Wolves in the City

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Chapter 18

Canagan’s POV

As I lay awake with my Precious up against my chest and my arm around her supple waist and belly. I keep her tight up against me, feeling her warmth on my naked body. I feel her start to move around as she wakes up.

“Good afternoon, Precious,” I say to her in a whisper, kissing the top of her head.

“Mmm wonderful afternoon yourself,” She tells me in a soft sweet voice.

I let her turn around to face me. As I look into her eyes I lean in to kiss her. She jumps back, slapping her hand over her mouth. I give her a look of confusion.

“No no no way, not before I brush my teeth. I have morning breath,” she states and tries to move out of the bed.

“Precious I do not care about morning breath or in this case afternoon breath,” I say with a bit of humor.

“But I care. So let me up so I can brush my teeth and also do my business.”

“Fine, but at least let me give you a kiss on the cheek before you pull away from me.”

Kissing her on her cheek, but I turn her face towards me and plant a soft kiss on her lips. She gives me a mean look and slaps me for kissing her lips.

“OMG, I can’t believe you just did that after what I said.”

“What can I say I needed to feel your lips.”

As she makes her way into her en-suite I jump out of bed and dash to mine so I can do the same and hopefully be back in bed before she gets out. As I jump into the bed and lay looking towards the door, it opens to reveal my gorgeous mate. I look at her as my mouth drops open from her full body showing she is not in the least bit self-conscious about her beautiful body and all the soft luscious curves she has. This was my dream for my mate to have a body like hers. I look her up and down slowly stopping at her plump breasts. Her nipples are poking out towards me begging for me to suck on one and play with the others. Slowly gazing down, I notice she has a runway leading down to her pot of gold for me. I slowly grin at the sight and make my way back up to her eyes. Looking between her eyes and lips I lick my lips letting her know I want to taste her.

“Come to me Precious, I need to have you next to me now!”

She stalked towards me, crawling up the foot of the bed. I reach for her, pulling her towards me. Wrapping her arms around my neck, she pulls me in for a kiss as she straddles my lap. I let out a moan as I felt the heat from her pussy on my cock that was getting fully hard. My cock’s mushroom head pushes up between her swollen lips. Moving my hips so the tip of my cock is right at her entrance. She pulls away from the kiss, breathing hard. Looking me in my eyes.

“Babe, can we talk for a few minutes? I know we are both wanting more, but I want to get things out that I am wondering along with how I am feeling,” she says just above a whisper.

“Of course, Precious. What are you wondering about and worried about?”

“Well, I just want you to know up front I am not self-conscious about how I look, but I want you to be straight with me. I am pretty sure you have only been with females that are super skinny or very fit like that stupid bitch Katie. Being with a plus-size woman is going to be very different. People are going to look at you differently and treat you differently. Are you ready for this big of a change? Also, why would you want someone, not like Katie as a mate? Are you only with me because of the mate bond?”

“Ok, to answer your first statement you are incorrect. I have been with a plus-size woman before. The reason we didn’t stay together was that she couldn’t handle the bullshit people would say. I paid no mind to what they would say unless it was in front of her. I made sure they knew I wouldn’t stand for the bullshit. I am ready for the change with you by my side. I have always been more attracted to plus-size women more than any skinny or fit as you put it. Most of those women are superficial, and I dislike that. I love women that are comfortable in their skin and are confident in who they are. So that is why I wouldn’t want someone like Katie. Katie is a psycho bitch. I wouldn’t put it past her or Amber to push your buttons to try to become between us. Let me say this. Lex and I both prefer plus-size women. I have always hoped the Moon Goddess would pair me up with a mate just like you. I know it’s rare we are mated to what we are attracted to. So I feel so very lucky to have been mated with you. So it is not only because of the mate bond I am with you. If my mate would have been like something Katie, then I would have rejected her and found someone like you!” I told her, looking her right in her eyes so she knew I was being open and honest with her.

Elizabeth starts to cry, looking at Canagan.

“Oh, my god babe. You have no idea how much that means to me to hear you really say that and feel this way. I thought when you first were saying things to me earlier and yesterday along with last night it was just because of the mate bond and nothing more.”

Pulling her in for a hug I kiss her neck softly whispering to her how much I am falling in love with her as the minutes go on.

“Precious, can we get back to making love, and may I mark you and you mark me?”

“Oh yes, babe, I would love that!”

I lay her back on the bed and crawl over the top of her, leaning on top of her. I look deep into her eyes with all lust and love I can show her. Kissing softly down her cheek to her neck. Licking her neck, sucking on the sweet spot. She moans as I find the spot I will mark her with my teeth. I move my hips, rubbing my cock along the slit of her wet pussy. Feeling my cock get hard as I feel her warm wetness along my length. I moan in her ear. Kissing her deeply as I line up the mushroom head of my throbbing cock to her swollen pink wet entrance. Looking her in her eyes as I slowly slip the head inside her.

“Oh, Precious, your pussy is so wet and tight for me. You feel so good wrapped around my cock.”

Inch by inch, I slowly slip inside, feeling the warmth wrap around me. I don’t even know when the last time or if ever a pussy felt so right wrapped around me, sheathing me tightly. Elizabeth wraps her legs around my waist to pull me further down into her. I see her eyes widen as I am finally fully inside her. I don’t move so she can get used to the size of my cock.

“Precious are you ok? I don’t want to hurt you. I can sometimes not be a gentle lover. But I want this to be a slow and passionate first time for both of us together. This is a time I want to remember for the rest of our lives.”

“Mhmm yes I am ok. I am better than ok. You feel so good inside me.”

Elizabeth was breathing hard and moaning out my name. As I slowly start to move in and out of her tightness. Using the head board for leverage to keep it slow and gentle. Moving my head to the crook of her neck, I inhale deeply, taking in her essence. Nibbling on her nap. I start to make my way down to her large tits. Kissing her softly from her nap down between her breasts. I lick and kiss the inside of each breast. Kissing my way to her nipple I run my tongue around her it sucking it into my mouth. Feeling it grow harder and larger in my mouth. I pull back on her nipple, popping it out of my mouth. I look up into her eyes as I lean down to her other tit. I show her other nipple the same amount of attention. I suck and nip her nipple, hearing her gasp from the pain that leads to her pleasure. I start to move my hips faster. I can feel her tightening around my stiffness. She won’t last much longer nor will I. Thrusting harder and faster, I feel my balls start to tighten as her walls constrict my cock. Elizabeth digs her nails into my biceps, pulling me closer to her body.

“Precious I’m about to cum are you ready I want to cum with you.”

“Yes, I’m really close OMG Canagan.” She screams to the top of her lungs.

Pumping into her and letting my seed mix with her savory nectar. I stop sucking on her nipples and look into her eyes our fangs start to lengthen. As we both tip over the edge into utter bliss we sink our fangs into each other. As we are riding our orgasms together, the pain turns right into a deeper pleasure from the venom that leads into pure bliss more than I have ever felt before in my life. Licking each other’s markings so they close.

Looking at Elizabeth, her eyes go wide as mine do. There is a burning sensation down my left arm. I look down and notice a mark starting to show up on it. I look at Elizabeth’s arm and notice she is getting a mark on her right arm. We both watch in amazement as we see on my arm a skeleton key with a chain appears on my arm with her name below it. On her right arm, a heart locket with a chain appears on it with my name below it. The chains line up so they would make one complete marking. I look at Elizabeth with amazement.

“Precious, have you ever seen this before? I have never heard of this happening,” I say with so much shock in my voice.

“No, I have never seen or heard of this before.” She said, astonished.

I slowly pull out of her missing being inside of her. Losing the sensation, I do not like the feeling. Elizabeth whimpers as I am pulling out of her. I lay next to her and pulled her into me, facing me. I kiss her forehead, hugging her tightly. Our breathing is slowing down as we relax, just taking in what we have both experienced. I will never forget these last two days. It has been the best so far in my entire life. I know we all say that, but for me, this is truly my best. Starting with meeting my mate, then being able to mate with her and seal our bond together. Elizabeth has a glow about her now that she did not have before. I grab Elizabeth’s right hand and entwine our fingers. As our arms lay together, our new markings look like they are one mark.

“I do not understand these markings, but I do like it. Everyone will know that I am your mate and you are my mate.” I whisper into Elizabeth’s ear.

“I have to agree with you. I love this mark. Just wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else before,” she whispers back softly.

I kiss her softly on her forehead, pulling her into my chest. I feel her breathing even out and her body relax into mine. Looking down, her eyes are closed. I know she is asleep now she needs this. These last few days have been very hard on her mentally. I can not imagine what it would be like to be in her shoes. I will always be there for her for the rest of our lives. I need to ask Lex if he has ever heard of marking happening like this before. I relax and place my head on hers as I feel the soft breath from her on my neck. I close my eyes and let sleep take over me.

I’m startled out of my sleep, my cell phone vibrating on the nightstand. Grabbing my phone, I see that it is Lex calling me. I pull Elizabeth closer to me so she doesn’t think I am trying to get away from her. Pressing on the red button, I answer his call.

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