Wolves in the City

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Chapter 17

Lexington’s POV

As we sit here eating in silence. I get to finally really gaze upon my future Queen. She has some of the most beautiful electric blue eyes I have ever seen on anyone before. Her skin is so flawless and a gorgeous shade of ivory. I love how she has her hair streaked with Black. I do not normally like when women do things with their hair but it fits her so perfect for her personality. She has some of the best tits I’ve seen on a woman. They are more than enough for me to have a lot of sucking, pinching her nipples and sliding my cock between them so I can fuck them and have my cock sliding in and out of her plump lips and warm mouth. I want to push her tits together while I am sliding between them until I cum down her throat. I have to move and situate my extremely hard cock that wants to bust out of my jeans. I swear I’ve never had my cock this hard before since before I got my first hardon.

“So you ready to head down that path for us to talk?” I look at Envy as I grab the trash from lunch getting up to place it in the trash and recycle.

“Yep,” she says popping the p.

As we walk down the path I try to get all the things I want to tell her so that she will see that Amber is nothing to me. I want her to know the reason why I have not gotten rid of Amber yet. I am after all the King of werewolves and she is a werewolf. It’s not like I can just banish her from the pack since she did come to our pack when she was a teen after her parents disowned her.

“So what did you want to tell me that you think I would care about Amber?”

“I guess I need to start at the beginning with Amber. It is a bit of a story. I know you say you don’t care but I feel I need to let you know everything. I don’t want to hide anything about Amber from you.”

“I will hear you out and not interrupt you at all.”

“Thank you for this.”

“Do not thank me yet. It’s not like I care as I said. She is a rude, conniving, smartass fucking bitch.”

I chuckle at that remark from her. I can see she is for sure my other half.

“So 14 years ago, it all started. Amber’s parents were from another pack. Amber was a very strong-willed teenager. Her parents were not able to control her. She was not favorable in their pack. As in she was trying to bed any wolf she could. So her parents decided that she was not worth being their daughter so they disowned her. At the time my father was the Alpha of our pack and he heard about this happening. So him being King along with the Alpha of the pack he sent out our Beta at the time to bring this unruly teen and her parents back. This way he could talk to her parents about bringing her into our pack. He was thinking he could help her by showing her how a real pack can be. My father was a very loving Alpha and King. Amber was 14 at the time so my father took her into our house for my mother and him to help try and show her love. I was 20 so I was living in the pack house at that time. I saw Amber around with my mother a lot thinking that she was, being a good teen at least some of not what my father told me about her. Hoping she saw that things were not how she should be acting. Amber learned to be an outstanding actress and hid her true feelings. Over the years Amber grew to have feelings for me. I had no clue about this until later. Everyone in the pack grew to love Amber as a member of the pack. Amber got it into her head that she would be my Luna/Queen. I never understood why she thought this and still thinks that. I have told her more times than I can even remember that I am not going to ever have her as my Luna/Queen. I knew that my mate was out there in the world and I would only have her as my Luna/Queen. When my father handed me over the pack, and I became Alpha, Amber started to slowly show that she was just the same girl she was when her parents disowned her. At this point, the pack members decided she was not worth their time. So over the years, the pack has just ignored her besides the ones that are not mated and in the MC. Her only friend is Katie. Amber put it in Katie’s head that they both would be with myself and Canagan. Amber took on the role as head of the two of them. They have slept with just about every member of the MC/pack. And I know you know but yes I admit that I did have sex with Amber a few times. I have never woken up beside her or any other female. Females were just a means to an end for me. I needed a release, and they were there for that release. Nothing more nothing less. I was weak at the time. I know that is no excuse. But I wanted to be as honest as I can about Amber with you.”

“I still could give a fuck less about her. She didn’t need to turn out to be such a fucking bitch. She chooses that way of life.”

“I understand this and I do not blame you for feeling this way. I just wanted you to know her history with the pack and myself. I have regretted ever having sex with her. There has not been one bit of peace for me since that time.”

“Good I am glad you understand my point also.”

I grab ahold of her arm and stop her from walking. Looking into her eyes so she knows I am telling her the truth.

“Envy you are the only woman that I am interested in. I want to get to know you for you and see where things go between us both. I want to take you out on a date and spend time with you.”

“Lexington we can’t be together. I am a human and you are a werewolf we could never be anything more than just like you and Amber. Sex and nothing more.”

“NO!!! I do not believe that is true. I want more than just sex with you.”

Pushing Envy up against the tree I lean into her close our lips are just millimeters away. My breathing is matching hers. I can feel her tits brushing up against my chest as her breathing increases. I graze her lips with mine and kiss her cheek. Moving just a millimeter from her ear, I whisper into it. “Envy I know you want to be with me I can smell you are getting aroused. I have smelt your arousal more than once for me.” I nibble on her lobe, kissing and licking down her neck. A moan escaped her as she breaths harder. Kissing back up her nape. I look deep into her eyes and kiss each cheek, her forehead, and bring my lips to her ever so lightly. Feather kisses on her lips as I slowly start to run my tongue along her lips. My tongue brushes along her teeth asking for entrance. She fights me so I reach down and grasp her ass squeezing it. She gasps and I slip my tongue into her mouth. Slowly I move my tongue around hers wanting this kiss to be memorable in a good way. Slowly we kiss passionately both of us in a tie for dominance for whoever will win this fight. Envy throws her arms around my neck to deepen the kiss pulling me closer to her. I pull away from the kiss, both of us gasping for the air we both need so much after that kiss. Resting my forehead on hers I looked into her eyes with so much love I have for her. I pull her hips up against mine so she can feel how hard I am for her. I close my eyes and pull away from her. I know we can’t do anything here. I would never do that to her no matter what. I know she is a virgin and I won’t take that away from her until after she gets her wolf released.

“Envy my little minx, I want you so bad as I know you just felt. You do that to me all the time. We should get back to the bikes and head back to the ranch. It is a bit of a ride and I want to make dinner for you tonight. Would you mind having dinner with me tonight alone?”

“Yes, I will have dinner alone with you tonight. Come let’s go back before I do something about that hardon you are packing.”

“Oh that would not happen here my little minx, you are too special to me for me to let that happen.”

We head back up to the bikes and head towards the ranch so we can have dinner tonight. I think I will call Cana and have him get a few of the other females, not Amber or Katie, to the house to make a nice romantic meal for Envy and myself.

“Hey Envy, let’s stop at the restrooms so I can use it before we head out further.”

“Sure sounds good I was thinking about that anyways. I do need to use the facilities.”

While I wait for Envy to return from the facilities I use the time to make the call to Cana.

Elizabeth’s POV

I walk up the stairs to look for my ever so sexy mate. I smell his wonderful scent of doughnut and black licorice coming from my bedroom. I slowly push open the door to see him lying in the middle of the bed with just his tight jeans on. He is leaned up against the headboard watching tv. I just stand there staring at him like he is a god. To me, he is a god. Perfect in every way possible. The Moon Goddess has for sure looked upon me and gave me the best for me out there. He does not notice me just yet so I watch him in wonder. Would he have wanted me if it wasn’t for the mate bond? I mean after all look at Katie she has the body just not the personality. Don’t get me wrong I am very comfortable in my own body but I know it is not for everyone. I will have to find out what he really wants in a woman. I’ve heard that some mates end up rejecting their mate after some time because they are not what they have dreamed of their whole life. It’s not the wolf side that rejects the mate, it’s the human side of us. Our human side can be very shallow just as pure humans can be. So I will ask him later on tonight. But as for now, I want me some of this GOD SEXY MAN.

I finish opening the door and it hits the wall and Canagan jumps. I giggle at him.

“Babe, did I scare you like some big bad wolf is after you?”

“Hahaha nope not like some big bad wolf. But like some sexy she-wolf, I’ve waited for all my life.”

I shake my head at him as I slowly walk towards the bed. As I get to the edge of the bed, I call him to come towards me by using my pointer finger. He looks at me and raises his eyebrow. Damn, that’s sexy for sure I hope he does that a lot. Canagan slides down the bed and places his legs on each side of me, so I’m between his legs. Placing my hands on his strong shoulder, I lean in and brush my lips softly against his lips and run my lips across them softly kissing him towards his neck. Lightly I kiss and lick his skin biting and sucking on his neck looking for the perfect spot I will mark him at. I feel his body tense when I find that spot right on his left side where his shoulder and nape come together. The pulse is powerful there. I lick and suck on that spot making a bright red mark there. I feel his hands run up and down my sides. As he gets to the hem of my shirt, he pulls it over my head. He pushes me back to get a look at me. He growls and tells me how beautiful I am. I look at him and blush. I run my hands through the top of his hair feeling the short stubble on the sides. I bet that will feel so good on my thighs when he is devouring my pussy. I look at him with pure lust and love in my eyes letting him know I am ready for him to take me. He pulls me close to him and sucks on my nipple through my thin lacy bra. I pull his head closer to me throwing my head back moaning. Canagan reaches behind me unsnapping my bra with one hand. Pulls my bra and drops it at my feet. As I look down at him, his eyes go bigger. “Oh, precious your tits and nipples are perfect.” He licks up from the bottom of my breast and runs his tongue over my nipple. Sucks my nipple into his mouth. I hold his head there. Next, I feel his teeth playing with my nipple biting softly and pulling it away from my body. That feeling shoots electricity through my body right to the inside of my core. I moan as my panties start to get wet from the stimulation that I am receiving. I press my legs together to get some tightness between my legs. Canagan’s legs press on the outside of my thighs helping me put pressure. It feels so good with his added pressure to my legs. Canagan wraps his arms around my waist pulling me with him as he falls back on the bed. I fall on top of him partly as I use my arms to brace myself from landing fully on top of him. I pull my legs up and straddle his lap as I lean down to kiss his soft lips. As I settle on his lap I can feel how hard his cock is. I rock up and down his lap kissing him deeply and passionately. Hearing him moan from the friction I am creating. I reach between us unbutton and unzipping his jeans. I slide my hand into his jeans. I find his thick hard cock and move it so it is at the opening of his jeans. Placing my hands on his chest for leverage I start sliding up and down his cock. Moaning as I feel him rub between my lips. Canagan places his hands on my thighs helping me slide up and down him as he moans and growls. I see his eyes flick between his human and wolf’s eyes. Canagan tried to stop me but it feels too good to stop.

“Precious if you do not stop I will explode all in my boxer briefs. It’s been so long I won’t last much longer.”

I look down at him and smirk at him.

“Oh, my love I want to see if you can hold out for me and last longer than other men.”

“Oh my Precious I will do this for you and you can let me know.” He says in a playful voice.

I continue to move my hips backward and forwards on him. Going faster with his help. He is grinding his cock up into me as he pushes me down onto him. I throw my head back as the friction is getting too much for me. I feel the tightness in my core and start to clench my insides. I look back down at Canagan his eyes are rolled back in his head his breathing has increased and he is growling louder with each movement. I don’t think he will be able to hold out much longer. Moving faster my breath beings to hitch as I am about to fall over the cliff. I moan loudly.

“Oh, Canagan I’m about to ___”

Canagan presses harder up into between my legs. Grunting and moaning as he does this.

“Uhhhhhh Precious oh my Goddess,” he shouts as he releases all in his boxer briefs.

Looking down at Canagan I roll off of him and lay next to him on my side looking at him. I run my fingers over his chest and abs. I notice he is getting goosebumps all over as his nipples harden. Canagan rolls on his side to face me. Looking me in my eyes.

“Wow, my Precious I have never in my life had that kind of mind-blowing orgasm as that without skin to skin contact.”

“Canagan that was unlike anything I’ve experienced with a man before.”

I lean forward and kiss his lips softly. Rolling on my back. I breathe out a long breath as I fall asleep next to my mate.

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