting anything happen to you.”

“Well, you do have a girlfriend that you should be spending time with and not with me. I am pretty sure she is pissed the fuck off for you leaving her as you did. She looked so happy to be in your arms again. Same as yesterday when we were at that pub.”

“First things first Envy. I do not have a girlfriend. But there is someone I am very interested in.”

I laugh at him because it’s funny how men can lie right to the face of a woman about another and totally make themselves believe we believe what they are saying. “Well, it sure did look like it to me that Amber is your girlfriend. There is no way a woman would be acting like that if they were anything less.”

“Amber means nothing to me.”

“She thinks you mean something to her. And you don’t seem to mind her thinking that. So from my standpoint, that means that she thinks she is your girlfriend and you do not mind her thinking and feeling that.” I shrug my shoulders and continue to eat my sandwich.

“Do you really think I don’t mind that she thinks that?”

“If I did not believe that then I would have not stated that. Do I look like the kind of female to play games with people?”

“Of course you do not look like that. You look to me like you have a sensible head on your shoulders.”

“I would like to think that I have a sensible head on my shoulders. I do not take things lightly.”

“Did Elizabeth not explain to you that Amber is not my girlfriend and Katie is not Canagan’s girlfriend. Nor were they ever our girlfriends. Even though they both would like for everyone to think that they are.”

“She may have mentioned something but that is not what I have been seeing from you. Canagan I can believe since he is mated to Elizabeth. Even if they were a couple that would have stopped as soon as Canagan and Elizabeth found out they were mates.”

“There, is so much you do not know so I am going to have to explain it all to you it seems. I will tell you everything that you want to know about Amber.”

“To be honest I really do not want to know anything about that wretched female. She is not worth my time.”

“Would you take a walk with me down the path so we can talk without other people eavesdropping on our conversation? Of course, after we finish our food and clean up the mess. I want you to keep up your strength.”

“Sure not that I have much I want to say to you anyways, but being in a National Park I would enjoy the scenery.”

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